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It for sure is a rebranded Kiev 19m. I happen to have the 19m and, apart from the wooden add-ons, it is exactly the same. Bought mine in Odessa in 2000 for about 60 USD new, including a decent 50mm 2.0.
It is still in working condition. It is a good camera considering a sub 100 USD pricetag.

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Snikt228: Why doesn't this work on the A7 when it also has OSPDAF, just like the A7 II?

PDAF with manual lens firmware feature not needed for this adapter to work. The camera will recognize the adapter as an AF lens. I can't see why the A7 will not autofocus with it, it probably will focus just fine.

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digiart: 40mp is nice, but the camera must use a powerful processor to create such a huge file reasonably fast.

Oly image pipeline is very efficient. Current models can maintain 8 fps till the card is full (in JPG fine setting).
I guess combining 3 or 4 images (propably you'll never use the 8 frames option) will take sub-second to process.

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Dvlee: In 2001, Imacon used the sensor shift to produce a then astounding 22 MP. It was very slow and required the subject to remain perfectly still through all the shots.

So the question is how fast could this rumored camera capture four images? In real world conditions it would have to be very fast to avoid movement between exposures, which is not inconceivable given that IBIS works very fast. But the exposures would have to be at a very fast shutter speed and frame rate, necessitating bright light, wide open apertures and hi ISO.

I’ve been thinking that if the sensors could be shifted for image stabilization, then why not shift (vert and horiz) for perspective control and multishot panoramas and maybe even swing and tilts for focus control, like a view camera?

All current Olympus camera's can do 8 frames/second or faster, so 8 frames is less than 1 second. Of course you will also be allowed to use 2, 3 or more frames. The highest jump in resolution is from 1 to 2 frames, with each additional frame adding some but increasingly less extra resolution.

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