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On article Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.0 R WR field review (306 comments in total)

My copy of this lens produces sharp images at 1.0 and the rendering is reminiscent of the Fuji 35/1.4 in many instances.
The lens is not for everyone, but I’m really happy with the results I get with this lens and in the end, thats what matters most.
Keep in mind that the light gathering of this lens will bring more CA than most are used to, but when I’m shooting at 1.0 in harsh light, I’m using a variable ND filter so I have no issues in those instances.
I’ve also found that using manual focus with this lens when shooting portraits yields great results.

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It's not a FF system, so for those of us shooting Fuji Mirrorless, we could care less about all the, but it's not FF nonsense.

Full Frame doesn't compare to Medium format either, so should we also be using that comparison as well?

I'll be purchasing this lens, as it affords me to create in ways I'm not able to, with my 56/1.2, which is really hit or miss, in certain conditions.

Also, give credit where it's due.
The lens is an amazing piece of engineering, and technology.

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visualenvy: While this is no doubt a wonderfully engineered lens I'm not sure what the appeal of a retro styled APS-C body with a heavy lens is and seems to now just be a wannabe FF equivalence system but actually more expensive.
Is the medium format system not selling enough?

I disagree.
The XT1-XT4 line, are aesthetically similar to the vintage style/retro cameras that I own, and they do evoke feelings of using SLR cameras.
My Fuji XT4, evokes feelings of shooting with my Pentax SuperProgram, and they indeed do look very much alike, as I'm staring at them both, at this very moment.

There's a reason why so many folks over the years have asked, are you using a film camera, when I'm out shooting with my XT4 or XT2, and it's because it's evocative, and brings forth memories of the days of the SLR cameras

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