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i am sony a7 user and still very surprised and disappointed about sony battery capacities, especially for that new size not even very far too small, smaller than a cricket that gets hot before you have lighted up the cigar, but i am not smoking

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i m happy to get rid of to my 1532 mm telecope lens, mounted to a APC nex 5 it is really showing the moon in every stage like i could touch it
and it has got now a canon EF mount, so an adapter for mirrorless is in reach!
(i play with it for more than 3 years )
the only problem is to move it along the way the moon runs over the nightsky

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Switzerland is not democracy, it is a the franco rules of spain have moved to safe bank acounts, and beauty is fake, franco is alive in madrid and now in switzerland still

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i am the lucky owner of a Olympus Camedia D600L or C1400 L, she s fresh like mint,
and found out possibilities to oversize good exposered pictures up to 140 %
its a really top class build quality lasting forever. one reason i dont like walking with her its recording very slowly

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Congratulations, i decided offer my NCP 7000 the last but no worst for the anniversary for a bargain

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yes, its a very handy camera and it starts very quick, though the image quality is not that good, but the battery life and build quality are over standard from other well known introduced brands, i shot about 400 still in max resolution and the indicator is still in green!, even the cam is now 8 years old and very used, it has scratches everywhere over the plastic magnesium imitation body.
After all i cleaned it and toke off the front to make work the lens shutter i cleaned with vinyl dashboard spray, it a very logic and easy to fix craftman ship.
one more reason for not buying a camera from the new design in Japan built under licence from ---- Chinese plastic megapixel generation, you get it for 5 Dollars instead paying 500! yes :)

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yes i bought this in april 2017 after owning Nikon P520 P600 Canon SX60hs Sony DSCH300, and satisfied because much higher build quality as the new products, precision optics, working manual focus, and end of water coloured seeming high resolution pictures ... , one disadventage is slowly recording true.

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found it in the garbage yesterday 21 of april 2017, its still working without defects after charging the accu very and smart camera easy to use high build quality compared to new plastics

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