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DarkShift: After taking a look at full size photos, the lack of detail is still evident. Only fool would claim that the camera is "as good as real camera". You simply can't judge camara/lens quality (not talkin about photographic values) by 1-2 MP screen sized photo.

Nowhere in the images detail size reaches pixel size, so the real resolution is still around 4-6 megapixels (from 12 MP image file). Heavy processing takes place and washes all the details away.

Now compare this to latest crop of 40-50 MP FF camera equipped with good & sharp modern lens. Smallest details can be so sharp, that sensor may be outresolved even at that resolution. The difference is obvious.

4 - 6 megapixels with great dynamic range, good colors and lots of contrast. That might be well enough for most people.

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qzm: A 'stars' mode can actually be quite simple.
Take a LOT of medium exposure images, look for all the bright lines (which will almost certainly be fuzzy due to lack of focus and atmospherics, movement, etc), and replace these with bright points. Do some alignment between the images, cancel out 'noise' (points not seen in a majority of images).

Now, that is already moderately 'bogus' from a reality point of view, however they can then start getting really 'computational' and increase the star numbers in areas depending on density, vary the colors to make it more 'interesting', even god forbid start adding some fake nebula, etc..

Pretty pictures would not be difficult.. Accurate pictures? not so much.

And this could still be a very nice feature, because you get a personalized image with your own foreground / surroundings and e.g. light pollution.

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At least the 35 1.2 Art gallery works already.

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ccardona54: You missed the most important “Con”, how Canon sneakily removed the center pin on the hot shoe, preventing you from buying a 3rd party flash. No beginner is going to spend $450 on a Canon flash after buying a $500 camera! This is corporate greed, pure and simple, and a good reason why NO ONE should buy the SL3, beginner or pro.

Or you buy a used 430 ex II for 100 bucks or less.

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tripodcat: as a newbie to the dslr world, and spending the last week and a half on youtube, trying to learn all i can about the setting and what this thing can do. yes it was a hand me down 60d canon, i think any other newbie won't drop 1300 on a new camera with out a lens, when ebay and kijiji has good used camera for cheap, and best buy has a couple of canons with lenses for around $500, as for image quality, yes this older camera blows away my phone and the cheap point and shoot i had. i do have a question, why does the 24mm on the 60d, doesn't look as wide as the 24mm on my point and shoot

Search for crop factor on Canon apsc Kameras. Your 24 mm lens behaves more like a 24 * 1,6 = 38,4 mm lens.

The Canon 24 2,8 stm is an excellent lens by the way.

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Nice sample gallery with no single image that sufferes from the 'bad' DR, or am I wrong?

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Ken60: Just a casual glimpse through the images .... hmmm .... yea .... 1/25 sec hand held ... hmmm yea nice saturation . WHAT THE F... 64000 ISO zoomed in all the way and its ----I feel like they know that I feel like I have just been catheterised. Um ...Canon can we talk about this ! You better be working hard on those backlit sensors your preparing for the "R" with high MP.

Might as well be a typo and ISO 6400 instead.

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joe_leads: I wish DPR would make a profound article and a blind test about all this „color science“ talk, including OOC JPEGs and how various converters treat the RAWs. Some valid background would help the conversations here, and I guess some myths can be busted.

I downloaded some of the sample files, and what it takes to get from a more neutral Adobe Standard profile to the EOS R Camera Standard profile seems to be basically a +25 saturation and a contrast curve. That’s cheap, but it seems to impress some.

Dpreview recently posted a video about skintone differences between a Canon 5d III and a Sony a7 III. Very interesting.

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On article Panasonic Lumix ZS200 sample gallery (82 comments in total)

Beautiful gallery!

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Richard Murdey: "I was amazed by how good it was!"

How old is this author? 18?

@Richard: The guy who made the video is NOT from dpreview. Read again.

@micaelwidell: very nice video, thanks for sharing!

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