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cosinaphile: we are seeing the multiple emergence of police states in the west
the usa francs uk new Zealand Australia Germany Canada spain

the direction of the world is a sickening reality for that who have retained the ability to read think reason and employ abstract thought and analysis free of the nonsense of imposed coerced patriotism false flag fear and brainwashing by the medias under the auspices of the various intelligence communities

waiting for the usual suspects who giggle on cue like trained monkeys

more seriously manning police forces with simpletons is one of the greatest dangers to law abiding citizens ,and give lawful, intelligent public servants in law enforcement a bad name and a more difficult job ....

I agree with cosinaphile, but strongly disagree with c45 that this is a liberal antifa vs. conservative Nazi thing. In fact, I think it's wrong to equate liberals with riotous antifa and conservatives with racist thugs. Some might be, no doubt, but not the whole.

Getting back to cosinaphile's point, there has been an escalation of the militarization of the police in the last 15 years. That is undeniable. Whether you think that is good or bad is a matter of opinion, but we cannot deny the fact, nor the increase in seemingly unjustified police shootings or brutality as a result.

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Tony Bonanno: As an ex LEO, these shootings are very disturbing. Yes, a police officer has a difficult job and it's getting more and more difficult with the increasing level of weaponry and violence exhibited by the bad guys. But, much of the problem can be traced back to training and supervision. Tight budgets (for training and recruiting quality candidates), poor supervision and a post 9/11 military attitude have set the stage for these tragic incidents. There are many options that just don't appear to be exercised any longer.. it's more about engaging the enemy, not about serving the public and having the training and experience to take cover, assess, deescalate, etc. Shoot - Don't Shoot training scenarios use to be one of the most important components of LE training. Of course, every incident has two sides to the story. Most public safety officers are conscientious and try to do the right thing. But there is certainly a pattern that is cause for concern.

Superb comment, Tony. I've been saying the same thing for 15 years with the rising militarization of our law enforcement here in the US. I remember when the motto for LEO's was "To Protect and to Serve." Now, it's "Get Home Safe Tonight." That desire for safety on the ever-increasingly dangerous streets is understandable, but mustn't come at the expense of protecting our citizens. Thanks for assessing the situation so well.

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Photoman: Bravo PETA...clap...clap...Bravo....clap...clap...

People before animals is PETA's moto.

I suspect you meant “animals before people” for PETA’s motto.

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JackM: if only my mid-2010 iMac would die, but it just won't!!

And my mid-2010 17" MacBook Pro with the no-longer-available matte screen — Oh, if Apple would just release a new MBP with those matte screens again, photogs would buy them left and right!

Link | Posted on Jun 6, 2017 at 02:26 UTC

This is exciting news. I have been using both programs, Luminar especially, and have been very pleased with both. I have, however, been very disappointed with Apple's latest offerings, and have been seriously considering going over to Windows. I have held off because I didn't want to lose use of Luminar, but this new announcement means I can now make the switch.

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (838 comments in total)
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501DSW: +1 for Carey's comments in the final section of the review. Nothing's going to part me from my original X100. Slow, deliberate, with wonderful colours.

I like all the ergonomic and performance improvements achieved in the last three iterations of the X-100, but so long as it sports an X-Trans sensor, even this seemingly superb F model cannot entice me away from my original X-100. In the end, the final product is more important to me than ease of use, and that 12MP Bayer sensor in the original X-100 still produces a better photograph to my eyes than its X-Trans successors.

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(unknown member): Its a very expensive executive toy, basically, a ladies powder compact. If it worked adequately you would not also buy a PC would you?

The MacBook Pro with a discrete card and good quad-core processor can replace an i377K unlocked PC, because we checked with mine and it is faster on some things, as long as its plugged in, you dont need a proper PC anymore. At the same price the same cannot be said of the Poor Porsche at all!!

Menneisyys, I've been considering adding an external GPU to my MacBook Pro. I'm curious as to which one you purchased and how it performs/interfaces with MacOS.

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John McCormack: Good news. Now if Olympus will only put some money into R&D for fabled Olympus Trip digital we've been waiting for...

Why, Tedolph, you’re back! Glad to see you here.

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On article Canon PowerShot G3 X: What you need to know (575 comments in total)
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pacnwhobbyist: Something I've been wondering: Where are Nikon and Olympus with their competing larger sensor compacts and bridges? I'd be interested to see what they come up with if they ever released a camera in this segment.

Olympus has cryptically stated that it will unveil a “street shooter’s dream camera” later this year. My hope is precisely that it will be a large sensor compact (imagine an XZ-2 with a 1" or even ⅔" sensor).

Link | Posted on Jun 19, 2015 at 05:32 UTC
On article Fujifilm X100T Review (697 comments in total)
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chillgreg: Ren Kockwell called the X100T the best camera in the world. Which gives even more credence to the DPR Silver award. Well done Richard!

Really? Do we need to resort to ad hominem attacks? Whatever you might think of Ken Rockwell’s opinions doesn’t justify personal attacks. Most unattractive.

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On article Fujifilm X100T Review (697 comments in total)
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RStyga: It's a very nice camera and all but the RAW output is still fuzzy with pixel-level artifacts due to the X-Trans structure. Fujifilm needs to resolve the RAW conversion otherwise X-Trans will become synonymous to low high-ISO noise at the expense of "double"-AA-filter style IQ. At a time where manufacturers remove the AA filter to achieve a crisper image, Fujifilm advertises a sensor with no need for an AA filter but -in essence- with an even more blurry IQ than traditional Bayer sensor that have an AA filter. No moire is great but I'm not sure why one would prefer an X-Trans camera since applying PP on a Bayer sensor can remove moire completely and obtain the same "blurry" image that an X-Trans camera produces.

I believe a better solution is simply to abandon the X-Trans sensor and return to a Bayer sensor. But I suspect Fuji is too invested in X-Trans to do this. Too bad, since a next-gen X-100 with a Bayer sensor would be remarkable.

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On article A Compact PEN: Olympus Stylus SH-2 Hands-on (150 comments in total)
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Naveed Akhtar: they should consider making an lx100 competitor with this beautiful body and an extended lens focal length range.

If Olympus could match Panasonic LX100's specs, but with beautiful Olympus color, I'd purchase it in a heartbeat.

Link | Posted on Mar 12, 2015 at 23:24 UTC
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ttran88: Give me 24MP with A6000 AF and I will buy as my apsc camera system. The Canon of the APSC mirrorless world. Gotta love fujifilm.

@kwa_photo: It might just be time for Fuji to ditch the X-Trans sensor. As the resolution in their sensor climbs, the benefits of the X-Trans over Bayer diminishes. And with a return to Bayer, they can hopefully improve their video capabilities as well.

Link | Posted on Feb 11, 2015 at 07:50 UTC
On article Budget X: Hands-on with Fujifilm's new X-A2 (162 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: Good price but hate it that Fuji purposely strip away X-tans and direct-dial controls. I like my X-E1 but since I never use the EVF, I could easily see this as a smaller/lighter alternative.

If you don't like that the X-A1 or X-A2 are not equipped with the X-Trans sensor, you need only look to the virtually identical X-M1, which does indeed have the X-Trans sensor.

As for me, I am glad that Fuji is keeping at least one of its cameras in the X-line with the traditional Bayer sensor.

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On article Past and present: NYC's changing streetscape (49 comments in total)

Fascinating. Always great to see this kind of street photography that shows the passage of time.

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Jogger: I still shoot my D700 from late 2007.. the problem for Nikon is that i dont need to buy a new DSLR every year the way people do with mirrorless cameras. That is what is driving that market and why companies are trying to get in.

Consumers in the mirorrless segment of the market will buy lackluster cameras only to upgrade then annually (just read the m43 forum)... whereas a DSLR will last you a decade or more. Nothing glamourous here, nothing to show-off.. just a rock solid DSLR that does its job and lasts.

I agree with HFLM. I am a strong proponent for mirrorless (I own one, along with my DSLR), but it must be recognized that mirrorless cameras have been playing catch-up these last few years. Only now (perhaps since the release of the Olympus OM-D EM-5) are mirrorless at a level where they can replace DSLR's for many users (not every user, understand).

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On article Google pulls plug on desktop version of Snapseed (63 comments in total)
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Timmbits: I was a little upset when they discontinues brought everything together into the best homepage we had ever seen.

Google used to be a one stop shop for a diversity of tidbits - tools here and there - that made it compelling to use google.

But as google sheds parts and components because of money problems and internal cost-cutting, it is becoming less and less attractive.

The whole was worth far more than the sum of it's parts... and now that they are breaking everything off, the ship is sinking for me.

Time to jump ship - Google has rendered itself useless to me.

Bing. Out of protest.

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On article Adobe's Fujifilm X-Trans sensor processing tested (138 comments in total)
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Kinematic Digit: Some improvements from what I've seen so far on one of my toughest reference images I use to compare. The Watercolour effect (colour smearing) is much improved. Details is still lower than competing products like Capture One and SilkyPix. More testing to do and will publish my own results against the rest.

@Kinematic Digit
Thank you, Mr. Lam, for your report. It provides clarity on some questions I had about this update.

Link | Posted on Feb 26, 2013 at 05:58 UTC
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jbagg: The absence of any mention of Apple Camera RAW in the article is quite striking. Apple Camera RAW is used by both Aperture and iPhoto. Despite the fact that Apple Camera RAW works on only one platform, I would not be surprised to find out that there are more Apple Camera RAW users out there an CaptureOne and DxO combined, if not more than Adobe Camera RAW as well. Lightroom has a larger market share than Aperture, but Aperture and its sibling iPhoto together represent a very large market.

Agreed. I would have liked to see Aperture included because so many of us use it.

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(unknown member): What about Apple Aperture??

The introduction to the article specifically mentioned that one of the criteria for being included in this review was that the program run on both Windows and Mac. Since Aperture is a Mac-only program, it was excluded. As an Aperture user, I too would have liked to see it go head to head with the others.

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