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  • Your lovely photos tipped the balance and persuaded me to buy the RF85 f/2 lens.(Well, I have to admit that the beautiful lady in the pictures probably contributed to the excellent impression!) I ...
  • Replied in Barbaric n/t
    I find the subject of this photo quite revolting and do not understand how it legitmately comes under the category of Portrait and People . David
  • I have two 64GB cards. The first has over 2500 jpg plus cr3 images on it and is only 5/8 full (last reformatted 2 Dec 2021). I copy the day's images to my computer when I process them. At some ...
  • The Canon RF35 and RF85 f/2 perform well for me.
  • I buy filters to fit each lens that I have, Of my five RF lenses, only two take the same size anyway: 50mm and 16mm. I keep a UV filter on at all times to protect the lens. I consider this cheap ...
  • ... Mornington Crescent?
  • I use 16-bit tiffs to transfer between programs. They are better quality than jpegs, though the file-size is larger. You can always delete the tiff file when you have finished and have a final jpg. ...
  • If you are feeding raw files to Lightroom, can you not use Topaz as a plug-in directly after adjusting for exposure, etc? David
  • Replied in DXO PL4 Issue
    I think you must have inadvertantly hit a batch processing command; but I do not know where this is. (Sorry!) I advise you to ask for help in DXO's own Forum. Luckily PL4's editing is not destructive.
  • I also notice a blue cast on the second version. Was that deliberate? David
  • I cannot comment on the actual question posed. But I have the Sony RX-100 Va and in terms of dynamic range it compares favourably with the Canon RP when processed raw in DXO PhotoLab. The Mk ...
  • Replied in An Update
    Have you tried formatting the cards in the camera nad then measuring them? This is the recommendation of the manufacturer, and maybe this is what you need! David
  • Well.. we know that you manipulated the colour of the jacket (No.4), at least: it is different in the other forum, and we dont know what the original colour was! That being the case, why would we ...
  • > Why not just remember the angles of view that are relevant to the system your using and ignore the rest? With the R6, I know what my various lenses do, and as far as the little Sony RX-100 is ...
  • Yes, it might be more useful to use "Angle of View" for a lens in combination with a specific format; but I havent thought of a good way to combine the two. David
  • Yes, the ball and the grass are in focus. If the subjects are moving  across the field of view at 5mph, that's 0.044" in 1/2000 sec. Therefore, the advice to track any moving objects is worthwhile. ...
  • I thought that an x mm lens was a lens that focusses objects that are at infinity in front of the lens at a point x mm behind the lens. In other words, that the quantity x, called "focal length", ...
  • Replied in Wonder?
    I did, and most of the thread is about the Sony mount. David
  • As someone with zero interest in Sony lenses, i do wonder why this thread is in this forum and not asked of the experts in a dedicated Sony forum. David
  • Fascinating. It is more of an observation than a criticism that I find these to be studies in colour rather than portraits. Is Oxford really so monochrome today that the colours in these photos ...
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