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Now if you can get this to retail store faster than Sony NEX-7 you will get my money first...

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Thanks Fujifilm. I think your pricing is fair. I will buy this instantly. Coming from heavy Canon 5D Mark II and L lens. I am in heaven because this is my alternative to the Leica version with autofocus. I have been wishing for this setup for a long time and it finally arrived. Can't wait to shoot with it. This will make my daily-life street photography and candid portraits much easier than pointing a DSLR and Big Zoom at someone face.

LOVE IT !!!!!

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mrJamieSmith: I sold my 5D MK II, 35L, 135L and 580EXII in anticipation for this camera. Call me crazy, but I've been wishing for a camera like what Fuji is promising here real bad!

Me too. I sold all my Canon 5D II gears two years ago for smaller setup (NEX7) and now will get this setup. This is what I have wished for a long time. Thanks Fujifilm. I think the price is fair and I am willing to pay for it.

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David0X: Gosh - sometimes there is useful stuff posted in these comments, so I keep reading them. Then every now and then something like this happens. I continue to be surprised by the deluge of ill informed and lazy comments by fools.

Taking a little time to research will show:

1: the guys are both professionals. Their websites contain a lot of stuff that shows that if you care to look. They are both working pros who know what they're doing.

2: If you read Christian's blog you will see that these are just a couple of quick images posted from day 1 of a four day shoot. This is not a review, it's just some shared photos by a guy who got a camera early and is looking forward to sharing some images as he discovers a bit about the camera.

There are many sensible and useful comments along these lines posted below, but they become hard to find amongst the asinine bashing.

By the way, I have been many times to Quorn where the images were taken. The colours look pretty well captured to me.

Oh come on, you look like their best friends in defense. These two photographers knows that there will be thousands of DPR readers looking at their first images. If they are professional, they should know that this is their great opportunity to shine and possible have many people respect them for being the pros with a brand new game-changing camera on their hand. Instead they make a fool out of themselves by posting several unthoughtful images as well as their stupid chosen settings (Av, Shutter speed, iso). This is a waste of time for everyone and I feel bad for Fujifilm. I really like this setup and probably will buy the set, but these first images just make my stomach sick and clearly the fault of the photographers.

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Fujifilm, you need to take the camera back before more harms done. You have a great product in the hand of wanna-be testers. These guys don't even think about what they shoot and what they post. This is just a shame to see.

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Horrible sample images from two supposedly pros. I can't believe what I am seeing. Very disappointed in both the camera as well as the photographers they hire.

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