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walker2000: It seems the improvements come mostly from software.
If iPhone 7/7+ use use same camera app (through new OS upgrade) with iPhone 8/8+, will they get higher score?

Not all as A11 is much faster than A10 and have dedicated hardware to process image.

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Julio Sánchez: Instead to buy a IPhone to take pictures I buyed a Panasonic TZ100 camera and with the rest of the money in a médium range phone.
No zoom, small sensor, and more other aspects the camera wins.

How long does it takes you to transfer photo from camera to phone for sharing?

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RobertoHUN: I see nothing special about the photos taken with the iPhone8 plus on the DxO 3 years old Note4 does better job. The other thing is the 4:3 ratio, really, in 2017??

With phone screen moving to 2:1 and computer 21:9, does phone have to follow or stay with the classic 1:1, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2?

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blue27: lol, Huawei-Leica, Nokia-Carl Zeiss, Sony ....???

Huawei just licenses the Leica name, the camera is the same as their mid-range Honor line.

Nokia 9 have the same camera setup as Nokia 8 so whatever result from Nokia 8 is it.

I hope SONY do a good job but they never did in the past

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Nikonandmore: :
I'm curious for someone to dissect the iPhone 8/Plus main camera and get the exact sensor size and Sony part number. I don't FREAKING understand why everyone keeps using microscopic sensors when just a slightly bigger sensor and higher pixel count would yield massive improvement in IQ and usabilty.. EVEN because these phones ALREADY HAVE HUGE camera bumps.. so it's not to keep them thin that microscopic sensors are used now.

We are all now stuck in the 12MP sweet spot like it's a curse coupled with "HDR that can magically make everything better" but all in all the difference between all these cameras, brands & models is insignificant & all is basically the same without NO ONE'S CAMERA actually standing out.

Will the Pixel 2 bring a much bigger sensor, higher res & brighter lens? Nahhhhhh doubtfully. Everyone is doing the same & the average IQ of just about all these high-end phones is all the same &!quite unexciting at that.

The Nokia 808 was the last phone that wowed me..

Because OEMs are in a F-number race, not sensor size race. LG reduced sensor size over the last 2 or 3 generation just so they can advertise f/1.6 for V30. Samsung is f/1.7 now and I wouldn't be surprised if they go f/1.5 for Galaxy S9 just to beat LG. Physics haven't changed that much in a year so the only way is to make sensor smaller.

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HeyItsJoel: I have an iPhone 7 and after my 2 years is up, I'm reverting back to iPhone 6. I hate that I don't have a audio jack on my damn phone.

Because you shouldn't use cheap earbuds. They damage your hearing. Anything below what's included with your iPhone, Galaxy, V30 are too low quality and you have to turn the volume up just to hear something beyond the statics thus damage your hearing.

I use OontZ BudZ 2 by Cambridge SoundWorks with my iPhone. The battery lasts 8 hours, sounds quality way better than included earbuds and you don't need to stand next to your phone to use.

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princecody: Curious how much better it is than iPhone 7 regular?

83% more light capture and much more advanced image processing so likely at least 1-stop better.

Michael Fisher says images are consistently better than Note 8's in color and noise and I am inclined to believe it is 2-stop better than iPhone 7 and 1-stop better than Note 8.

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ozturert: Where are Samsung S7 and S8?

From DxO:
To keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in smartphone cameras, we have overhauled and expanded our DxOMark Mobile suite of image quality tests. The most obvious change is our addition of an extensive set of tests to measure Zoom performance and Bokeh quality. These two new sub-scores join our existing Photo sub-scores to create the new overall Photo score. But that is far from the only change. We have also expanded our indoor and outdoor test suites to include low-light testing, effects of subject motion, and more exacting high-dynamic range tests. Overall, we now capture over 1500 still images and two hours of video for each device we test.

We have retested several of the top-scoring phones using our new test protocol, with some interesting results that help illustrate how the new DxOMark Mobile’s scope has been expanded to cover some of the recent innovations and features and be more relevant

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RCicala: So, what has DxO tested lately that hasn't been the best one of those ever?

Xperia XZ Premium and U11. U11 bombed even thought it is using the exact sensor as Pixel.

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jackspra: If it doesn't have a headphone jack like the 7+ be ready to keep buying the connectors.

Connectors for what? The only thing I have ever connected to my phone is charging cable and that comes in the box

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tedwill48167: I have the 7 Plus and I'm ordering the iPhone X. I also have the Fuji x100F and a couple of Canon DSLRs. I have a hard time distinguishing between the iPhone and the Fuji in terms of image quality with outdoor photos (and some indoor). I know there are use cases (low lighting, etc) where an APS-C camera will always win out, but the smart phones are really closing the gap. It's great that iOS devices compete neck and neck with Android to constantly improve the quality. We all win in the end.

Fuji always have drab colors so not a surprise. That's why I am not using my X-E1

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35mmBlueSky: I wonder how much Apple paid DXO, really a combination of 1/3" and 1/3.6" sensors gets you a 94 nowadays while dual cams with 1/2.3" and 1/2.6" or 1/2.8" gets well below that?

Let's all remember 35mmBlueSky, DualSystemGuy and lensberg because if an Android phone get a higher score they would all come out to celebrate DxO's unbiased testing.

The level of hypocrisy I saw from some Android users is actually one reason I want to stay away from that platform. The idea that I might have to deal with them if I have issues just turn me off.

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photenth: Is there a reason why the S8 isn't even listed in that top 10 list even though it has a 88 score?

Because facts have never been important to you when bashing Apple's supposed wrong doing when the primary goal is get "like"

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Sdaniella: odd how some significant recent flagship smartphones not even tested yet ...

too bad dxomark never show how smartphone camera IQ compare one-on-one to larger sensor cameras in identical lighting scenarios, bright good light vs actual poor low light

churning out just rating numbers tell us nothing, showing us only bias of flawed and antiquated methodologies

Don't be stupid. Galaxy S8 have a rating of 88. DxO is updating their test and retesting all phones and that's why S8 haven't got a new score yet. Note 8 have the same camera as S8 so don't expect miracle.

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Not really a surprise and collaborates with results from YouTube reviewers I trust.

Pixel got the best camera rating last year because it uses its SoC to stack images on the fly; something other companies wasn't doing by default.

This year, Apple defaults to HDR on and have at disposal the fastest SoC ever with a new image processor that supports lighting estimation, wide color capture, and advanced pixel processing. A11 also includes dedicated neural network hardware that perform on the fly tweaking.

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elmo: I'm not in favor of pollution. But, it's hard to consider this particular instance "tragic," with the seahorse using the swab to its advantage.

@Tim C.
You have never seen American Gladiators I guess.

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Bambi24: Most of the world's electronic waste is being caused by companies like Apple that refuse to put replaceable batteries in their smartphones.

Planned obsolescence is the biggest driver of waste in the world.

Come to think of it, somehow I don't think cameras are supposed to have their shutter break after X accentuations, I doubt it would be hard to make those shutters last longer. But why would they, if there's something that camera makers hate, it's the second hand market.

Apple takes back all Apple products ever sold for recycling. You don't have to trash your phone. If the battery died under warranty, Apple will replace your phone. If battery died outside warranty, Apple and 3rd party service replace battery. If you want to trash the phone, you can mail or bring it to an Apple Store and they will take it.

Apple shows on its website how they disassemble products into components for recycle. You shouldn't blame Apple for you being too lazy to sent them your old Apple devices for recycle. Recycling starts at home, remember that.

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South and Southeast Asia are incredibly polluted. Unlike East Asia that's quite polluted but already have population control and is moving fast towards environmentalism, South and Southeast Asia will see its population doubled by 2050.

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I support the Mutant Registration Act. All drone owners should be chipped and locatable by law enforcement within 15 minutes.

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SONY contributed more to consumer photography in the last 10 years than any other companies, perhaps all other companies combined. Without SONY stepping in after Minolta, we won't have IBIS on FF, 1" sensor and FF compact, APS-C and FF mirrorless, cheap MF, on sensor PDAF, crazy tilty screen.

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