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On article Phottix Mitros Flash for Canon Review (41 comments in total)

Why does this review not mention (and test) the guide number? Is guide number not a thing anymore or something? Not even a mention of it's specified guide number which could I suppose mean that it's the same as the 580? Or not??

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When you're using a camera for motion work ie - movie, etc. You dynamically pull focus and adjust aperture during a take.

Adjusting aperture using the clicky body mounted dials can introduce shake in the camera, and the aperture scale is 1/3 stop instead of continuous. I'm presuming that the apertures in these lenses are capable of being continuous.

You may also mount the camera in a rig which has matte boxes, focus pulling gears, large monitors, etc and which makes the actual camera dials hard to reach. You may have a person dedicated to focus pulling separate from the cameraman, and perhaps he might adjust aperture himself as well.

Thus an aperture remote, continuous aperture, and geared focus ring help with all these problems.

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It's a great lens optical quality-wise. I noticed the issue in question within a few _seconds_ of first mounting the lens. However, I actually have not triggered the issue at all in my shooting since. It doesn't always happen even when you just plain force the front lens element back in by pushing.

My habits probably help because my main prime is the 85/1.2, and I'm always careful to retract the focus all the way to infinity on that lens before putting camera into holster (to avoid pressure on it's rather expensive mechanisms).

I do the same thing for the STM so most of the time I'd be unlikely to push on it by accident.

Reattaching a lens cap would rarely if ever trigger the issue if you do it the 'careful' way where you squeeze the two triggers before putting it on. I happen to always do it that way myself to avoid wear to the lens threads and opposite bits on the cap (and the annoying sound).

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Note that this lens is T0.95 rather than F0.95. T-stops are calibrated on a per lens basis and generally for an equivalent T and F-stop number The T-stop would be brighter. Thus this lens is actually slightly brighter than the noctilux.

Also, it appears to be targeted at different purposes (cinema rather than still) so in theory it probably emphasizes bokeh and color tone wide open rather than sharpness and color tone at 5.6.

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On article EXIF tracking services help find missing cameras (77 comments in total)
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Paul Farace: A stolen camera ends up on some web-retail site or in a hock shop... purchased by some unknowing or thinking nudnik who then may and I repeat MAY post a picture... only to be confronted by the original owner.

It reminds me a friend of mine who had her very expensive camera stolen out of her car in Florida. The police gave her the usual "can't help you without a signed confession of the theif, etc." Well a few days later she sees her camera on a certain website (yea, it was that rare of a camera that it could be ID'd immediately)... she purchased it and arranged to pick it up from the "seller" who only lived a few miles away! She called the police again and they again gave her the run-around until she said she was going to meet them anyway and would be "armed." The detective got on the line immediately and they all went together to arrest the crook.

Uh. if you're pushing image files out there publicly which you don't want linked to you. You should have made sure you weren't pushing out that data. You put it out there by your own action. No violation of privacy. Just darwinism.

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On article EXIF tracking services help find missing cameras (77 comments in total)
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dusko: I've tested both sites. 'Stolen Camera Finder' gave me my serial number from JPG I dropped in, but did not find any photos (and I have some on Picasa and Flickr). The 'Camera Trace' gave me 'error 404 - URL not found' when I dropped the serial number to test trace. So much for the hype. Has anybody tested it with any results?

Found my camera in vietnam... I wonder if I'll have any luck recovering it...

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On article EXIF tracking services help find missing cameras (77 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: EXIF is old stuff

Look to the future via telecoms signal

All expensive cameras (>$1000) should have an IMEI for camera and enabled by the owners to work via mobile activation.

Stolen cameras become useless (only for parts) when deactivated via mobile signal.

Well, considering that I located my camera somewhere in Vietnam... I imagine it would require quad-band and multi-lateral international agreements for it to work via telecom...

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On article Olympus executive dismissed amidst loss revelations (91 comments in total)

Zvonimir, the point is that a single powerful person at the top can EASILY destroy a company regardless of how hard and well the little peon workers work. The market and media simply reflect this reality.

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On article Sony gives more detail of its OLED viewfinder (79 comments in total)

hm. some of the worst english translation I've ever seen "The EVF so, it reflects a realistic image in nature comparable to OVF, bokeh natural characteristic Cameras addition, the seminiferous tubules, expressed in depth is required characteristics superior video you can also shoot video or moving subjects The"

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On article Fujifilm Canada offers sneak peek at X100 firmware (47 comments in total)

Is it just me? or is the writing to card lockup time not mentioned in that list of criticisms linked? Shouldn't it be in there? I can entirely imagine fuji is simply collecting lists like that and working off of them.

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