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On article Inching forward? Canon PowerShot G5 X review posted (387 comments in total)

I'm glad to see Canon inching forward. My first DSLR (three decades ago) was a Canon and I loved it but they seem stuck in the past...just like Nikon. These two behemoths need to get with the game. Sony is setting the world on fire by giving photographers what they want and need. I will not reward a manufacturer my hard earned money until they give us products that are cutting edge. Sony is guilty too. How long has Gordon Laing and other top reviewers been touting fully articulated screens? Sony is stuck on tilting screens which is only marginally better. It makes sense once you get over traditional "old thinking". Try shooting at ground level if you are a bit older and less agile without a fully articulated screen. Panasonic has led the way and Olympus has adopted it for the Em5 Mk II. Still improvements are needed. Bigger buffers, faster write times, 4K video, etc. 2015 was a landmark year for photographers. Manufacturers began to give us what we want. Lets hope 2016 is better.

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On article Inching forward? Canon PowerShot G5 X review posted (387 comments in total)

I'm sad. I have been waiting for this review and I really wanted this camera to kick butt. However, it seems Canon missed the mark. I will wait for the Panasonic LX100 replacement. Articulated touch screen and killer lens I suspect (hope for anyway).

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I hope the next version has a fully articulating screen. Maybe a bit longer lens too...24-100mm would be perfect for my needs but I cannot deal with the fixed screen. I shoot low and high (not from drugs, lol) much of the time so that is a deal killer without a fully articulated screen.

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Why not just buy a submarine?

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I bet his wife is more patient than mine was.

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Mikofox: Comparing this to my FZ35:

Very nice design, especially the redesigned back.
The larger body, better integrated viewfinder and edge rounding should improve handling. MPEG-4 video good! Microphone redesign may be really good.
The hot-shoe is welcome. [Needs to be corrected in the Specs, as it says No for external flash]

Unfortunately the viewfinder is still at an unusable resolution and that is the major dislike I have with the FZ35 and will likely keep me from buying this one. My eye-sight is not what it was, and fixed LCD's are problematic in sunlight, so a decent viewfinder or tilting bright screen is very important to me.
Fixed LCD = negative for ground level work
The minimum shutter speed [if true] at 8 sec ???
Processing Engine?

If the IQ were as good as the FZ150 or FZ35, I would consider this an upgrade, especially at the price point.
But I'll wait for the successor of the FZ200, which I hope has a top viewfinder, and better IQ than the FZ200.

The FZ250 press release will be out in the next day or two and if they listened to their customers, the new model should prove to be phenomenal. I would hold out for that one. The FZ200 was incredible and they can only go up from there. I think we'll see a bigger sensor and an expanded zoom range of 20mm to 1000mm at F2.8. GPS, 920k touchscreen, and an improved mic up top should be on the spec sheet too. I would guess this will list in the mid $500 range but should be worth every penny.

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