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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X100S (56 comments in total)

Is it safe to assume that given the X-E1 employs contrast detection autofocus, the X100S will provide better autofocus performance? And I was all set to go out and buy an X-E1! It'll be a long wait before the X-E2 is available, I reckon (X-Pro2 will get the X-Trans2 sensor first...)

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Huh... seems way too early for an April Fool's joke.

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On article Nikon announces development of three 1 Nikkor lenses (76 comments in total)
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Retzius: I find it amazing and sickening that Nikon already has three fast primes for the unproven 1 system and 12 years later we only have one for Nikon's best selling DX system that basically keeps the company afloat.

Mike99999, I hope you're right about the 24mm DX prime - I have been waiting for that one for years! Any details? Probably f/2 or f/2.8?

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