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Kaskais Photography

Lives in Portugal Espinho, Portugal
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About me:

About me

I do “not professional” photography for over 40 years, and all long these years I have been trying to get rid of most of the conceptual stuff that I have about photography. The art of photography a lot of times reflects the philosophy of life of its author. My, since a few years now, moving towards minimalism. I am a fan of the philosophical concepts of Zen and Tao. Unfortunately, I still have much (stuff) that probably do not need, but only with time, and with advancing age, I can managed to extricate myself from the materialistic concept. Pass the same thing with photography.

Minimalism is a lifestyle. It is also, or can be, a photographic style. The aesthetic concept that “Less is more” is more difficult to internalize than it seems at first sight. What I try to do in my photography, though not always get, is to eliminate all non-essential forms that can “fatten” the photo. There is a set of rules based, but I worry primarily about two things, the framework , and that the main subject does not occupy more than 30% of the image. I try to keep the picture as simple as possible, and avoid all the elements that can divert your subject’s attention. All this is an aesthetic choice, and I respect all other concepts of photography. The important thing is to photograph.


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