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  • I see. I thought you were seeking information about the situation. But no, I was mistaken. Sorry to have bothered you.
  • Actually my post was only to point out that confining the US Navy to American waters would mean confining to an area which extends only 24 miles out into the oceans. But in response to your post, ...
  • I believe "US waters" extend 24 miles off shore. Anything after that is not considered American waters. So if one confines the Navy to US waters only those ships are not going very far.
  • Just trying to find you a source of income. Given the amount of time you spend here it must be difficult to hold a steady job.
  • Mr Centrist as much as  you post you should sign up as one of Trump's legion of paid internet trolls. Might as well make some money out of your propensity for posting. Free money so to speak.
  • FDR would have passed medical scrutiny until late  into his next to last term. Certainly not in his final term but he had convinced himself, probably with a lot of help from his campaign people, ...
  • Forgive me if I mistake what the above post is saying but the issue seems to be that Clinton says Powell told her to use a private server and Powell is denying that he did. So one or the other is ...
  • It did start in England but is based in the United States now. Seattle I think.
  • Used for making canes by some.
  • The above may qualify for one of the top sexist posts on Off Topic. Why do men get haircuts? Why do some men die their hair? Why do men have plastic surgery? Why do men wear suits and ties to work? ...
  • Replied in Got cancer?
    It is not going to be free in any circumstances. In some countries it is paid for via taxes on the population. Others by insurance. And some by charity. But there is no way to make it free.
  • Basically Doctors are trained to fight disease and not to let people die. Which is why everyone consider drawing up those right to die papers before such an event incurs. Without it Doctors will ...
  • Joe, I do not like Trump and certainly do not want to see him as President. I do not like Hillary either and do not want to see her as President either. So I am an equal opportunity disliker. But ...
  • Replied in Got cancer?
    I spent 30 years in hospital administration and can assure you the hospitals do not "want" cancer patients but where can those who are diagnosed with cancer go. Not only do I have some knowledge ...
  • Didn't Hitler use the same reason for invading theSudetenland, a part of Czechoslovakia?
  • As I recall a Chicago Mayor Thompson (?)  threatened that if the King of England ever showed up in Chicago he would punch him right in the nose. Evidently it worked because the King did not come ...
  • Replied in Obviously...
    I have objectively considered and evaluated both candidates and came to the conclusion I do not like either one.
  • I am not, only pointing out the House impeaches and that goes to the Senate for trial. The Senate decides if the President has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. If they decide that is the ...
  • No, that is incorrect. The Senate concluded the charges were not sufficient to remove the President from office. But the President remains impeached. That can only be reversed by the House and the ...
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