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SONY is digging its grave deeper. The mobile department probably will be canned within 2 years. They just cannot seem to learn from their mistake. At least HTC and LG have the grace to sell/end their mobile department while people still think highly of them.

For my fellow mobile photographer, get thr iPhone 13 Pro Max (or the slightly better IMO 12 Pro MAX) or wait for S22 Ultra in January or Xiaomi 12 Ultra in March

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unhappymeal: It honestly looked jittery in the demo. Having said that, Apple is clearly thinking of what they can do to improve the experience of creating, whereas the traditional manufacturers are stuck on specifications.

HTC came out with portrait mode and Samsung came out with portrait video. This is just Apple's version of portrait video

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I think this DPReview article is getting it backward, this is not AI controlled rack focus, this is AI controlled bokeh effect (a.k.a., portrait video on Samsung)

The original DOF is much deeper than what the video shows and the phone applies real-time portrait effect to the video which is why its limited to 1080p 30fps. What you are adjusting afterward isn't the changing the focus but the applying different portrait effect to the original pre-portrait effect video saved in the file.

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h1pst3r88: As someone of Ukranian heritage, our country's name is "Ukraine" not "THE Ukraine"

It's not The Japan, or The South Africa...

Japan is just Japan, no The either. In fact, with few exception like The Netherlands, The Solomon Islands, I don't think most country have "the" even in common usage

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Elsa would approve. Is the color reflection or from pattern/diffraction?

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99tollap: Whenever I watch these "professional tech reviewers" I always get the distinct impression that they don't know anything about photography. Maybe that's irrelevant for their target market, I'm not sure. MKBHD in particular is fairly poor at reviewing cameras.
Having said all that, do we really expect much difference given the relatively small increase in sensor size and given that software is doing a huge amount of work rather than the hardware itself?

There are real photographers that will review iPhone and Huawei camera but they don't have access to review units because their videos are too niche for obvious reason. Wait a month and their review will be out.

MKBHD cannot really review anything. His is more an unboxer/tech-influencer

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RexTremendae: What's really odd, is that when the iPhone 12 was announced, my iPhone 11 battery started losing charge faster... hmmm. I'm guessing I will have to pay the piper to keep my phone working properly. They probably don't even change the battery when you take it in, they just reset the planned obsolescence timer and the battery works normally for another 6 months.

It started with iOS 14 update in September. I have 11 Pro Max and stuck at home all day so the difference is noticeable. iOS 14 also introduced keyboard lag. Search "iOS 14 keyboard lag" on Google

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Kipplemaster: Good to see that they are going to make a phone which is usable for someone who is not blessed with massive hands. Bad that massive hands are still a requirement if you want the best camera. Also I was expecting USB-C on this round of upgrades to match the ipads. Maybe 13 is lucky for some...

13 might be portless. You'll need to carry a MagSafe pug with you

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If it wasn't for iMessenger, Find My that I use daily and the fact some apps that requires Google Maps and authentication tool might not work, I would probably move to Huawei Mate 40 Pro.

Lightning, MagSafe, keep battery small, limit cheaper/older phone with software are all very anti-consumer practices. The move to get rid of charger while including an incompatible cable is a genius move

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The camera is no doubt great and I’d be getting one if the screen is bigger and flat. I really don’t like curved screen as I like big screens and the two are somewhat mutually exclusive.

On an unrelatedly note. People such as Mike FL copied and pasted a lot of anti-Hauwei/anti-Asian comments because of “patriotism“. Yet if someone spoke up against him, he would be quick to label that person a paid foreign agent. Isn’t it funny how the most active commenter, the one most likely to be paid for his posts, is the one claiming other people are paid?

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LensBeginner: Why are they insisting with this ridiculous pantomime of having an absurdly high MP count on smartphone cameras?

The only thing that Quad Bayer and (high MP "regular" Bayer) does is increasing wasted space on the sensor.

There's hardly a brand that hasn't followed the trend.

Why are SONY and Samsung designing their new BSI sensor this way then? Oh right, because those are BSI sensors so don’t suffers from lost of surface area.

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MikeRan: Until something breaks off. I wonder how physically strong it is. My phone takes a lot of abuse..

Weak. See some of the product shots. The rotating camera isn't align very well

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racin06: The innovation currently occurring at Samsung is unprecedented! Conversely, Apple continues to be asleep at the switch...BIG YAWN. However, have no fear, Apple will still survive due to support from their consumer zombies.

Just gonna say Oppo Find X already slide and Oppo N1 already have rotating camera. Samsung's innovation now just extended to the Chinese

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Peiasdf: That's a quick way to sabotage a company. What's next, celebrating Nanjing Massacre by showing the soldiers using knives by Zwilling J. A. Henckels? Or Pearl Harbor with bombers covered in large TOYOTA logo?

The point is to sabotage a company that have nothing to do with the conflict in question by putting their name, incorrectly, into a sensitive issue.

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Sergey Borachev: Does the purchase of Corephotronics by Samsung means only Samsung will have excluSive use of the periscope design in phones in future? That is the big question now.

I wouldn't worry about it. Samsung is slowly exiting the mobile phone market and expending its presence as component supplier. Buying new lens tech just make it easier to compete with SONY selling camera modules to smartphone builders

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NovakM: Doesn't Sony make camera sensors for all if not most smart phones?

This guy on YouTube tested Exynox + Samsung sensor vs Snapdragon + SONY sensor on Galaxy S10. Snapdragon + SONY have noticeably better IQ and some in the low lights shots I think can be attributed to the superior SONY sensor

Low light:

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Jostian: Great hardware just wish Huawei would sort out the jpeg processing, heavy handed NR and sharpening makes details look unnatural... and no NR control doesn't help. The computational photography is freakishly good though.

Asian women LOVE the look and I don't just mean East Asian women. I visited Philippines, Singapore and Thailand multiple times the past few years and local women all apply these filters to their Facebook photos.

It could be they are mirroring their East Asian counterparts and considering East + Southeast Asia have 2+ billion people, that's an enticing market

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Tom Nguyen Studio: In before Mike FL goes crazy again in a Huawei thread

I am actually very interested to see what Mike FL looks like. I think this red-neck MAGA jingoist conspiracy theorist persona is just an act. A personality he adapted for his online trolling. Wouldn't be at all surprised if he is a minority living in a sanctuary city.

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Sactojim: Worst company ever for warranty. Had the Honor 5X and now 6P and both were new (with receipts) with issues (boot loop bad speaker, gps problem) and both phones still in warranty and Huawei absolutely refused to replace or repair the phone. If you want a lesson in poor customer service, this company stands at the top for rip off. Still pis*ed at this corrupt company.

If you get your news from Mike FL you might as well get your news under the Snapple bottle cap. Same effect but at least Snapple facts are factual.

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Jefftan: a total of 4 sensor info for AF, normal camera can't do that

" time-of-flight (ToF) sensor is not only used for augemented reality applications but also to measure subject distance for autofocusing.
Signals from all three cameras are processed to create a map of a scene and let the photographer focus on a specific object."

Time-of-flight (ToF) sensor is a camera as it is a sensor behind a lens assembly. Samsung and LG also counts Time-of-flight (ToF) in number of cameras so even if your favorite also-ran Nokia don't count it it doesn't make it not a camera.

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