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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1633 comments in total)
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JapanAntoine: Subscription systems are only a way to ensure a steady cashflow and lock the customers in. It's also a way to make the customers continue to pay even if you don't bring any additional innovation...
Very disappointing that LR falls into that salesman's scheme. Now, is there a good alternative?

Try Affinity Photo. It got a good review from DPR.

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On article Confirmed: Bowens is going out of business (48 comments in total)

The gave me great service. I bought two studio 500 Joule strobes from them, had a problem with one which the fixed under warranty but I also dropped the other one and broke it which the fixed at NO CHARGE at the same time.

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JohnHoppy: I could get really angry with dpreview. If you are going to write an article entitled “Digital SLR Buying Guide” and talk about SLRs, that’s fine, but you stick in Mirrorless at the end as though it were some sort of inferior sub-species. CSCs/mirrorless cameras are not SLRs, and in parts of the world outside USA are giving SLRs a pretty hard time. You also have a section here “Advantages” and “Disadvantages”, some of which are argumentative at least, where you don’t publish such a subjective opinion for SLRs, which further suggests you infer CSCs are inferior to SLRs. You do not have the same judgements to make about SLRs relative to CSCs. This is not good journalism – either treat Mirrorless as a separate category or leave people to judge the merits for themselves. You state there are “pros and cons to a mirrorless system camera when compared to a similarly priced DSLR”, but you don’t state the converse. In another couple of years, you will be looking at this differently.

Very well balanced article. The reaction from J Hoppy looks like a mirrorless loyalist defending his "faction."

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I bought the K-30. Had it for two weeks now. It replaced my K-x which has a good sensor but two major flaws: 1. Missing focus red dots so you can see what you focus on and 2. Very slow processor so forget about burst mode. OK for portraits and landscapes, flowers & macros. The K-30 overcomes all of these and some more. Great tool but like so many said, it has to be in good hands to produce good results which is true of all tools. Buying a stethoscope does not make you a doctor.

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wkay: good riddance to bad rubbish, from personal experience, the Pentax p/s are all junk.

So you tried the ALL ?

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