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HenryDJP: Panasonic it's your turn now. While I'm only one consumer with one opinion, I won't buy any future main cameras unless they are full frame....and for a "B" camera I might still go for an APS-C, but m4/3 sensors are just too small and sacrifice light sensitivity as well as such a large crop.

and full support from DJI and other chinese manufacturers

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TN Args: The title gives the wrong impression that this lens is a cosmetic update with a better coating. Surely it deserves to be called a re-design?

Old model: 2 ED glass elements 3 aspherical elements (1 ED glass)

New model: 1 dual-sided aspherical, 1 aspherical ED, 1 ED and 3 HR elements

Also, your full spec listing for the new lens incorrectly says no hood included.

Actually if you look at lens construction diagram they are exactly the same, except 14-150mm ii got zero coating at front

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Miki Nemeth: Is it going to support MF Assist WHILE recording video? At the moment you have to use an external monitor to punch in while recording to check focus accuracy on all Panasonic cameras.

E-M5 II does punch in during recording, will be a shame if GH5 doesn't have it.

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1179 comments in total)
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marc petzold: I'd say the X1D Hasselblad is the much better deal - compared to a Leica SL FF DSLM, and the all new Leaf-shutter lenses are rated for 1.000.000 actuations, according to Hasselblad. The Body size & weight looks unbelievable small for a Medium Format body, compared to the Pentax 645Z.

What i found old school tech - 2.36 MP EVF (same resolution as A7 Series) and only a 920k or 921k Display - That Screen was already being introduced into the Nikon D700, D90 back into 2008. :-) (Leica SL EVF is 4.4 MP in comparsion)

Leica S is MF, Leica SL is FF, I think you got it mixed up

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anchorite64: The next one has to be 45-125

wow you are right, it is the 35-100mm f4-5.6!

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luisflorit: This is not what I need. Please, PLEASE, I need urgently a new 45-147mm!!
Come on... what about a 300mm F4 with really good IQ??

Olympus heard your wish, 300mm F4!

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australopithecus: Zooms, one after the other. How about a prime 24mm equivalent. f2.8 would do me fine.

olympus heard your wish! 12mm f2.0

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So far only Panasonic GH4 offer 10bit 4K externally at bargain price, for Sony you have to buy FS7 to get 10bit 4K or FS700 with Raw out, for Canon there is only C300 MK II, BM 4K/Ursa mini can do 10bit 4k internally.

Link | Posted on Jan 6, 2016 at 20:02 UTC as 20th comment | 2 replies

So that means DJI/Go Pro will have 120fps 4K in their next product?

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On article SLR Magic announces CINE 50mm F1.1 (65 comments in total)

First look https://vimeo.com/146117080

Doesn't look like it have apsh lens, no onion ring (like the voigtlander 25mm 0.95), no cat eye bokeh associated with f1.2+ fast lens, at F1.1 it look reasonable sharp on video, probably need photos to see actual sharpness comparison to other F0.95 lens.

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ZhanMInG12: I honestly don't get the "too expensive" comments in this post. The A7rII alone is $3,200. The Sony 35mm F2.8 is another $600-800, which brings the total price to close to $4,000. For the price of the A7rII body you get effectively the same sensor, with amazing sync speeds, minus IBIS and 4k, and a great F2 Zeiss lens. Sure, it's not for everybody, but neither is any other FF camera.

I've handled the Leica Q and found a lot to be desired. The sensor is okay but not brilliant, dynamic range at low ISO cannot compete with the A7rII and the files are distinctly more noisy than the A7rII files downsized to 24MP. The body is almost as heavy as an M, and operations are just a tiny bit slower at each turn than the new E-mount bodies. Leica's flash system is also pretty miserable compared to Sony. So there are trade-offs...Not to mention the fact that you can't seem to buy a Leica Q anywhere right now. At least you can know for sure that you'll have an RX1II by November if you pre-order now.

A7RII is brand new for $2699 on ebay, add $400 28mm F2 or $600 35mm f2.8 and it is the same price as this RX1R II but with far more feature, control and choice of lens.

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Zoron: It's a Collector's Item......both in good & bad way.

Most Collector would grab Leica Q

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Naveed Akhtar: This really look promising to me ..
It opens many fronts .. a small concealable camera for better wild-life photography.
For drones flights .. and other risky places where you can't reach or stay too long.
Then developer's sdk can extend its capabilities beyond current limitations.
Price is also very good for this little and capable camera.
well all I can say is good luck with the project .. and I will definately buy this one over oly air or any other action or mobile-adon camera .. soon!

Yeah it does have I/O Port, so gonna be much useful for drone

What's I/O port?

It's designed for 3rd party to control the camera and get the image via composite signal. It can control the camera via a serial port by VISCA protocol. This protocol enables a lot of controls for a camera.

That means we can use smaller drones to fly instead of S900/S800 which severely limit the mobility and gain full control of the camera.

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tonyreidsma: Hmmm... Seems I'll be buying another camera soon, and it won't be another SONY. I have TWO a7s bodies, an a6000, and an a5100. I've been watching the 4K movement, and was hoping it would die, but it seems Samsung is serious about getting into this market. I'll be watching Samsung's reliability over the course of 6 months or so.

No camera is perfect, that why most of us have many different cameras

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On article Red introduces 'Weapon' camera with 8K sensor option (102 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: Who is making Red's 16 DR and nearly FF sized sensor? How come that sensor company isn't selling sensor to DSLRs?


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On article Hands-on with Samsung's new NX500 (339 comments in total)

Does it offer the same AF performance or just stock one compare to NX1?

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On article Sony issues firmware 1.10 for Alpha 7 II (59 comments in total)
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Cheng Bao: Actually, all three mentioned improvement are same thing: improvement over video
1. when half-pressing the shutter,
2. in 'Focus Magnifier' mode,
3. during movie recording

and SAR just posted a pretty good comparison for video IS before and after

they fixed the video with proper firmware 1.00 vs 1.10

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review (1003 comments in total)
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acidandroid: i'm seriously considering this LX100, the spec on paper is crazy
i currently have 15mm, 12-35mm and 42.5mm with EM1 body
thinking of selling 15mm and 12-35mm for this Lx100
does it make sense???

the lx100 sample photos aren't that impressive, compared to my current set up it's not as sharp, but sample photos are only reference
anyone's used it already, is the image quality comparable to my current setup or close to?

I sold my 12-35mm f2.8 for LX100, wide angle in 4K is one of my grip with GH4, the optics is surely not in the same league as 12-35mm but for video it can be more forgiving, also F1.7 at 12mm is really useful for indoor shooting.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review (898 comments in total)
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mark moe: Shopping:

Just looked at the two cameras in person the Sony looks and feels like Leica in quality versus the Panasonic.

I like Sony's aperture ring I use aperture shift a lot the way I think. The ND filter is a biggie to me too. I know their sweep panorama auto HDR and Twlight mode are benefits to me since I already use them.

My vacations are in tropical sites mostly, so Sony's weather seal is a big plus too.


It the Panasonic's autofocus is better and 400 telephoto make it a better "family cam" for kids stuff like soccer games it makes it really hard.

I have a good pocket cam (rx100) and ok DSLT (a55) so this would be move to move the DSLR out since this isn't a pocket cam

Any thoughts on the Panny's ability to shoot sports?

FZ1000's AFC is certainly onpar with mid/low DSLR, I can track cyclist cycling through no problem


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On article Budget M43: Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review (137 comments in total)

I guess Pana and Olympus is giving the low end market to Kodak since Panasonic is going to discontinue G/GF series and the only Oly camera coming this year is E-PL7 (no E-PM3).

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