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jpr2: naming conventions - why this sensor is called 1"??

it has only 15.86mm on the diagonal

I've long been puzzled by this same quandary. The answer appears succinctly at
What it says is:
"The 'Type' designation given to toady's CCD sensors is that it harks back to a set of standard sizes given to TV camera tubes in the 50's. The size designation does not define the diagonal of the sensor area but rather the outer diameter of the long glass envelope of the tube, which came to circa two thirds of the designated size. This designation ... should have been thrown out long ago. The mathematical relationship between the diameter of the imaging circle and the sensor size is always roughly two thirds."
Of course nowadays it applies not only to CCD sensors, but all sensors.
So you take the nominal size & divide it by 1,5 & you will have the diagonal measurement (not exactly, but close).
Hoo boy, talk about archaic!
Hope this helps.

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What are the chances of this sensor finding its way into a new generation of superzoom bridge cameras (fixed lens type) soon?

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On article Nikon announces development of three 1 Nikkor lenses (76 comments in total)

Hey, as a keen bird & wildlife photographer, all I need to take the plunge to one of the compact system cameras, is a fairly decent zoom lens with a reasonable range of ~35 to 600mm (35mm equivalent) or thereabouts.
Is that too much to ask?
In the same vein, why haven't the 3rd party manufacturers like Sigma & Tamron not come to the party yet?

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