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D R C: I personally have no need for a smart phone, but I would love a good compact camera with a built-in old fashioned mobile (cell) phone.

I have just pulled apart my Nokia 2600 (2004 model) and once the battery is removed there is very little in the case, because it would use the screen of the camera as the keypad so what is left would easily fit in a camera body. Add in the fact that 12 years of progress in the miniaturization of electronics would now reduce the size of such a simple phone.

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I personally have no need for a smart phone, but I would love a good compact camera with a built-in old fashioned mobile (cell) phone.

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As ISO numbers are getting so large is it not time to revert to the old DIN numbers?
For those who are too young to remember DIN numbers: ISO 400 = 27 DIN and each DIN number was a 1/3 of a f stop.
The use of DIN numbers would allow very sensitive sensors to be rated with a two digit number, that would mean that you would could go 24 stops faster than 400 ISO and still be in double figures!

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When I tried the Nikon P330 I found that it had horrendous lens flare, so bad in fact that I had to return it for a full refund (good customer service from Jessops) I hope the DL 24-85 is a much better camera!

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Kelvin L: I use a 4x5 field camera, and have been constantly on the lookout for an affordable digital alternative with the same lens movement versatility. I like the look of this system (and it's priced sensibly for what it is), but unfortunately it seems more useful for product/macro than location work.

I have a Nikon D800 body, and it seems like Canon is the way to go for a decent range of tilt-shift lenses - a significant investment for a total system swap and 3 TS lenses. Thus the continued use of the Wista field camera.

Sooner or later the 4x5 film supply will dry up and I'll have to take the plunge. Perhaps someone enterprising in Japan (or Kickstarter) can come up with an affordable dedicated wideangle capable flexbody-type digital for the masses - 4/3 format perhaps?

"Sooner or later the 4x5 film supply will dry up" I'm not sure about that partly because of the amount of 5x4 equipment that is sold and bought on ebay at high prices, there seems to unending mass of people who bid and buy this gear. I don't quite know what they are all doing with it, some must take photographs with it. 5x4 colour/color might stop being made, but I bet B&W (film, paper and chemicals) will be made for ages. After all the compact disc/MP3 has not totally killed off the 12" vinyl LP.

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I had to return two P330 cameras due to horrendous lens flare, I hope they have improved things with this new one!

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When I had a look at the Panasonic LF1 I thought what a great idea to have a EVF instead of the much maligned (but useful) tunnel ones, but I was disappointed with its EVF resolution, also I found the rear controls too small. So I thought to myself what is needed is a camera like the LF1 but a bit larger and with a better EVF…. Nikon must be mind readers!
I just hope that the P7800 is as good as it looks.

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If the EVF is worth looking through I'll buy one !!!!!
But that's a big if.

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On photo Waisted in the What Is This? challenge (20 comments in total)

It's a .22 air gun pellet.

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On photo Waisted in the What Is This? challenge (20 comments in total)

If you like this sort of thing have a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgixmqEv2EQ&feature=plcp

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On photo Spinning in the What Is This? challenge (15 comments in total)

Gas light mantle

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Tomorrow A Much Better One Will Come Along!

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On article Nikon Coolpix S800c Android camera first look (103 comments in total)

Will there be an app that will convert it into conventional mobile phone?

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On article Just Posted: Sony DSC-RX100 preview with sample images (645 comments in total)

The big question for me is how good is the WhiteMagic screen outdoors in sunlight?

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On article Samsung doesn't deny Android-based camera (108 comments in total)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: rather than turning a phone into a camera it is more logical to turn a camera into a phone!
Then at least the camera side of things will be much better than the current range of camera phones.

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For years I have thought that a camera would make a better phone rather than turning a phone into a camera, after all a digital camera already has a screen, battery and memory. So far there is no way I could consider using a phone as a P&S camera.
I have used an iphone and in bright sunlight the results are OK but in other conditions the noise is so bad I don’t see the point.
Just imagine if you could make phone calls on Canon S100!!!

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I was thinking of buying the F600EXR for its HDR mode, but some reviews claim the lens is soft at the edges on the wide setting. I wonder if Fuji has solved this problem with this model?

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Penponds: Significance of lack of viewfinder in the +40 age group...?! (long-sighted...)
My wife and I, (both in that age group) have been debating a discrete, easier to carry alternative to the 550D with a std zoom for her work purposes which last involved trips to boondocks of northern Afghanistan. Initially the S100 and SX230 HS appealed because of the GPS and the former's 24mm.

But on trying these alongside the G12 was a revelation.

The first two cameras were immediately considered by my wife to be too small for comfortable holding - yet she thought her primary concern was pocketability. The next revelation was that no viewfinder meant no dioptric adjustment, and not being able to comfortably see the LCD screen at normal distances. We haven't made the final decision yet - but it looks like a deal breaker. All the fantastic innovations and features of the S100 receding in significance compared with the discomfort and supreme inconvenience of putting on and off reading glasses...

Go on ebay and buy a Canon S70/80 and then wait until they make the perfect camera for your needs!

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On article First Impressions: Using the Canon PowerShot S100 (182 comments in total)

Lens decentering seems to be common problem with quite a few cameras of late and what with the X10 white blob fault I wonder if the engineering quality is not as good as it was.
Are the manufacturers spending too much time and money on the electronics and forgetting how to actually build things, could Made in China have anything to do with it?

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D R C: I still don't understand this small body big lens thing!

It will be interesting to see if the people who buy them also get an extra lens on two, or just use the one it came with on the day of purchase.

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