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20D, 17-40 L, 70-300 IS, 100 EF 2,8 Macro, 18-55, 50 1.4 etc
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On article First Impressions Review: Using the Canon PowerShot G16 (353 comments in total)

I left Canon G12 & S95 and went for Sony RX100. I am not looking back until bigger sensor.
Still happy with my Canon 7D and are awaiting 7D Mark II.

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On article Editorial: Why I can't stop taking iPhone Panoramas (298 comments in total)

I take a lot panoramas with my iPhone 5, Sony RX100 and some wtih my Galaxy S4.

The best panoramas are with iPhone 5 or/and Sony RX100. I look forward to dynamic auto exposure in iPhone 5S, because iPhone 5 does a poor job there. Sometimes my Sony Rx100 take way better panoramas and sometimes the iPhone 5 is better. I am not to impressed with my Galaxy S4.

I appreciate the phone cameras because I always carry them and therefore take more pictures. However I love my RX100 and it makes me leave my Canon 7D at home in many occasions. You know guys, the best camera is the one you….

I also "love" dpreview - only the whining in the forums makes me sad:)

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I have the RX100 and I would like to upgrade to RX100 MK II.
Of course there are some glitches like poor macro, poor menu system, lack of time lapse etc.
I also added a grip.
The screen on RX100 is easily scratched.

BUT this is the best pocket camera I had ever (coming from Canon S95, G12 and so on).
In many occasion I leave my Canon 7D at home and just bring RX100.
I LOVE this camera and I wish RX100 MK II drops in price so I can grab it.

Ps. I love to have the ability to tack great pictures and also do some video filming. It is great for both areas! I had a hard time to get used to not having a view finder, but as I do post processing is no problem to do some cropping and so. So I do not mind the lack of a view finder nowadays

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El Cajun: "apeture"? Could a writer for Digital PHOTOGRAPHY Review be troubled to spell one of the most basic photographic terms correctly? Or how about using spell check?

I'm sorry - this makes it hard to take the author seriously.

I feel sad for guys that sit and make remarks like:
"I'm sorry - this makes it hard to take the author seriously "

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On article Richard Franiec creates accessory grip for Sony RX100 (116 comments in total)

I have a Richard Franiec for my Canon S95 and it makes the camera way better (and also more good looking).

I ordered one today for the RX100.

Strange that Canon and Sony do not make the cameras that way.

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By the way, do anyone knows what binoculars he is using or have suggestion on other lenses that you can use and still get decent photos with the iPhone?

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This is great.
I hava a Canon 7D with lots of nice lenses, I also have a Canon S95.

But as the proverb:
"the best camera is the one you bring along"
Thats why I take a lot great pictures on my iPhone.

It is inspiring to see Dan force him self to push the limits with the iPhone.
For many purposes it is good enough!

I really like when people push the limits to make this blog or to record a whole film or record a music record only using the iPhone or such!

Dan and others , keep up the great work - never mind some people whining and nagging:)


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On article Video Interview: Vincent Laforet (50 comments in total)
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tonywong: Odd camera angle for an interview. Didn't seem very flattering imo. Mr. Laforet doesn't look 36 to me, maybe it's the natural highlights in his hair.

Interesting interview though.

Come on you whiners.

Obviously this movie was shot spontaneously at a fair with out any preplanning.
I like the interview and it was nice to see and hear Vincent.
He was also asked about the book and I will consider to buy it.

seize the moment!

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