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mannes: 20 nautical miles off the coast of Libya, as in 36km?? that's not rescue mission, that's ferrying migrants to Europe!!! this madness has to stop!!!

It wasn't a rescue. German NGO Jugend Rettet sent a boat to pick them up outside Libyan water. Those European NGO and lobbyist make crossing the Mediterranean when you only need to reach an European boat parked outside African water and not actually to Europe.

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lightandaprayer: If it isn't human it isn't a portrait. . .

You sure you have a soul?

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3DSimmon: The beauty of microSD is not just the fact that you can expand storage, most importantly it is the fact that you can SWAP storage, like from camera/drone to mobile or pc etc.

And let's not forget microSD has a huge price advantage too.

What do you do if one day you turn your phone on and find the SD card is 100% dead?

Internal storage are far less likely to corrupt and you should always backup regularly.

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RedFox88: This the same manufacturer suspected of spying for China?

The government is leveraging wild accusations to force DJI to collaborate with government

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I hope someone creates aftermarket firmware so we can flash the drone to run in "airplane mode"

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Why? How much can be out of focus on a 1/2.8" sensor paired with 26mm lens that you need to step down?

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Good outcome. What he asked is likely so small compares with the budget of the series they just approve it instead of paying more to redesign the box art.

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So no side-by-side comparison?

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On article The Leica CL is (almost) what the TL should have been (421 comments in total)

Why pay this kind of money for a APS-C mirrorless with limited and questionable quality lenses? Buy a A7R III and use all Zeiss if you want German.

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On article DJI AeroScope demo shows drone tracking tech in action (32 comments in total)
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NickyB66: IP address for AeroScope terminating at the China Defence Ministry :-)

One of them liberal truther

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Wow, if this camera is $1699 how much will the next GH be?

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Neal Hood: Don’t blame them. What a crummy country.

Don't have to be a jerk calling a country what it is. The comparison of Brazil vs US in which is crummier is laughable at best. There are so many metrics that can be used objectively there shouldn't be any doubt which country is crummier.

I think this trend of "every country is as good as any other country unless it is Russia, China and N Korea" is an extension of "every kid is above average" and "everyone is the best he can be"

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Neal Hood: Don’t blame them. What a crummy country.

Nowadays, you have to be PC all the time because all countries and people are the same.

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Oh well, I have an old "like new" D90 that's my first DSLR sitting on a shelf. I've been thinking about selling it but thinking it wouldn't sell much and the camera have sentimental value. With Nikon following dodo, the resell price would either tank or shoot up as people collect Nikons.

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mbot: Okay, let me counsel you fiscal strategy... for the same money get a Canon 200D and an LG V30 smartphone, and you'll get far better photos, plus a smartphone with an 'audiophile' Sabre DAC & LG OLED screen Lol

And how much will it cost shrinking 200D into V30 and let them run iOS?

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princecody: What about the Razer phone on Unbox Therapy for photos? Wonder how it compares to iPhone X 🤔

Razor phone is a run of the mill Android phone with 8 GB RAM and a good screen. The rest of the specs are pretty in line with no-name Chinese phones running SD835. You can find plenty SD835 phone for $400-500 in China

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otto k: Great, now I have to wait for another month for a new best smartphone... /s

No worthwhile one coming out until February next year if the early release of Galaxy S9 is real. However, rumor also say S9 will be basically a S8 and it is the Note 9 that will have exciting changes.

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wabre: poor Van Gogh, now people will claim he copied apple for the oil paintings...

I think your joke is about 5 years out of date but consider not many people keep track of unfunny joke I cannot be certain.

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Panino Manino: Best for stills?
I wouldn't say so.
Like many had foreseen those "dumb" scores for "zoom" and mainly "bocá" are unbalancing the final scores. Aside from "artifacts" because of the HDR+ (maybe until the Visual Core is activated) the Pixel 2 still have a considerable advantage in pure image quality.
If you want that second zoomed lens and fake burred backgrounds, yeah, the score makes sense. But if you really want the best photo quality, not so much.

How is computational photography "pure" in image quality?

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Will DP pay for the medical cost of all those injured in the upcoming Flame War?

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