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Good article about this:
Its unacceptable you can not access your files or work at them, after you stopped your subscription. And that's only one argument.

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deltaskyking: I was walking down the street the other day and I saw something interesting and I decided to take a photo of it. After turning on my Sony NEX-7 I got the following message on the screen: "Access to this Camera has been denied, please contact Subscription Services!" What the ....! Worse yet is that I was unable to download from the camera any images I'd already taken.

After rushing home I contacted Subscription Services, or "SS", whereupon they informed me that the $1200 camera that I bought a year ago now will not function without a monthly subscription fee! First Adobe and now Sony?! I hastened to my closet where my Canon and Nikon gear were vaporizing, apparently because I had failed to pay a continuing fee to those companies as well!

I woke up in a start! It was only a dream - or was it? Borrowing a theme from Apples' 1984 commercial, we need the hammer wielding athlete to come crashing in and hurl her hammer at the "Orwellian" face of Adobe! NO SOFTWARE FOR RENT! EVER!

Great how you explain it. I totally agree.

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morepix: I've had licenses for every version of Photoshop since Photoshop 5. And I feel put out by this new initiative, even though they have the right blah, blah, blah.

As I see it, rental is a good option for those who don't currently own Photoshop, assuming version upgrades every 1-1/2 years. It's not a good deal for current owners under the same conditions. Now if Adobe would buy back my license for PS CS6, I'd be glad to rent. Barring that, I feel insulted at special goodies for renters.

Someone further down this thread mentioned a slap in the face. That's how I feel too. But I certainly wouldn't threaten to abandon ship because of it. Guess I'll just turn the other cheek.

Only need to find a great solution for Dreamweaver and I'm gone. Corel for photo/video/illustrator and bye bye Adobe.

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R N: I'm reasonably OK with new functionality waiting for new release. None of the new stuff pertains to my workflow anyway.

Definitely NOT OK with ACR updates being pushed out to the next major release. Support for new cameras for the standalone version of PS CS6 should continue to be updated while that version is the latest standalone version.

ACR support is where I draw the line and start thinking: can I get by with LR alone? Emergency cloning I can do in PSE, or a legacy version of PS (which will still work since I bought a standalone!)

Two main reasons I have not joined the cloud: 1) I want software that will still work even if my monthly cash flow craters. In this economy, it is a scenario to consider. 2) I think that the prices will escalate for the monthly subscription. How much? To me it is a significant risk.

Absolutly spot on. As a freelancer (webdesign/photography) this wioll cost me much more bucks. Used Adobe for over 10 years now. If there comes a good solution around the corner I will leave them.

If you go cloud (much more money!!) and you stop paying, you can't use the programs anymore. Are they MAD? Luckaly I have CS6 so I can keep on using that standalone.

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