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Panasonic has answered all hybrid shooter's call. Great job except for the price tag... but even at $2000, I would still expect this sells like hotcake and will be hard to get at launch.

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On article DJI reportedly takes majority stake in Hasselblad (191 comments in total)
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Aroart: Mark my words this is huge.. If you have any spare $ invest in DJI stock.. This is the new Era of photography and automation. .. If you think I'm crazy they also thought why do we need a computer in the home...

They are not public and, as far as I can see, they don't need money either. Their drone business is generating positive cash flow, although their products are sold at price points that competitors find hard to believe.

Part of their secrets might be building technology solution from ground up thus they have the power to squeeze every cent of value from components.

For example, the phenomenal Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro uses LC1860 as main brain - a 2014 era SoC - old and super cheap but well powerful enough for the flight tasks. This also applies to their in-house designed radio control, machine vision, video and data connection parts etc.

By contrast, DJI's competitors are using technology off shelf or off supplier's hands (Qualcomm, Intel etc etc), which pushes up the cost for the product and limits the scale of innovation.

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On article DJI reportedly takes majority stake in Hasselblad (191 comments in total)
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Trued1: As a swede I was actually thinking about taking the step from a7rII to the ever so awesome X1D. But after this news that is NOT going to happen. Chinese Hasselblads NO way. Just like both Volvo and SAAB Cars taken over by chinese.........
Please find some SWEDISH investors for Hasselblad!

China is NOT a democracy it is a country who put opposition i labour camps and copies anything made and developed in the western world. last thing I saw was a copied Porsche Cayman. Apparently they have te guts and we should have the guts to refuse their products and apply pressure on "our" companies to pull out of the dictatorship.
I always look where a thing is made can I avoid any product from china I am pleased. Sony has some products still made in Japan and my MacPro is made in the US with pride.

Funny people reducing a country as vast as the US and of 1.4 billion people to a small picture painted by the cold war propaganda. I am not sure which part the OP lives in Switzerland but please, go out sometimes, and meet some real people from other countries.

Back to the deal, it is a natural result of business.

Opinion for drone might be divided. But nobody could deny that DJI has been making genuine innovation at very reasonable price points. No wonder they succeed.

Contrary to most "tech" company, DJI makes good positive cash flow and is very cold to VC. In my day job I know quite a few institutions trying hard to pour dollar into DJI. DJI's CFO is probably the most elusive tech company CFO to catch in Shenzhen right now.

As to Hasselblad, simply put, they missed a lot of steps in the market and are now very thirsty of financing. DJI eyes for Hassy's brand, aerial photography know-how and technology in MF.

hence the marriage.

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LukeDuciel: Does anyone know how the "payed upgrade" works? You pay and get a special firmware? or just some sort of activation code?


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maxnimo: Why no time-lapse and no hi-speed mode? Or did I miss the fine print.....

When I was a Canon user (from 300D era to 5D2 era), I thought time-lapse must be difficult to include in-cam. Until... I moved to Nikon and suddenly discovered it is such a simple trick to be built into every camera ... right until I bought into Sony ... Why the f*** I need an "APP" for a simple feature ...

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sierranvin: This camera appears to offer an efficient, highly functional touchscreen feature set, something the lunkheads at Sony can't seem to figure out (despite their selling full-featured touchscreen mobile phones)!

No they don't.

Sony camera department is destined to showcase what is the worstcase camera you can make with the excellent Sony sensors.

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brycesteiner: >>A 3680k-dot OLED panel gives a resolution of around 1280 x 960 pixels
1280x960 = 1.2 megapixels
This new one is 3.68 megapixels.

The same trick applies when manufacturers talk about screen on the back.

I always find it trickery since they can simply just talk about pixel number.

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Francis Sawyer: There are several things here that don't make sense:

"Internal recording will be limited to 8-bit 4:2:0 IPB encoding at up to 150Mbps...At lower frame rates, the camera can capture 10-bit, 4:2:2 footage internally"

OK, if the first statement applies only the maximum 4K frame rates for internal recording, what's the bitrate for the second statement?

And why, oh why, do camera manufacturers continue to inexplicably reduce the bitrate with the resolution (or frame rate)? Look at this: "4K 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 400Mbps, and 1080/60p 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 200Mbps"

Why can't we record 1080p/60 at 400 Mbps?

Then this: "The summer firmware update promises some very big improvements, including DCI/UHD 4K 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 400Mbps, and 1080/60p 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 200Mbps, both using All-Intra compression."

So does that mean INTERNAL recording at these rates? If not, the "all-intra" comment doesn't make sense; that'd be determined by the external recorder, not camera.

To answer your 1st question, one would need know how Panasonic sets up its H.265 compression engine in detail. I would guess, with the current setup, it simply does not generate larger than 400Mbps flow under 1080p60.

To your 2nd question, All-intra refers to how frames are handled in compression. All-intra means each frame is compressed by its own, hence intra-frame, which differentiates from GOP based method using INTER-frame information.

That's my understanding.

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FLruckas: It seems that DJI can internally record 5.2k 12 bit RAW video with what looks like a smaller camera including gimbal that uses the same sensor for $100 less.
Let's hope they don't break out their camera business from their drone business..
And now that they own Hasselblad......

What DJI's done is pretty impressive but I don't think it is fair to compare GH5 with Inspire 2.0. Money aside (I still don't get how you came up with Inspire saving $100), power and heat is much less of a problem on the flying platform vs. what GH5 needs to handle in the camera body.

I am too waiting for the next gen OSMO + X5S and hopefully DJI can improve the usability. The 1st gen OSMO Pro (with X5R) is capable while leaving quite some quirks.

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Does anyone know how the "payed upgrade" works? You pay and get a special firmware? or just some sort of activation code?

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Aroart: Nice to see a company make a drone that's fast and have a decent camera...

You should check DJI Phantom 4pro

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ZJ24: Great work, also another small sensor image winning a major photography award.

I do think size of mind matters more than size of sensor...

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Biological_Viewfinder: I hate, abhor, detest, despise, that someone who was not even holding a camera and instead used a noisy, annoying, toy to take a picture and won a bunch of money.

Other people did their best, got on their knees in the muck, took bracketed shots to later blend so the dynamic range was there, and did their level best to portray the scene; and got beat by someone who artificially flew above the ground. Not even in a plane or helicopter, he just plain cheated; and still won.

I hate drones! HATE is too small and quiet of a word to describe my unbridled, uncontained absolute rage and malice I feel toward the drones and everyone associated with them.

Everytime I see one, I see some *$(@)*$&@ that is so selfish that he does not care if his loud, obnoxious, annoying, bee-buzzing ruins the experience someone else is having on their walk, hike, camping trip, or their attempts at photography with all the oppressive distraction of some toy model making noise.

The comment looks more like painter v camera in 19th century.

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Kiwisnap: I do not regard shots from a drone as photography other than in the literal sense. There is little or no opportunity for the skill of the photographer to influence the outcome.

So one cannot make any artistic sense with an automatic camera? You are probably mistaking the meaning of "photography" with "camera operation".

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Alphaloki: The unit is sexy looking, but having a pan tilt handle on the right side, where the shutter release also is...seems a little awkward. If I'm dynamically panning and tilting to keep my subject in the frame via the handle, what am I pushing the shutter button with, my 10 inch long index finger? I pull the trigger with my right hand, I need the handle on the opposite side. I mean as a machinist, I can admire the nice machine work, but it doesn't appear like they were thinking of the user a lot. I suppose I could grip the handle left handed and operate the shutter with my right, but it looks like a crossed up setup to me.

From the kickstarter video, I guess this thing aims at video shooting?

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I thought my counter-balance fluid head did this already. Did I miss something?

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Failed right here -- “the next day”

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tkbslc: Is this subscription for mobile or desktop (LR plugin)? The article is mainly about mobile before the subscription part, so it isn't that clear.

Pretty expensive for mobile, given that you can own every mobile preset (in the right bundles) for about $20 one time .

For desktop, it seems like a steal, though, given that just one film pack is $60 to own. and there are 8+ total.

I have tried one VSCO pack in Lightroom and liked it a lot. I don't count on them in paid work but it's a lot of fun for personal shots.

But shamefully, I was using a version without proper license. $60 a pack x 8 packs is too much for just fun stuff. I did not even spend that much for my Lightroom license. $20 / year for accessing all the packs would be super nice.

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nerd2: 1/2.8" sensor is much smaller than 1/2.3" sensor modern smartphones have. Oh and they have faster optics and better NR algorithms too.

Again, they are lagging hopelessly behind smartphones.

Actually among the current bunch of smartphones, only a handful hi-end models like Google Pixel uses 1/2.3" (IMX378). Others are still on 1/3" level.

The key difference here is pixel size. Casio choose to do just enough for FHD videl ~2MP. The choice made it possible to have larger pixel size.

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Any word on diving accessories? I am wondering whether it goes to ~20m depth, which would be plenty enough for diving under PADI OW license. I have seen some really miserable GoPro footage from under the water.

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