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About me:

I shot wildlife from 1987-2007 (mainly Roe Deer)
Rather than moving to a pricey 400/2.8 or 500/4, I stopped
Now still re-learning how to shoot street and field
I've declared not to get anything over 99mm

Oddly, I used to have an FX body but have since 'down-graded' to DX
I put about 32k frames on my D700 and really pleased to see DX catch-up!
Shooting today with Nikkor FX glass on the best Nikon DX body
and a PEN for work trips.

... TOYS FROM THE PAST (lots and lots and lots of primes)
1987-2004 ... Canon FD & EOS
2005-2007 ... KonicaMinolta (7D) & Sony (a100)
2007-2009 ... Nikon (D200 | D2H | D700)
2010-DATE ... Olympus (now just PEN)
2011-DATE ... Nikon (D7000)

1991-2010 ... MAC (the OS fell asleep in all the iPhone & iOS hype)
2010-DATE ... PC (Windows 7 caught up)

1995-2010 ... dumb phone
2010-2011 ... HTC Wildfire (2.1 & 2.2)
2011-DATE ... HTC Desire S (2.3)


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