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On article Olympus releases OM-D E-M5 firmware version 2.0 (86 comments in total)

Please, a better bracketing mode, as already asked : 7 pics +/-1EV, 1 second anti vibration and automatic sequence with ONE click. It is so evident when you're using a tripod... It is possible with the E-PL5.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review (2083 comments in total)

Sadly, even with dark frame substitution by the camera, try to get back some information from the shadow (RAW or jpg) with a long exposure at same temperature from E-M5 and E-M1 (there are plenty of samples on the web...). You will see the noise problem with the E-M1 (or "poor performance", as you want). THE PROBLEM IS STILL THERE EVEN WITH DARK FRAME SUBSTITUTION. Silly story for a 1400 euros camera.
As i do a lot of long exposures, i will avoid this camera until the problem is solved. But i'm afraid it won't be only a software issue fixed by firmware, as it looks like a termal problem with the sensor, it could by heated by an electronic board (or PDAF sensors ?). That would explain why an older camera with nearly the same sensor can perform better for long exposure. My message is not to attack Oly, as i'm a king of Oly fanboy but just to say it is a real problem and Oly must work on it !

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"Olympus plans to release a wideangle zoom"
YESSSSS, hope it will come quickly !
I have the E-M5 (great camera) and the Panasonic 7-14. The lense is great except for the flare and reflexion between the rear lense and the sensor, especialy with the E-M5. The results are HORRIBLE, when you are inside a room with windows, it is very difficult to avoid these big purple phantom images. With a GX1, the flare is big too, but it is not so saturated (not purple) so it is less visible ( i think it is in connection with the sensor color and reflexion).
So i will have to send the Panasonic 7-14 and try the Olympus 9-18, waiting for an upgraded 7-14 from Oly ! Please, limited flare and weather sealed, it would be great :)

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On article Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review (1200 comments in total)

Nice camera, but why the silent mode (electronic shutter) is limited to 200-3200 ISO ? Does the electronic shutter add eletronic noise to the signal ?

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)
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marcio_napoli: Joining one more voice to the already universal crowd:

This thing... this creepy aberration defines a new, previously unexplored, meaning for ugliness.

They reached a level of silliness so remarkable, that we didn't even know it was possible to go down into the abyss so deep and so fast.

Be proud, Hasselblad. You have defined a new meaning for "tasteless joke".

And to try to sell this xxx, Hasselblad lie on the size of the micro 4/3 sensor size ! Did you ever see a kind of 8/3 sensor ?
So funny :) Good luck Hasselblad...

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ZAnton: In this combination m4/3 neither smaller and lighter, nor cheaper than conventional APS-C cameras, but with serious penalty for IQ, especially DR and ISO. So what is the sense? Another toy for crazy techno-geeks?

"Pana is making crap lenses. They assume that CA , vignietting and distortion are "easily" removed in postprocessing and make lenses with no optimisation on that things at all.."
You really write anything... And you don't know how it works.
It is not "esay", it is automatic, you can't see the picture without the distorsion correction, exept with very poor RAW converter. In Lightroom for example, it is not a lense profile but a correction automaticaly applied, the informations for this correction are written in the RAW file. The goal is to get a lense with a better sharpness because this point cannot be corrected by software. So i don't see the problem, you get very good result and i can confirm Panasonic make very good lenses. Please, check some lense tests before writing theses stupid things...

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Fiacre: @ ZAnton :
What do you suggest for a APS-C camera and zoom to get a similar size and weight ? I'm a bit curious...

So you are false, it is not the same weight. Do you really think it is a similar size ?
My question was only about size and weight.
But please, check the GH2 price. You made a "small" error of about 90% (you can get it for less than 700 euros taxes included). With so big mistake, it is not easy to compare...
So perhaps it is not useful to be impolite with panasonic users. I don't know.

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@ ZAnton :
What do you suggest for a APS-C camera and zoom to get a similar size and weight ? I'm a bit curious...

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