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Avid Photographer. A good tool in your hand beats a lousy one every time. Any one in the Seattle area?


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pacnwhobbyist: I guess all the rain Seattle had yesterday didn't make it over the mountains.

Sure it did. Lightning started over twenty major fires in Eastern Washington on Friday. Last year a fire storm engulfed an entire town Eastern Washington and was lost. The only the chance to save Lake Chelan was to dump the retardant on the town and it worked.

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AV Janus: I guess they never heard of water.
But hey this is absolutely safe. The goverment aproved it.

First time I have ever seen them drop fire retardant on a neighborhood. They did this to save the town. Fire storms are fast becoming the norm in Eastern Washington and water dumps wont even slow the fire. R.J

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Henry McA: Just a quick thought to the lack of microadjustment ability. No one should have to microadjust a lens. If I encounter such a thing the body goes back or the lens.

I will take the better AF and metering system. You can M.A all you want. If your pics are out of focus, what's the point?

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On article Inside RA001: World's first Boeing 747 'Jumbo Jet' (122 comments in total)

I am sure glad that Boeing is doing something with this plane. It sat for decades rotting and looking sad. My dad helped build these planes and remember walking up to this giant beast of a plane. How could something this big possibly fly? And remember the stellar safety record that this plane has.

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57even: Yawn.

Sorry, I mean there is nothing in this camera in which I am remotely interested. Your mileage may differ.

What I see about this camera is that it really makes the rebel series a non player. I think Canon really hit a home run with the 70D. This would be the camera I would choose if I was looking for my first DLSR.

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RStyga: I can't see how this sensor is competitive in the APS-C arena today, especially at high-ISO. K-500 provides significantly better high-ISO IQ. 70D's 'new' sensor is as disappointing as 50D's was, when released, back then. The Gold Award is an overall assessment of how much DPR 'likes' this camera... I think I don't 'like' it as much...

If High iso and DR is high on your list, just get a full frame. I think when Canon revels the 7D 2 it will leave every crop sensor behind. Has any one here used a 7D with a 70-200 F4 l? or any prime L lens?

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photosen: I've seldom agreed so much with DPreview... "The cutting-edge stalwart" just about sums it up... "a sensible, indeed desirable upgrade to the EOS 60D".

I was expecting a really boring 70D and was happily surprised; when I have the money it's going very difficult to say no to it, even though I follow what other brands are doing, and in spite of the full frame siren calls... it just does everything I need it to do, and opens a couple of interesting avenues with wifi and that new autofocus...

Canon also took away the wonderful AF of the 60D and gave us the horrible AF of the 7D. I hope they kept those wonderful mushy buttons too.

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mantra: hi
thanks a lot for the review
about this camera i miss the c1 c2 :(

Get a 7D

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JimBob0: Is anyone here a real photographer? You know, someone who actually takes good photographs? Or does everyone just argue about minor specification details that no one will ever see or notice in a photograph?

I'm beginning to worry that too many commentators can only take a good photograph if they have the very best camera to do it rather than actually having the skill or talent to take a good photo in the first place.

Too many dull nerds here.

Ill bet the 70D is a wonderful camera and a huge improvement on the 60D. The one thing I miss the most using my great 7D is the flippy screen from the 60D. And besides, where can you get a camera like the 70D for the price asked?

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Will Gerrits: In 2013 when everything electronic is minimizing , compare cellphones in 2005 and now, in the department handling there should be more focus on size. In that aspect this Canon is big, very big. Moreover if you consider the enthusiast photographer is not carrying just a single (zoom)lens but a few lenses : the size and the weight you have to carry around for a longer time is a problem that's not taking into account in this review. Please DPReview addept your reviewing aspects to 2013 -2020 standards and don't stay in the low 2000's

I Carrie around a 7D and a 35-350 with tripod. A good after market strap system makes it bearable. I like how chunky the 7D fits in your hand and balances out a heavy lens.

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