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"The Porsche Design Book One is a MacBook Pro competitor in a convertible form factor" Not competition at all if it only runs Windows/Linux. For me, it's the OS, the OS and then the OS. I'm just happy that I love the Apple devices as well. It's all about Mac OS, iOS, etc.

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On article Grab a free copy of DxO OpticsPro 9 while you can (186 comments in total)

This is great! The camera support is very limited, I see a lot that are >3-4 years old that aren't listed. None of my cameras are listed, but for those who have them, a free copy of it should be a no-brainer...just to have another tool available! I'd love to see them do this int he future with other releases in the years to come.

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good for her, I hope she wins! Even if she recovers 10% of what she asks, it's huge! I'm willing to be Getty will settle for something less than $10M and not the $1B she is asking ;-)

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Relax, it's likely not the intention to make this camera something that its' not. Rather, I suspect, it's just a platform to rollout 4k in a production product BEFORE putting it in their near future m4/3 offerings to compete with Panasonic and Sony. Try it on this little guy before committing to it elsewhere I suppose.

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On article 2015 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $1200-2000 (328 comments in total)

The NX1 may be a fine camera...BUT, how can it be "recommended" for someone when it's being discontinued in Europe ( and it's likely going to spread that way to the Americas and Asia as well. Recommending someone buy into a NEW system that was just getting its feet wet, but now is looking to be going away, doesn't make any sense to me at all.

I drove a Saab for many years (9-5 sedan) and loved it. When I needed a new car, Saab had just announced it was going to sell off the car division. Did I buy another, even though I would have loved to? Nope! I'd steer clear of the NX the same way...great camera, good luck with parts and service down the road.

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On photo Leaving the Hospital in the Its Occupational-Doctors and Nurses challenge (1 comment in total)

This is not a healthcare provider ("doctor or nurse"), it's a volunteer. Not a healthier provider. Should be excluded.

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On photo Fairey Swordfish in the Propeller driven Planes challenge (16 comments in total)

Stellar! One of the best images I've seen on DPR in years!

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On article Recipe for 6S: iPhone 6S Real-world Sample Gallery (122 comments in total)

They are great for quick grab photos in a place of p&s cameras 90%+ of the population used to use years ago. We have to remember that. Most of us here are enthusiasts or professional and, as such, our standards are usually higher.

I have an 6 plus from last year and it's great for this type of use in good light. low light? Nah, nothing with a sensor that size can do it...yet. Maybe someday. Until then, real cameras are preferred for any critical work.

But, for the causal snap shots, you can't beat what these phones (and some of the Android's) do WITHOUT having to carry a camera with you. That's the real benefit to most users IMO. No camera to carry. Remember, they have replaced the p&s in all cases EXCEPT the high end p&s' like RX100's, etc.

With all that said, I can't be too critical of any PHONE that produces usable images in good light. If it was a dedicated camera, I'd change my tune quickly. Face it, none of use here buy it as a camera...we buy it as a phone :-)

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Eh, take em or leave them. I wouldn't nominate any of them.

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On article Apple reveals 12.9-inch iPad Pro (212 comments in total)
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Jack Simpson: and we get our pics in there, how? One more reason for a/the Mac Air :)

I get my images in the iPad and iPhone ALL the time when I need it from my XT1 and RX10...I use the Fuji & Sony apps and the camera creates a wifi connection to the device. I select what images I want to import and it's done. It works very well!

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On article QromaScan uses your smartphone for digitizing prints (45 comments in total)

I understand the criticisms and the praise for this. Yes, I have a scanner and yes, like you this would NOT be my first choice. But as other pointed out, it's a VERY good choice for someone like my wife, or my 83 year old father in-law. It's simple, effective and "good enough". They aren't preserving original Ansel Adams here. Usually photos taken years ago on a point and shoot 35mm or even 110 film.

For me? I do shoot images with my camera(s) of images under my studio lights sometimes. The reason they aren't scanned? Some are so fragile, I don't want to risk removing them from their current mounting OR are too large for the scanners most of us have. Ex. right now, I'm doing a 10" x 120" panorama that won't make it to a scanner but is in bad shape from my grandfather. It needs to be preserved, so photos of the photos and manually doing a pano is my best option at this time. This device is just doing that sort of thing on a smaller scale for average people.

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LOL, it looks so fake that a selfie stick would be better :-)

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Great review and sums up my feelings as well. I hope Photos improves...A LOT. Until then, I'm suffering through with LR5. I loved Aperture but left a while back and want to go back but can't see doing that right now.

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I tried it in beta. Hated it. Period. I was an Aperture user. The biggest problem is that I like control over where my data is (referenced library) and want to set the folder structure of that library from within the app itself. There is now way to have overlays of main EXIF data visible without a floating window. It's just so basic it's really worthless for much IMO other than sharing on iCloud but I can do that now with LR5 and the iOS app easily too. I so much wanted to like Photos but just can't. I hated iPhoto, this is better, but not even halfway to what Aperture was. If it was a little closer, it would maybe be okay. I'll wait for future updates and maybe it will get better?

I'm not a LR5 fan either. The workflow just is bad for me. I loved Aperture's flow but not all editing tools. Tried C1 and others, nothing so far is close to Aperture as far as workflow. Blend Aperture and LR5 and you have a winner IMO.

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ttran88: Give me 24MP with A6000 AF and I will buy as my apsc camera system. The Canon of the APSC mirrorless world. Gotta love fujifilm.

I think 24mp is coming...probably debut with the X Pro "2" IMO. Their AF has taken huge leaps over the past few years from where they began. I don't doubt they'll catch up within the next 12-24 months. The last thing is video...the X Trans makes that a challenge, but they can do it...I hope.

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darngooddesign: It bears mentioning that the new 35mm is supposed to be a weather sealed prime.

I hope so. That fact alone will have it added to my XT1 in place of my 35 f/1.4. I'm used to the f/2.0 with the X100 line and I'll trade some light for seals for general purpose/travel. PLUS, it appears to be smaller which is also nice for a single lens travel setup.

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Thanks Barney! This was great! I'd like to see DPR do more of these "real world" use studies with various systems, get them out of the test studio at DPR and into the hands of non-reviewers. This really helps paint a complete picture and the combination of the video + tech / DPR style review really sets DPR apart from others IMO. Thanks!

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On article Sony announces US pricing for full-frame Alpha 7 II (178 comments in total)

I keep getting tempted by the a7 series, but it's still lack of native AF lenses that hold me back. The kit zoom if "just okay" and would do in a pinch I guess....where's a 24-70 f/2.8 range? How about a 50mm f/1.4 of f/1.8 from Sony and not Zeiss? It's a nice small body, but the primes are pretty large (like the Zeiss 55). I'd be thrilled with something even like the Canon 50 f/1.8 just to keep it small, light and as a walk around lens. This system also screams out for pancake lenses as well.

As much as I admire Sony's tech, they keep pushing out bodies but not many appealing lenses (at least to me) to go with it. The IBIS is likely a way to say "use third party adapted glass"..I hope not. Come on Sony. You have a good thing going, stick with it, invest in the glass now.

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