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You sold it. The sun-shine-penetrating-leaves shots are amazing. The highlight rendition is lovely.

I now seriously consider EM1 mk2 as the step into hybrid system.

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On article Leica and Huawei to create joint R&D center (87 comments in total)

I have always thought photography is a "modern" art form. Funny that so many of fans are super enthusiastic in brand lineage.

Being an gear head, I'd expect more hard fact talk and less brand vanity BS on a gear review site. But it seems difficult to elude human nature after all.

When Leica makes great gear, it is great. When it lags behind in technology, it sucks. I like the 35'lux asph and hate the slow and ill-designed M9 body, YMMV. Leica is one of the numerous great-once-up-on-a-time company and that's it.

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Olympus OM-D E-M1 II (662 comments in total)

Olympus has been good with IBIS. I hope they get the video right, especially low jello, and with right codecs.

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The future of M43 is video-still hybrid. Pretend-to-be profesional speed machine is really not a way to survive the market. In fact, if you have 60fps RAW capability, why not let user choose to output as CinemaDNG? it will get a LOT of "Andrew Reid"s very excited.

Good luck Olympus.

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I am having goose bumps. It looks very promising.

But I probably won't be able to justify buying this for non-paid work. Alas.

Now, let's look at GH5...

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LukeDuciel: One thing that bugs me, why not reduce the system to one cable? They are already using an electronic gimbal, one cable is quite feasible without adding too much bulk. One cable is much much more easier to set up and will make it immensely more useful for landscape locations. The setup of two parallel cable is not very friendly to field operation.

For the swing around one axis (the cable), there are very matured solution, originated in satellite control now widely used in UAV etc.

For the swing of the cable itself, I don't think 2 cable makes too much difference.

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Zeisschen: Wow, those specs come really close to my old NEX-7 from 2011. The dinosaur in the house awakens! 10-15 more years and Canons mirrorless can compete ;)

I am not sure whether the new Canon is a good cam. But the Nex cams are definitely something I regret having bought. The whole Nex line was superstar on paper but miserable in practical use.

I bought Nex 5 when they were freshly out. The whole operation and UX design was like product designer mocking the buyer "hey, don't buy camera based on spec again!"

I loaned a Nex 7 later, there was some improvement but not too much aside from the EVF.

Both superb technology at the time (even not too shabby now, as pointed by OP). But just miserable for moderately serious usage.

Several weeks ago, I rented an A7R2 to test it as a travel camera. I wanted very much to buy one, only to find myself holding on to my cash after the ~1wk usage. The sensor is phenomenal. IQ is almost as good as nikon tuned D810 who weighs twice the alpha. Video is also good enough for travel stuff (no AF though). But the UX is still chaotic to the point that I would not bring it to any paid job.

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MrTaikitso: DPReview, your comments re 4K are not so, resolution is resolution. I have been shooting video since the GH2, and later owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (and a few 4K capable phones after that) and then the GX8. The Note 4 4K video blew the excellent GH2 out of the water with detail. And the GX8 of course took things to the next level. People today want to shoot for the future and also grab frames from 4K video, as Panasonic have proven with the popularity of their Lumix and/or 4/3rds models.

When I saw the M5 seconds ago, I thought, great Canon have finally produced a camera that is both versatile AND ergonomic, but it wasn't to be. GH5 it is then.

From your description, I'd suggest you just stick to cell phone and G-Pros for video shooting. Really, they are fantastic nowadays.

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One thing that bugs me, why not reduce the system to one cable? They are already using an electronic gimbal, one cable is quite feasible without adding too much bulk. One cable is much much more easier to set up and will make it immensely more useful for landscape locations. The setup of two parallel cable is not very friendly to field operation.

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plantdoc: A couple of months ago, we upgraded from 5s to 6s. Almost considered top Samsung model but the wife wanted to stay with what she knew. Fair enough. Deals were about the same. If I had to upgrade now, I probably with go with the Samsung. Why? Expandable memory so I can carry my extensive music and photo collection and swap memory cards easily. Longer battery life I believe. More water resistance. Headphone jack. I have several very good headphones and don't care to use another adapter to lose. Micro USB charging like several other devices. No need to learn and use Itunes and its logic for managing music, photos, etc to the device. Android supports sound equalizers apps that can be used for all music including streaming. important feature for my ears. Has Apple added this feature yet. Preset adjustments just don't cut it for a music player. Phone photos are mostly used for emails, etc. Also, too easy to drop a phone compared to a camera with a wrist strap or should strap. My .02

The things you like do not co-exist on one Samsung now a days.

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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (946 comments in total)

In past 5 years, improving image quality has been the way to go for smartphone to take the position of consumer camera.

In the next 5 years, machine vision and learning will nail the coffin for "dumb" simple cameras.

I think change will also come to pro-sumer and pro market too.

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With X-T2 being the only 4K Pro-sumer video camera with best direct-out-of-camera video color science (my own call, not objective at all), Sigma should get a EF-X electronic adapter, seriously.

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ttran88: 8 new lenses in one announcement, sigma is not messing around. BTW where's the Nikon F mount? Nikons aren't good for video?

Sadly, Nikon is not good for video.

I am on the fence to sell my D810. :(

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Jefftan: Anyone have this?
really work?
worth buying?

if work, cheap way for stabilized 4k video


Some youtube vloger has put up previews. You can search.

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Nikonandmore: I have an EVO S. Small US company, not Chinese. I don't buy Chinese stuff and mostly run away scared from anything made in China, though I hear DJI products are "generally" good, mainly their drones. My EVO Gimbal is killer and works flawlessly. I've had it for a few months and has not failed me once or ever drifted or frozen. And dudes at EVO are supper friendly and supportive, about the opposite of all Chinese companies' support on anything they make. And by the way, DJI sets their price DIRECTLY to compete with the EVO, same at $299. Anyway, I can't speak for the DJI since I haven't tried it (and wont), but if you want a killer gimbal for your phone, get the EVO. Do your own research and check your phone's compatability and reviews etc. But for me, it's been great. And I like to support made in USA stuff. Tired of Chinese crop.. it's all always crop ultimately. These are 2 cents in this..


This might surprise you. The EVO gimbals you loved are direct re-brand of Chinese manufacture products.

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On article PRVKE 21 is a rugged and versatile camera backpack (35 comments in total)
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antares103: Does every new camera bag need to roll down from the top? I get different styles for different people, but it seems like we are designing bags like we did when they were made from leftover buffalo hides.


You probably wanna comment "deep roll top" after reading the whole piece. The bag reported here has multiple ways of access.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (1919 comments in total)

On paper, 5D4 would be ideal for my plan of doing some serious video on travel, besides photos. Buuuuuut, why the fk sticking with MJPEG?

I can swallow the crop and marketing manager's idea of excluding C-log and XF codec and zebra . But com'on, MJPEG, really? And you call this hybrid production tool?

The dual-pixel AF is game changer. It enables pro-sumer to really get proper people video done with one-man band. Sony's A6300 and A7R2 video AF is far from smooth enough in practice. Canon insist on not getting their sh't together, not even giving a proper 1080p output.

I'd wait and see whether Panasonic can solve video AF equation as good as dual-pixel AF. If yes, GH5 would be my next buy.

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Calling it "flash" might be better. "Story" for me is something you can experience more than once.

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On article Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review (294 comments in total)

As a former RX100 mark I and now a mark III user, I envy this camera for:

- the menu system: I always suspect Sony cam's menu is designed by some saboteur in the company and paid by competitors.

- touch screen: I'd trade in EVF for touch screen on a compact any day. I have probably popped out the EVF for 3 times since I had the RX100M3, all for showing off only. I know I know screen is hard to see in sunlight. But there is tons of work around and touch screen makes so much more sense.

- longer lens: I miss a lot the 105mm end on RX100 mark I.

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On article Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review (294 comments in total)
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Crotach: Isn't there a Sony RX100 IV out already, with RX100 V coming out soon? Why compare this to the old RX100 III?


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