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stevepow: I like them - they may be quirky or unexpected - maybe that's the point. Mission accomplished. If your art doesn't ruffle some feathers, then it is probably mundane and too safe. Who is Joe Klamar? - nobody knew until now.

Me, too, Steve.

I'm a HUGE fan of using light and shadow in photography. I have this one photo of my niece where she has the bottom half of her face covered with a red blanket, in shadow, and the top half of her face - with her incredibly blue eyes! - in the light. I have gotten more compliments on that photo than any of the "perfect" shots I have taken!

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eNo: I bet half of those complaining wouldn't even know how to pull off the archer shot. Some are not to my liking, in some the lighting is either to harsh in the highlights or shadows for my taste, but in no case will I put this photographer's work down so that I can feel better about mine.

The Jennifer Nichols shot is amazing! As is the Codey Cogdell shot with her looking through the barrel of the gun!

I flipped through many of the other photographers portraits and found them bland and uninspiring. The same ol', same ol' standard posed and photoshopped, BORING photographs.

Joe's use of light, shadow and angle was exciting and, in some cases, brilliant!

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