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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H review (567 comments in total)
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David610: The Sony A7S III will be better.

otto k oh yes, the iPhone 42 with its integrated missile launcher blows pretty everything out of the water.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H review (567 comments in total)
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SteveV4D: An amazing addition to the video family of cameras. Panasonic have pushed what is possible with fullframe video. However at the price, I would given my limited need for photos, more likely use the money for an URSA Mini. The Pocket 6K whilst not fullframe, lacks IBIS and any usuable AF, does at least offer 6K RAW at 16.9 ratio upto 30p, CFast and USB drive recording and is a lot cheaper. That said, I'm not rushing to buy the Pocket 6K either...
But Panasonic sticking with H264 and H265 recording is one reason I'd stick to BM and it's more edit friendly codecs. Plus I prefer BMs colour science over Panasonic.
I'd be more interested in seeing what Panasonic does with the GH6, which apparently is still on the cards.

Are the editing problems you refer to limited to 4k? I use linux, edit HD H264 hour long videos with kdenlive (it's a bit unstable) and shotcut (better, UI is peculiar though) and I have no problems, BUT, I use mkv as container, so my workflow is: use the command line to join mts segments and ffmpeg to remux into mkv (all in one passage, same speed as file copying), then edit the mkv with shotcut, export to mp4.
Now that I reread it sounds complicated, still better than discovering broken transitions after export like it used to happen to me with mp4.
I also edited 4k but too briefly to notice if there were problems. Always from panny cams.

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NickyB66: Great for photographers, and any terrorist with a a shoulder launched anti aircraft weapon.

I have a SAM, I can
1. stay somewhere nearby the airport (in a 3 km range or more), shoot a plane during takeoff, drop the launcher take the car and start fleeing while the pieces of the plane haven't even landed yet or
2. take my SAM near the security cam controlled perimeter, ask a photographer kindly to let me use the camhole, aim very well because the infrared signatures must be quite confusing when the airplane is taxiing among other planes and cars, shoot and get arrested

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On article Video: Shallow depth-of-field is overrated (162 comments in total)
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EXkurogane: Absolutely. As a full frame user with f1.4 primes and f2.8 zoom, i don't even shoot wide open in 70% of all my photos. I totally don't see the point of completely removing background details by blurring them off. I want to retain some of it.

I don't know why ppl are so obsessed with bokeh. Wide apertures are a novelty to me - it's there if i need it but more then often i don't use it that frequently.

> Then I got over it and started shouting closer to f2.8 to f4
hehehe I know it's a typo but it conjured this image of two photographers, one is shouting:
- why do you always have to shout at full aperture. Try a F4!
- F16?
- That's better.

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On article Video: Shallow depth-of-field is overrated (162 comments in total)
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upptick: Computational photography will soon render the novelty of bokeh moot since anyone and everyone with a smartphone will be able to create it.

I guess you will be able to fake bokeh with multi-lens and or light field and-or focus sweeping, but to do what a guy can do now with a 250$ used mirrorless ilc and a 40$ prime, that is, previewing at 30fps, you have to burn a lot of battery up.

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On article Video: Shallow depth-of-field is overrated (162 comments in total)
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Oskar P: It is often a crutch for lazy people unable to use the background in the composition.
I frequently see pics with obliterated background a that could have been taken anywhere, rather than showing the location.

Also, sadly beginners just don't understand there dozens of other ways, usually better ways, to isolate a subject.

yeah an internet row, I want in!!!
Oskar, leave the vodka alone for a minute, you say bokeh is a cop out sometimes, OK. Do all pics even need a background for context? nah. Does the photographer always have the occasion to employ one of the LITERALLY DOZEN tricks any photography teacher knows about subject isolation, that me and papa smurf commenting here don't know? no, the photographer doesn't. You are not always doing weddings, you are not always able to move around. You might be doing video on a tripod. Speaking of video, does a mere HD video shot with shallow DOF with a 40$ adapted vintage prime stand out versus any 4k footage shot at an F10 equivalent on a phone? F.K YEA. So, bokeh is indeed something rookie photographers are going to abuse, and yet it can yield formidable shots that no stellar photographer can achieve by keeping the f00king background in focus. No need to even listen to this youtuber, case closed, go home to your wives before they get bored and message me.

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On article Photokina 2018: Hands-on with Panasonic Lumix S1R (653 comments in total)
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Jylppy: It is interesting to read the comments and notice how little trolling there is. The moment Pana introduces a FF camera, FF cameras became suddenly "really nice" in the eyes of the m43 folks ;-D

Anyway an interesting launch and using the Leica L mount is a good plan for Pana (and Olympus?).

There is not much room for trolling, which mostly gravitated around m43 sensor size. I do video and often need large DOF, so I don't think I'd switch to FF until a relatively cheap body comes around. Then it makes sense to shoot both in crop mode and the occasional full frame for film look and wide angle.

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Kalin: "Over $200K in Leica gear stolen"

Will not be easy to find the thief, I am afraid. Virtually anyone could have put a couple of bodies and a single tiny lens in their pockets or bag and walked out...

Did the thief also steal a Sony so he/she could take some photos during the Scotland trip?

I am not saying that leica is overpriced but:
- "How do you steal $200K in leica gear?"
- "you steal a used body and you leave $14k to the shop as change"

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fishy wishy: Why should they have to settle for "far less" than the value of the stolen equipment with the insurers?
Did the insurers wrangle over something irrelevant invalidating the policy as they usually try to?
Speak up, let's hear who the insurers are. So we can avoid them.

The police car screeched when stopping, two agents got out, one began looking at the surroundings, while the other went to the shop owner while talking to a portable radio.

"Agent X here, I am reporting a theft..." he pauses and addresses the shop owner. "BTW sir, is the shop insured?"

"yes", said the owner, some light brightening up his tired eyes.

The agent turned back to his radio "Agent X here, correction, I am reporting TWO thefts..."

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Photograin: Maybe this is how they will handle the sensor maintenance.

- OMG why did you leave the sensor out in the dust!!!
- sensor? what sensor?
- THIS ONE, dummy!!!
- This? I thought this was a solar panel...

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On article Sony a7 III Review (2196 comments in total)
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airflow: I have a question regarding this camera, perhaps someone can help me out. When I want to select the "Record Settings" for movies, it seems that I do not have all options I expect. For example, when I set the File Format to "XAVC S 4K", I only have two options: "25p 100M" and "25p 60M". But shouldn't there also be "30p"-option? If I look in the manual, and also reviews in the web, it tells me that. It's not here in my menu. :-) Similarly, when "XAVC S HD" is selected, I only have 25p, 50p, and 100p (with different bitrates each). Here I miss the "120p"-option.

One idea I had regarding this is that perhaps my SD-card is not compatible (fast enough)? I couldn't find in the manual anything about such a requirement. The card is a "SanDisk Extreme PRO 256 GB SDXC 95 MB/Sec, Class 10, U3, V30". Not the fastest card possible. I use it in slot 1.

Possibly, those are settings for PAL countries (EU and others). Maybe there is a way to use NTSC settings in the configuration screens. Check the maximum clip recording time too, as it might be unlimited on some models and limited to 29m59s on PAL models.

Where is globalization when you need some.

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On article How the 50mm lens became 'Normal' (79 comments in total)

I thought objective came from latin obicere, to offer.

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The casual vlogger would benefit from a big sensor for indoor use ( sensitivity wise a m43 plus focal reducer is already on par with the eye). Smartphones are doing a lot of wizardry with small sensors, but that needs a lot of AI, and AI takes time and battery.

A smartphone may shorten the workflow (4g livestream). A module connected to usb3 to a recent smartphone might even use the accelerometers for stabilization data. Won't ever beat the dedicated circuitry of a camera, but I definitely see a niche for this kind of stuff.

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On article Why smartphone cameras are blowing our minds (413 comments in total)

It's alright.
Photography will advance thanks to the raw volumes of smartphones sold, algo and processing will trickle UP to bigger sensors, because the producers need to differentiate their offer from the competition and you have trouble doing that at the sensor or lens level. So it's the UX and the processing.

Finally, pros are going to keep the camera form factor no matter what, like DJs keep using flashy equipment when a laptop with SSD and analog mixer can pull off a rave with no probs. Or keep using vinyl.

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fusoexplorer: What a great idea! I am going to take my daughter’s giraffe and take some African wildlife pictures.

Not stuffed, Roland: took his daughter to the taxidermist but he refused.

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On article Blackmagic Design announces Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (394 comments in total)
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photoMEETING: I am not brave enough to use such a ugly machine in the public, I am afraid.

I understand. Well, you should find an occupation more in line with your personality, like dunno, chartered accountant.

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AlanG: I'm looking for a site where plumbers, electricians, and house painters give away their services for free, because I am renovating my basement and can sure use help. I'm too cheap to pay anyone just because they think they are "professionals." I'll tell all of my friends about them and credit their contributions on the photos I take of the finished space and post on my web page.

In case of photographers, there is a catch. They are directors, not workers. The camera does the work. The AI will do the same work with music soon. Being directors needs professional skills, this is beyond question. But people can be lousy directors themselves and end up with something good enough.

How many people would pay for a plumber if:
a) an automatic plumbing machine could put plumbing wherever you want, until you get the water flowing.
b) you could download a similar enough plumbing scheme from the internet and have it automatically installed

Anyway, Unsplash is what you said. I would use it as a way to share photos, as a free host for a minimal portfolio so that clients see that my photos gain gazillion views. Contributing anything more is working for free. Nice for those who can afford it.

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nerd2: Wait, obvious result of that ban is now models should look perfect BEFORE digital correction - which means that plastic surgery and keeping ideal weight will be mendatory for the business?

The other obvious result is: models will need more makeup to cover up defects. Now, what does CVS sell? LOL QED

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Pritzl: I guess everyone really is a critic!

Stop criticizing everybody.

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photoguy622: I asked our wedding photographer to just take the photos in RAW format and give them to me and I would take care of the rest. He had a 5D MkIII and the 24-70 f/2.8 so I figured we were good.

Turns out he had the 5D set to 5 megapixels! So frustrating, but it turns out 5 MP does a pretty good 8 x 10, so I lived with it.

I don't see the professional integrity angle. I'd ask raws because in 10 years I am probably able to process them with better tools and output them in better formats than 8 bit jpeg. I'd want the photographers developed jpegs too.

But of course all of this would be arranged in advance.

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