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I'm excited about Pentax again!
I still have the K5 which I think is the best DLSR they've ever released. Everything before doesn't compare and everything after isn't necessary.

I really do wish the DPR interviewer asked if there was anything noteworthy in development regarding flash. That's definitely an area in need of improvement.

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On article Winter Wonderland: Don Komarechka's snowflakes (36 comments in total)

I really love the texture and coloring of image 7. Great work!

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Joe Ogiba: If Ricoh does not show the rumored full frame Pentax at CP+ 2015 it will be party over for Pentax since Pentax showed a full frame DSLR in September 2000.

You know how long Pentaxians have been calling party-over if a FF doesn't manifest itself? There are countless threads on the Pentax Forums here and at the other place dedicated to FF-or-bust.

It's amazing they've lasted as long as they have if it weren't for the cult status of colored Qs in Japan and China. Personally I know a lot of folks that simply bailed around the time the D800 and M5III arrived.
Then those very same people kept their Pentax as the "light" body until the Sony a7 arrived.
I think the brand crested when the K5 was released. That was a stunner for the time. Everything else has since moved on. Sad really...

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On article Very flashy: Ricoh unveils Pentax K-S1 DSLR (197 comments in total)
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RolliPoli: ....."...woefully outdated primes..." I have things to complain about as a Pentax shooter but it does not include anything about a shortage of current lenses to choose from. The Pentax lens collection has a complete roster of zooms at different quality/speed/price points and what is like the best selections of high quality primes of company marketing DSLRs. Now, if one wants to complain about Sigma and Tamron having fewer lenses in the 'K' mount, or that they come to market after the ones with Canon and Nikon mounts, that's not the fault of Pentax/Ricoh. I had to wait to get the new Sigma 'Art' 18-35mm f1.8 in a K mount but I do have one; hardly evidence of an "antique system".

It's an antique system. The state of the flash system is pathetic compared to the Canikon speedlight offerings. Pentax has an OK selection of dedicated APS-C primes but they are slow. The FF FAs are beautiful to look at but are OUTDATED and slow. SDM is slow and sucks on the DA*. The 50-135 is nice but the 16-50 is terrible. Putting a new coating on an old noisy screwdrive lens isn't innovative.

The K3 is awesome but the system as a whole is uneven at best. This thing is a gimmick and not what I imagine most Pentaxians have been yearning for.

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On article Very flashy: Ricoh unveils Pentax K-S1 DSLR (197 comments in total)

Compared to all the exciting new developments from other companies, the evolution of the Pentax brand is gimmicky and laughable. The system as a whole has ossified. If you want anything other than a handful of attractive but woefully outdated primes, Pentax is a dead-end, antique system to buy into.

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On photo Running away zebras in the Creative Processing challenge (2 comments in total)

For a second I thought they were a bunch of lobsters.

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On photo Lake Bled, Slovenia in the Creative Processing challenge (3 comments in total)

This was my favorite entry

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On article Nikon Df Review (1619 comments in total)
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PhotoCoffee: I have several D4's, D800, D7100 and a variety of lenses and flashes to suit. I find the Df a sexy camera, that brings me back to as they say the 'simplicity' of photography and use it as designed with the 50mm 1.8 lens (a most underrated bit of kit)…
It makes me concentrate on subject, not get distracted other content and in a sense a purity of photography… It is light enough to pack away, put in the lap, use on the street etc…
Using a D4 or similar simply intimidates people - is heavy over a period of time and I refuse to use it on anything other than professional work…
Great Camera - and find the shortfalls described in the review not an issue at all :)

I agree that the Df is a stunning camera. However, stepping back, I think your reaction (and mine) regarding the simplicity or purity of this camera is not entirely with merit. There is nothing about this camera over any other with a 50mm that will allow you to "concentrate" on your subject any better. Likewise, the size of the Df is not so different from the models you listed except the D4. It's a purely romantic notion (and that's fine).
Nikon has made a camera that triggers an emotional response more than anything else.

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mholdef: I like Dpreview but this review confirms that it is more oriented towards high tech gear and spec sheets than the photographic experience.

>Only the Nikon V1, Pentax K-01 and now the Df didn't get any >awards. And you think the awards a meaningful? lol.

Marike6 - I agree with several of your sentiments but the Pentax K-01 was a piece of garbage.

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physguy88: When trying to recreate a classic, its important to remember the functional ethos that made the original great in their time. The originals not only looked a certain way, but were the best performing equipment of their times. The pure functionality of the originals imbued every aspect of their design with passion and meaning, and allows the classic to stand the test of time.

When trying to recreate the classic, one approach is to pair a slavishly retro design with sub par performance so that a product can be sold at a high profit margin. Or, you can utilize the design elements of the original in a modern body with the highest performance achievable in the modern day, hence creating a modern evolution of the classic and pulling its heritage into an even greater story.

The Ford Thunderbird 2.0 was retro. The modern 911and Corvette are classics. Guess which one is the Df?

The Pinto?

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On article Nikon Df Review (1619 comments in total)

Thanks for the review.
However, I don't see the huge fuss about a split prism focussing screen and wonder how many have actually used them (if you do, beg pardon). I have and hate them on a modern camera. It screws with metering and is a distraction when shooting AF. At best it's a novelty that the ordinary user will simply swap out while getting dust in the body.

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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)

This makes sense for Adobe - they foresee that this move is inevitable and need to create the infrastructure now to accommodate it. Their biggest competitor in the photo editing space will be Google, whose existing cloud services and recent acquisitions inform us that a powerful cloud-based photo editing and management toolkit is in the offing. These free services, stitched into the Google fabric (plus, picasa, etc.), will be made available for "free" via advertising revenue with additional storage as an add-on.
When that happens, Adobe will be forced to lower the subscription fee for Photoshop CC. Until that time, however, they need as much revenue as possible to beef-up their cloud infrastructure, tie-in users, and create compelling services that will withstand the upcoming competition in this space.
Corel and others that don't adopt this model will be swept away in the next 5-10 years.

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I guess I'm in the minority - I like the look and feel on both my pc and tablet. If they resolve the latency, it's a winner for me...

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On article 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) (437 comments in total)

Perfect Layers for Lightroom from OnOne looks interesting although I've never tried it myself.

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Any press is good press...

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X100S (56 comments in total)

Tantalizing cam. As a consumer, it's frustrating that Fuji's 3 APS-C offerings are in such different evolutionary states. I like the XPro1 but the recent XE1 has a better EVF spec. Now the X100 comes out with on-chip phase detection and both focus peaking and split focussing...

I, for one, will certainly not purchase either the XPro1 and XE1 knowing that these important (to me) features are in the pipeline. Fuji's outstanding trio is out of sync.

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This really needs to find its way into an ILC - it would be fantastic with fast manual primes. Like a X-Pro-2 or 1s with some old Pentax and Takumars.

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On article Panasonic introduces ultrathin DMC-XS1 compact camera (11 comments in total)

Looks like the cheap-o Pentax Optio

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Focus peaking! I sure hope this makes it's way to the X-Pro2...

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