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KentG: If I had my choice I would be in the Pacific off the NW coast because the sun will rise in eclipse and I think the image of a black sun rising is something few will ever image at all. About as surreal as it gets. Instead I will be somewhere in the SE US.

from the astronomers I've talked to west is best, less chance of clouds.

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iamelsewhere: Wow. A lot of people on here pretty mad about this interesting video. Anyone able to see how this might be useful / entertaining / enlightening for those other than yourself? It's clearly not aimed at professionals / experienced enthusiasts.

If you bother to look at what that channel is about, you'd see that its an entertainment channel not one based on in-depth professional-level technical analysis

I understand plenty about the principles behind all this but still found it interesting, and it would certainly answer a lot of layman questions about justification of expensive rigs vs basic consumer-grade kit.

I personally like content like this. Others may not, but criticising DPR for sharing seems bizarre.

people like to be whiny complainers, the guy says in the video why he is comparing the two, and everyone that complained seems to have not watched the video at all.

that being said, i though the dumb wasabi food eating was odd to put in the video.

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ecm: I actually have a Sony HDR-CX405,that I bought a couple years ago. It's sensor is about the size of a phone sensor, but with an optical 60X zoom. It's fine for what it is..... the thing is, it's not meant to be a challenger to RED cameras - they're comparing apples to airliners......

For what it is - a ~$100 (NOT $50.... must have bought used....) cheap and easy camcorder to record (in my case) 90 minute music lessons for review, as well as (for example) university lectures, parties and family gatherings, and fun moments in family vacation - it's pretty excellent - cheap, fast, trivially easy to use, a 64GB memory chip lasts for days of recording, and no 29 minute restriction.

To film "The Hobbit"? Yes indeed, you'd want something else. Like the $50K RED camera. Is that even a question, though?

he says in the first minute of the video it was bought used.

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whawha: How on earth can a car be "intense"?

apparently you have never driven very fast.

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On article First pictures from the new Nikon 8-15mm fisheye (138 comments in total)
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stevo23: What a wide range of possibilities that lens has. Sadly, there are some narrow minded opinions about it.

Sadly people like to complain about something they don't have use for when there are many other options.

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W5JCK: LOL! This article sounds very much like the team of doctors trying to put a good spin on the patient's cancer diagnosis. Yes, you have stage 4 cancer and it is unstoppable. But for a lot of money we here at BS Cancer Inc will pump you full of drugs that will do little more than make you wish you were already dead, while boosting our bottom-line profits. But all is not as bad as it seems. For a mere zillion dollars we can extend your life at least a few days, maybe even a week!

It is called Smartphone Kickingyourbutt cancer. The vast majority of new camera owners are getting them in the form of a smartphone built in camera. The vast majority of camera owners could care less about what we want in a camera, they use their cameras differently than us. They are perfectly content with the built in camera on the expensive smartphone and are totally disinterested in buying a standalone camera--nor do they need one. They are not us.

@melgross Nikon doesn't seem to be fairing too well either, with the huge cancellation of their ready to release large sensor compacts.

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On article Sphere of frustration: Nikon KeyMission 360 review (201 comments in total)
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Mike FL: If NIKON keeps release things like this thing, NIKON will be in deep trouble financially.

Take a lookL

couldn't it also be because of the earthquake in Japan last year that ruined their point and shoot stock, and delayed production of many of their sensors. It happened right around the launch of the D500.

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Coletell Bell: We have become a nation of alarmed snowflakes. I'm offended and disgusted.

i don't like how the word 'snowflake' now has a negative connotation, why not think of an original word instead of regurgitating a word that idiots use to describe someone they disagree with.

I like actual snowflakes, and taking pictures of them, stop with this 'snowflake' bs.

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gonzalu: Geesh, how dangerous is it to take pictures on Safari? Ever gone to Antartica on a photo expedition? Likely dangerous. How about climbing Everest?

I cross the street in NYC every day. Not dead yet. I stand on an open platform on the NYC subway every day. Now THAT is far more dangerous.

Can we just dial back the anxiety a bit? Thank you!

I take pictures of lightning storms, you know if you can see the lightning you can get struck; also metal tripod. Or how about those folks that take pictures of abandoned places.

You'll find a great many photos are dangerous to take, and sometimes illegal, does that mean we shouldn't take them?

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VisualFX: Can we just get OOC JPGs and quit with the "edited to taste" photos?

@MrBrightSide don't you mean a hold over from the film days, when people spent hours in the darkroom?

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VisualFX: Can we just get OOC JPGs and quit with the "edited to taste" photos?


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This lens also does NOT work with anything before the d3300, it may only work with the d3300 with a firmware update but it is not stated on the firmware page as it only lists the 18-55mm AF-P lens.

buyer beware! no idea why Nikon did this.

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On article Extremely dramatic video touts Canon's CMOS technology (189 comments in total)
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Playright: Was anyone else confused by the "Canon made pixels bigger to catch more light" and "Canon made pixels smaller to catch more resolution"?

2 different sensors for different things.

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GodSpeaks: Yawn. A has-been company.

yup, everyone is using their phones why have a camera at all.

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woerd: I don't like this. You Americans love weapons. I should not want to be associated with guns as photographer because there are to many victims of weapon regulation in your country.

we live in a world where an anti gov't uprising could be likely, as we have learned from history. Would you rather have similar weapons as the gov't or just your fists and knives.

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MarioV: All very nice images but Fishermen did nothing for me. I think 3rd place should have won.

same here, to me the fisherman shot looks set up.

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What a very confusing contest... When i think weather channel photography contest, i think weather...

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On article Accusations fly over Fukushima photos (80 comments in total)
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AshMills: A little more care choosing quality photography over click-bait would help this photography site.

click-bait has always existed in one form or another, and hasn't killed those forms of media, if anything it just makes people not visit and ignore those sites. Much like how most people ignore tabloid magazines and newspapers.

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On article Photomyne app scans multiple prints at a time (17 comments in total)
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BeaverTerror: Trying to archive photographs with a phone camera is like washing a car with toilet paper: stupid and pointless. Trying to archive SEVERAL photographs with one phone camera image is like washing a car with USED toilet paper. What a stinker. I'd rather not have a digital version of my photos than to use this abomination.

Nevertheless, I recognize that there are people out there who don't give a hoot about doing things the proper way. I doubt these people are reading photography websites. May I suggest DPreview stop publishing these types of articles.

LOL! you are totally right, the dpi on these has to be total garbage.

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joe6pack: Am I the only one who think the drone is pooping?

don't worry you are not alone.

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