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  • Think I'll give it try,. Really don't have much ink left in any of the 7600 cartridges, and the amount of new ink I have will last an awful long time, as I only rarely print larger than A2 And my ...
  • Hi Mike First of all, living in Switzerland ,Craigslist is kind of a useless. Secondly, I had a 4800 for many years, but the clogging issues were getting so surreal that I sold it for the 3880. ...
  • Hi Bob Is there any way to get more information about using the inks in the 7600.I'm not afraid of the differences in color output as I make my own profiles. I just don't want to damage the printer. ...
  • Created discussion thread Epson 4800 inks in a7600 and 3880
    Hi I just got a very good deal on 11 220ml cartridges from an Epson 4800. I want to use this ink in my 7600. What do I need to refill my old 7600 cartridges and have them accepted by the printer? A ...
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    The camera(Sony a7rii) is mine. I’m retired and so is my camera😀. My client needs it’s own camera. I’d lke to thank all who’ve responded. Gary
  • Replied in Suggestions
    Sorry your lost. Not sure that typing on the Internet is the best form of communication. I'm going to set up a photo studio for my client. the biggest part of the job is retouching, which is not a ...
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    Not sure what you meanly a "problem". I think my camera would be too much for them because along with a decent zoom it costs about $4000.00 , and they certainly don't need 42MP. I have to admit I ...
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    Thanks for the info. I’m actually more concerned about the image quality of the 18-135 zoom lens. Any thoughts. Gary
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    First of all, I. have used Canon cameras( from film in an EOS 5 , to digital in 10D, 20D, 40D, 5D and  5D MKii) for a good part of my professional career( spanning over forty years).  I have also ...
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    Maybe I'm dense, but I don't understand how this could be in reply to my question?
  • Created discussion thread Suggestions
    Hello Everyone I have to setup a photo studio(I'm recently retired) for a client. I've been shooting their products with my Sony a7rii which is definitely overkill for what they need. Can some ...
  • Created discussion thread Suggestions
    Hi Everyone I have to set up a photo studio for a client( I'm recently retired) so that they can do it themselves. Up till now I've photographed and then  retouched their products in combination ...
  • Hi Tom Still no luck, but I just remembered that I had this problem once before with Lightroom. So I finally just uninstalled and then re-installed the program, and viola, now Photoshop 20.04. Go ...
  • Thanks for the tip but it didn't work. I think he was dealing with an earlier version, or just had better luck than I.
  • Created discussion thread Problems updating Creative Cloud apps
    Hi everyone My Creative Cloud app shows my Photoshop CC as up to date but its only version 20.0.0 not 20.0.4. When I look for the automatic update option in the preferences of my Adobe Creative ...
  • None of the suggestions worked. Finally, just de-installed and then re-installed Lightroom and I'm I'm up to date. Why the Creative Cloud app doesn't do this automatically is still a mystery.
  • Mac OSX 10.12.6
  • Created question thread Lightroom Update??
    Hi Everyone I'm having trouble keeping my Lightroom Classic CC subscription up to date on my Macbook Pro, OSX 10.12.6. I ask my Adobe Creative app to update applications, and all it does is show me ...
  • Replied in Arsenal
    Hi Check out this blog article: "The Sony cameras that connect over Wifi have had a limitation with multi-point focusing that also impacts focus ...
  • Created discussion thread Arsenal
    Does anyone have experience with the Arsenal and the a7rii and the new firmware upgrade as far as focus stacking is concerned. That's the only reason I would buy it as it seems like a cheaper ...
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