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Seconds2go: Goodbye old friend... though I'll still be using you for many more years to come as these large hands simply don't fit the e-mounts well... R.I.P.

why RIP? You can probably get years out of your A mount. I sue mine for sports, theatre landscape etc who need s a toy e-mount?

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IdM photography: I never liked that "tranlucent mirror", taking away 1/3rd of the light...

Its all in your head my friend!

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BRWAT: We all knew the A-Mount was on the way out, and that the A99II was going to be the last A-Mount. I own a single A99II, and it remains fantastic. I sold the other one in order to begin the transition to the e-mount.

I still haven't decided which body, but A7RIVs are on sale with a free grip which seems like the way to go...

I'm sticking with my A992 these e-mounts are what I refer to as toy cameras. Who needs them?

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ChicagoSam: I wondered why there was silence from both Sony as well as the public as these cameras quietly disappeared from view. Well, you're silent no longer. I'm pretty dismayed because I almost certainly would have bought an a77iii if they'd ever released one. Now I've got all these terrific lenses that can be used only on an aging, obsolete camera.

Nothing obscelete about the A mounts

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ChicagoSam: I was wondering when someone was going to say something about the obvious, that the SLT format was dead. The cameras disappeared from online stores in the US some time ago, maybe months. Sigma stopped development of A-mount lenses years ago. I'm not happy about this development because I've got some great A-mount lenses. I'm not looking forward to fiddling with small mirrorless cameras attached to big lenses with an ungainly adapter connecting the two. For some, SLT cameras were a perfect hybrid, an EVF and IBIS in a full-sized camera body. But others were unhappy with the fractional loss of light due to the translucent mirror, which is a valid concern if high ISOs are critical in your work. Don't get me wrong, I love my tiny little Fuji mirrorless, but I will probably never own anything else quite like the assortment of great lenses I've amassed for my old Sony.

I agree. The SLT has desirable heft and its size better suits space between controls. Also there are no blind out situations such as some E mounts experience due to design.. I'm getting on in years and have no plans to switch to E mount and the enormous expense of replacing lenses. Long live the A-Mount. To hell with the E-Mount "toy cameras"!!

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majorpaul: No matter what Sony says or does, the zombies will keep repeating: "A mount is dead!!" meanwhile some of us enjoy using the best camera in the world, the a992 :)

Not sure if A99 M2 is world's best but agree the A mount is still a valid choice for many of us. The trouble with the E mounts is too small to get your hands around more dependence on menus and I cant imagine what its like to mount a 70-200 or longer lens on such a small body. Not to say that there isnt a place for the E mounts but likewise there is a big place for the A mounts APS or full frame.

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noflashplease: Oddly enough, Sony needed a full frame E-mount camera with dual card slots, greater battery capacity, a larger body for better ergonomics and maybe even a top LED like the Leica SL. Instead, we're being offered yet another A-mount parts bin special. I'm glad that Sony is offering a final(?) full frame body for the handful of remaining Maxxum/A-mount loyalists, although it would be hard to get rid of stockpiled A-mount lenses without any camera bodies on offer. This thing looks like it will linger on the market for a few years and sell in relatively small volumes. The downside, is that Sony is wasting resources and market momentum on a dead product line.

Go play with your e toys

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