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DT200: There are so many here that create a fantasy word in order to justify their favorite brand camera. When fans start claiming the A7 sensor has higher IQ than the D600 when DxO proves the opposite, you can clearly see this. One guy even claimed the A7 has better handling, better controls, higher IQ, better native lenses than the D600 which really has me scratching my head. And now suddenly no one ever uses JPEGs.
As I said before the D600 almost everything better than the A7 (especially the important things like focusing, speed, IQ, more/better auto focusing lenses, etc.). The D600 has hundreds of more legacy lenses that it can use AND auto focus with, and once you add and adapter to the A7 the size difference is reduced.

The mount adapter for A-mount does not reduce light by so much. It's actually just 1/3 of a stop.
But I do agree that the A7/R has all those little things that bother me as well, especially the slight lag when switching to EVF from Live View. It's barely there, but I notice it because I use an A77 right now which switches immediately. And that shutter sound! Wow, it scares the hell out of people.

I was about to get one last week, but have decided to hold off and see if Sony will be upgrading their APS-C top end soon.

The A7 is a game changer alright, however that doesn't mean it's an excellent camera per se.

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bigstu: No hot shoe/acc.mnt. (pop-up only 4m?), no viewfinder, no mic socket, no speaker (AT ALL??) - No audience, no sales. Why did they bother? I hope they write to purchasers of a NEX-5T in the last 3 months to apologise. So much for 24MP++ NEX-7 successor rumours. a7 & a7R are too expensive to find a market and this is too under spec'ed to find a market either. Any person keen enough to gather a few primes will out grow this camera almost immediately and the needs of those that don't are better met by the latest Super zooms w Zeiss guts. Bad product overlap. Sony don't need directors in charge of camera types who think success is expanding their range to impractical uses, they need directors of market segments delivering the best products with greatest practicality and value. Proof of this is the way the recent dpReview shootouts were structured. C'mon Sony, give me something to buy!

um.. this is the nex-3 successor.

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Alpha Whiskey Photography: My food looks more appetising and is certainly healthier than this.

You didn't understand the photography. She's not selling food... these are editorial / art shots. Read through the article again.

Your page did make me quite hungry though.

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Sean65: Note how, in spite of all our advancements in photography, the photos from 1935 are so much better. The framing, depth and clarity are all way more engaging.

Pretty sure those are not dependent on advancements in photography.

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Digitall: If the idea was previously buying this camera, okay, buy the RX1R(maybe), but if the idea was evolve of the previous model, it is better to be quiet and stay with the previous model.

I was looking for my comment, and realised i replied to the wrong place :|

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Digitall: If the idea was previously buying this camera, okay, buy the RX1R(maybe), but if the idea was evolve of the previous model, it is better to be quiet and stay with the previous model.

How dense can you be? It's been mentioned quite a few times that the RX1R is not a successor of the RX1, but rather a side-by-side, like the D800 and D800E.

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Francis Carver: Wow, one thousand dollars for THIS 8-bit color fidelity little display? Wacom seems to be in denial, not wanting to recognize products from Apple and the host of tablets and touchscreen maker offerings. Predatory pricing in this product segment is over once and for all, I believe.

This was made exactly for the people that needs the pressure sensitivity levels, same as all of Wacom's other products.

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Jogger: i cant remember the last time dpr gave so much attention for a lens

They should. This is the first ever constant aperture zoom for a mirrorless. Big heads up to the Sony camp.

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