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JapanAntoine: I bought the converter a week ago and can't take it off the camera: I love it!
The balance is completely fine, despite the added weight and it gives a whole new flavor to the X100s.
For sure, anybody owning a X100/s should seriously consider this converter.

I posted a few shots taken in various conditions here:

Completely agree. If you own an X100(s) this is almost a must-have.

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Hans3H: I have reading glasses, is there a possibility to adjust the view finder, how does that work?

Dan had ik je net zo goed in het Nederlands kunnen antwoorden ;-)

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Hans3H: I have reading glasses, is there a possibility to adjust the view finder, how does that work?

The diopter adjustment goes from -2 to +1. I have '-1', and just scroll the wheel until I see everything sharp in the viewfinder. The imposed image is somewhere near infinity, so I do not expect reading-glasses to be a problem at all.

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On article Fujifilm X100S Review (493 comments in total)

Just bought one, despite the lack of zoom, despite the follow-up 'around the corner', despite the limited auto-focus-modes, actually despite everything. I bought it for everything it does not have.

I love this camera, from the moment I picked it up in the store. Tried a lot of different models, but kept coming back to the X100S. No explosion of buttons on the back, no excessive feature laden menus, no bulky protruding zoom lenses, no auto-intelligent stuff doing what you don't want just as you fully press the shutter....

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icexe: A pretentious accessory for pretentious people. I guess it doesn't matter if it actually takes good pictures (which it obviously doesn't), so long as you can impress your hipster friends with it.

Good pictures is not equal to sharp pictures. There is an overlap between the two collections, statistically speaking, but they are not the same.

Link | Posted on Jul 3, 2014 at 07:28 UTC
On article A look at the Lomography Petzval 85mm F2.2 lens (185 comments in total)

Nice review, pointing out how the tested object 'makes you feel'. Gear is not (only) about technical aspects, but in the end about 'personality'.

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Beatiful landscape, boring pictures. To me they have the same problem I have with pictures from my compact. They look 'flat'.

Only the last one creates some feeling of depth, using nature (haze, rays of sunlight) and some composing tricks (ridge, person on edge).

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Like the hand crank. Makes it work Rollei / Hasselblad style. Wind the crank and take a picture.

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On article Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review (1200 comments in total)

I see an on-of switch just above the dail which (on my DSLR) I use a lot while peeking through the viewfinder.

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BerendZ: Great initiative BUT why is the Sony A-mount not supported?

Perhaps because Lomo is mostly targeting film shooters??? The ability to mount it on a D-SLR is a bonus. Would think M42 and pentax mount are better candidates.

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On article Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 (252 comments in total)

I'll wait for the .1 update unless loads of people convince me 5.0 is good. 4.0 was totally not usable on my 2009 macbook and I learned a hard lesson with that.

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Big (= fast?) lens ==> 1'' sensor? Extremely short flange-distance? Optical viewfinder? Sounds nice.

Oh, it is a digitally rendered mockup.

Doubt I will trade in my sx-70 for this...

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I am very keen on the Fuji X-pro as possibly my next camera-system. But every new lens they announce has a higher price-tag. They better be very, very, extremely good, or else the system loses my interest.

Link | Posted on Dec 10, 2012 at 17:41 UTC as 2nd comment

sooo nice, but so out of reach.

I like using prime-lenses for my photography hobby, but I've got wife and children. Will dream tonight about putting this on a D600 and be a happy snapper.

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Why are polls and forums like these filled with demands for 'manual' controls, manual focus abilities, and remarks about the wonderfull mechanic cameras of a few decades ago.
I'm looking in the mirror now, as I was about to remark on my FM2 and Canonet.

At the same time, manufacturers make ever more complex electronic devices, marketing them with their ever more intelligent auto-focus features. In reviews they are judged by the speed and accuracy of their AF and their ability to do spot on measurements in every difficult light-situation.

Do we really want that FullFrame digiback for our beloved manual? Do we actually like all the automation but are affraid to admit it? Do manual camera's make us think about yesteryears, when we were young and life was good? I just wonder why, as putting a sensor in a Voightländer RF camera should not be utterly difficult seeing the abilities of small rural factories in China and seeing huge marketing prospectives in fora like these.

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Might be just me, but I quite like the picture. At least it does not hide being gritty and not correctly colored. Quite fresh and artistic.

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review (187 comments in total)

I bought a LX-2 in 2006 for it was one of the first digital compact camera with manual controls and a wide-angle lens.

I never liked it, and looking at this review and sample pictures they still have not fixed its biggest flaw:
Flat pictures with ugly detail-rendering at anything above iso 200 and/or in less then optimal happy sunny weather.

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peevee1: Why would anybody buy this?

I saw Medvedev taking some snapshots with a Leica S, apperently his own. I could be wrong, but judging the light-conditions, the possible subjects and his overall dedication in taking the pictures, lack of image quality is the least problem any picture taken there would suffer.

I think he bought the camera because he wanted the biggest and most expensive camera to show off he is the boss.

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