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now if he could turn it into an 86mm, that would be something.

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morons be like "this is just what I need".

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Hey DPR, the hook in my mouth hurts, but the flavor of the bait is actually worse.

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Because they are made of polished steel, train tracks reflect light rather nicely, This is obviously the draw for photographers, who always hunt for dynamic light situations. Therefor, I propose that we replace this great nations steel railroad track system with Molten Salt based track system. Molten Salt based train track systems, well known for their light absorbing qualities, have been used for years in socially and environmentally progressive European countries such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The energy gathered from the sun could be stored and used to power the very trains which run on these track. And if it saves the life of just one slightly hard-of-hearing photographer, it would certainly be worth the cost. Plus they're doing it in Sweden, so there's that too.

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iAPX: I clearly don't see the point, except for rare lenses that may cover the GFX format.

If you want to work with Canon EF lenses, use a Canon body: they are made for each other, few surprises (except for older lenses).

There's another point here, IQ degrades slowly but clearly from the center to the edge of the circular image projection, so even if there's no crop, you might end-up with a degraded IQ on the corners, and maybe in a major part of the image, letting a good or great center and everything else of mediocre or bad quality.

The point to use a MF body is about quality, on the long run, with quality lenses that are created for it's sensor, or it's body family, not to throw old unadapted small lenses that don't cover sensor place correctly. This is dumb!

It's pretty clear what the point is. "The Fujifilm GFX50s sensor measures 33x44mm and Canon lenses such as the 17mm T-SE and 24mm T-SE have very large image circles, they will cover the sensor size and will enable the photographer to apply movement."

A lot has been written about the 17 and 24 TSE lenses and how it can be adapted to high resolution larger format bodies.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Our first cameras (400 comments in total)

Grandpa's hand-me-down 35mm SLR, complete with dust filled zoom lens>Sony DSC 505>Sony DSC 707>Canon O.G. Digital Rebel (300D)>Canon 20D>Canon 5D>Leica M6>Leica M8>Canon 7D>Fuji X100T>Leica M240. Still have 707, 5D, 7D, M6/8/240, and the Fuji. Seesh that is too many cameras! Now, where's the classifieds section to ditch 3/4 of my gear?

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jonny1976: she is probably so slow in doing photograph thanks to a camera view that probably takes minutes from when the sitters pose and the photo is taken, that the sitter experience naturally this boring expression, that the critics translates in something" she can see through the soul of portrayed people". so let's sell all our digital camera, especially those super expensive hassy one, and buy a cheap view camera ., make some 4 5 portrait of the fist 5 people we meet in the street, against a normal back, and then add some 1000 words...

photo should talk by themselves..not some fat juror who wanna teach the world is view. they are simply uncomfortable person in front a camera. POINT.

If jonny1976 picks up film again as a result of this, perhaps it was not all in vain.

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maximme: perhaps a renaming would help.

"Hasselblad not about photography award"

else we were expecting photography.

How about renaming the Comments section to "Area to speak without thinking?"

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It's not oft that we encounter in our browsing the word "oft", or the more rare hyphenated "oft-used", but it certainly is apropos to find it in an article about a Leica FW update.

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Tariag: Samples! We want samples! :)

From what I gathered in the article, the hands review was done from handling the lens at a trade show. Pass on "no es posible".

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Richard Murdey: Does anyone actually store memory cards in their wallet, or on a little leather pouch attached to their neck strap?

I'm thinking of getting some elective surgery to have a small pocket inserted just above my elbow, with Velcro closure of course. Perfect place for those pesky small SD cards. But seriously folks, where I'm from, we wear pants, sometimes skirts, but always with pockets.

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On article COOPH reveals new leather accessory collection (37 comments in total)
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Richard Murdey: Does anyone actually store memory cards in their wallet, or on a little leather pouch attached to their neck strap?

I hope not.

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Bastards the price is now $2199.00

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Sugarsnapphotos: price is now $1999.00, pretty sweet though.

I think the Bessa III is like $2250, so costs more than the Fuji branded. The Bessa is also out of stock so a new 667 is this Fuji or wait till camera quest has more. Personally, I'll take the "cheaper" Fuji.

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price is now $1999.00, pretty sweet though.

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What a nut!

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On article New 20mm F2 4.5x macro lens released by Mitakon (123 comments in total)

Is this where we put comments for the 80D ad?

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Thank gawd it wasn't a tennis themed wrap, now that would be ugly.

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special pip grip for the pip squeaks to grip.

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"It's not as tight as a 50, but not as wide as a 35, which ends up being an easily usable balance between the two."

It's a 30mm lens, so it's wider than 35mm.

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