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Talk about the mother of bad ideas. It's like their only clients for this type of product is rich people who took a fancy in photography and wanted to burn some of their cash. There is no way an average photographer would ever buy this trash.

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"proprietary SSD drive" and almost $9,000? No thanks.

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Never again, Adobe. Finding other editing suites to work with. Enjoy the huge reduction in customers due to poor short-sighted decisions on your part.

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Not giving Adobe a dime. Adobe you can blame your stupid decision on distribution for Photoshop on my lack of purchase, and all other future purchases of any of your products.

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Can't say I'm surprised. There aren't very many people who value professional photography. The majority are perfectly fine with cell phone pictures, despite how ugly they are, and technically inferior to even entry-level DSLR images. The biggest issue is a matter of using what's available when the action happens. Almost everyone carries a cell phone. Unless you're a big-time photographer, the chances that someone with a nice DSLR will be at a scene withing minutes of it happening is rare. Not so with cellphones, which can capture an image, and video, as the story unfolds. It's just reality. I may not like it, and I'd much rather view a nicely composed photo, but for news a lot of the time that's not practical.

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Irrelevant. Not buying any Adobe products ever again. I know this may come as a shock to Adobe, but I use Photoshop for - get ready - PHOTOS. And I sure as HELL will not pay a subscription to do so. The version of Lightroom and CS5.1 are the last things I ever buy from Adobe. Adobe you screwed up big time on this subscription garbage.

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How about I vote 1, 2, 3 & 4. Those are all important reasons to be very concerned.

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You can kiss my rear. The Adobe products I own now are the last Adobe products I will ever spend money on.

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Nukunukoo: Open Photoshop, mask mode and apply gradients (multiply), exit mode and apply lens blur, done.

I'd be even more lazy and just apply two gradient blurs in Lightroom.

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morey000: Interesting. None of them have had children. not one.

Seriously. Not everyone has to have a kid. It seems ingrained in people's minds that all human must have children. Some of us don't want any, thanks.

That being said, it's photos of themselves.They're preserving their poses, which does not include any children from the very beginning. It's entirely possible they have kids, unless you did something stalkerish and began scouring the web for more info than the pictures or articles provided.

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