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  • You can always lock the exposure with * (and take multiple pictures without worrying about exposure). Evaluative exposure does take the object being focused into consideration.
  • The only time I typically use it is for long exposures with a tripod, but it makes it easy to take photos without bumping anything.
  • You can adjust the sharpening/detail. I'll show below Overall sharpening with a mask (20). Not particularly high. Radius goes from 0.5 to 3.0. See this for more info: ...
  • Just trying to match the JPEG: Edited RAW JPEG Lightroom 7.3, my settings: Camera Standard Profile Contrast -30 Highlights +25 Blacks -10 Vibrance +15 Saturation +5 Blue Saturation +10 Sharpening 50 ...
  • I really enjoyed this photo, thanks for sharing! I often forget about vertical panoramas, this was a great use of it.
  • If you use GPS tagging for your photos, you can relive your hikes using something like Then you don't have to have a physical book. You could also go through ...
  • The Canon adapter turns the M50 into something that can accept any EF-S or EF lens. Furthermore, you can use any lens mount that can be adapted (with a second adapter) to the EF mount such as M42 ( ...
  • Indeed. Using a APS can make it easier to get everything in focus, but also can limit you when you want a narrow depth of field.
  • I don't think that's "back focusing" it looks like it's straight up focused on the couch. If you look at the raws in DPP ( ...
  • I did some basic color tests when I first got my M3 using a color card: Unfortunately the EOS M isn't available in the studio comparison tool ( ...
  • Not in terms of light gathering, only in terms of depth of field. You don't have to change your shutter or ISO to get an equivalent exposure.
  • If I was still on the "M3 track" I'd definitely buy this. Like many others in this thread said, it would be a downgrade from my M5 in terms of camera controls. I look forward to the M5 II.
  • This thread is kind of hilarious because most people here are complaining that Canon cameras for the last few years look too much like Sony.
  • EOS M5 was designed for photography, I expect the next M5 update to maintain easy to reach controls.
  • EOS M5 looks like the camera if you want to do photography, EOS M50 looks like the camera if you want to do video. Consideri ...
  • Replied in Canon M50.
    Maybe I'm dumb, but how could any APS/APS-C camera not have a crop factor on video?
  • Replied in EF-M lenses
    As someone else in this thread mentioned, it works the same with the newer DSLR cameras in Live View (making them operate like a mirrorless camera). It seems like Canon is making their cameras and ...
  • FYI, in-body image stabilization is a post-processing step done on videos: "The Canon EOS M5 also features Combination IS with in-camera 5-axis image stabilization, while capturing video, a first ...
  • Replied in EF-M lenses
    EF-M lenses also run with IS all the time, unless you switch it off in the menu. They're just quieter so you have to listen hard. We covered all this years ago with the M3: ...
  • Is the question whether or not there are no Canon lenses found in any mirrorless system? I'm not familiar with every other mirrorless sytem. Regardless, 100L is a really nice macro lens. I don't ...
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