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Johnderock: A question for Barney and other specialists
When we were using 35mm films, there were lots of excellent pocket cameras around, not to mention Minox or Rolley 35, Contax T, Konika etc
They were using what is called today "full frame" and the size was like today's S100.
In the digital age, I cannot understand why al manufacturers are struggling to build "compacts" and need to reduce the size of the sensor.
Why are NEX lenses so huge ? And the sensor is APC-C, not even full frame!
Why don't they just take a Minox 35 body and fix a full frame CCD at the back ?
Any idea someone ?

I'm sure that the NEX lenses could be made smaller. My M9 w/ 35 1.4 Summilux is shorter front to back than my NEX-5 is with the 24 1.8. That's a faster lens w/ a full frame sensor on a bulkier body, so Sony has work to do.

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