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As someone pointed out on thedigitalpicture site,,, the exif on provided samples pics prove the samples have been extensively, almost comically, photoshopped.


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jthommo101: I had this lens but sold it; it was simply not as sharp at 400mm as the venerable 400/5.6. Not up to the mark for serious birding, I'm afraid.

You mean a prime is sharper than a zoom? Whoa,, I need to sit down.

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Pritzl: $1100 for an f1.8 telephoto zoom? Seriously? If it's anything like the 18-35 I will be sorely tempted.

Me too,,, that's my new courtside basketball lens right there.

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Boss of Sony: Canon 100-400L IS or 400 f5.6L on APS-C would offer same focal length, similar performance for half the price.

100-400L II murders this for sharpness and color if the samples are anything to go on.

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aris14: Something tells me that Drone manufacturers will be obliged to integrate in their software in the near future something cute that will make all drone' s data available to ...whom it may concern.

Keep wearing that foil helmet, nutcake.

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Juck: I'm a fan of the M1 & M3,, with all their faults,,,, but this seems like the answer to a question that noone is stupid-enough to ask. Baffling.

What are you babbling about?

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I'm a fan of the M1 & M3,, with all their faults,,,, but this seems like the answer to a question that noone is stupid-enough to ask. Baffling.

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fnannini: Canon is not only dead, it's been buried too.

lol,, been hearing that twaddle for 30+ years.

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mikey fried: Just so happens that I was a 'soccer dad' for the first time at the weekend, using a new FZ1000. This is shot from the touchline, handheld, SOOC. The stabilization, focus speed and tracking were impressive. I also shot some in '4K photo mode' which is effectively 30 frames per second at fast shutter speed with the view to extracting your choice of image afterwards. Amazing. Obviously not up there with pro equipment but I'm sure if I had shot RAW and not been distracted by a 5 year old and puppy at the same time I could have doen a lot better than this!


No offence, but that shot is rubbish.

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Nice,, but USB 2?

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SETI: Noisy, soft... even my 1st version of OM-D E-M5 produce much better pictures. IMHO


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mpgxsvcd: Canon’s new moto:

“Why live in the present when you can live 10 years in the future? We make reality implausible.”


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steelhead3: Everyone knows the 7DII has no problems with focusing...just read the Canon Forum

Swing and a miss.

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slippedcurve623: Now if Canon updated their 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2, and 135mm f2 to the same level as this lens (particularly in the wide open sharpness and CA control) i think canon will have an winner here and might even make some nikon owners swap systems :-)

These Canon lenses are already far superior to their Nikon equivalents. Derrrr.

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justmeMN: In 2016, I suspect that we will see, concurrently, a lower-priced M3, and a higher-priced, fuller-featured, M4.

You would be wrong.

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Mitch452: This is why the NX1 doesn't sell, and why I returned mine. Samsung tried to go all out with the hardware, but seriously lagged with the software/firmware.

Stabilization for video should have been there from the get-go, along with everything else they neglected to include until years later.

Canons sell for more because their cameras do what they're stated to do out of the box, and very well at that. Same goes for Sony who seems to be doing well with mirrorless.

The h.265 codec was an incredibly stupid move. Neither Handbrake or Samsung's own converter software could get the videos to play back.

Too many software based features still lacking, and bugs left in for it to be considered a professional camera. The automatic mic leveler doesn't even work.

The NX1 seems to take excellent stills, even in auto. But everything else needs work. Another frustration was Apple not supporting NX1 raw files. If they haven't done so yet, who knows if they will.

Lots of desperate, miserable, hapless NX1 owners pimping and putting their insecurities on display as usual. Howaboutraw should be here soon with his usual outrage,, how very dare you criticize this camera! I will agree that the video on this camera is brilliant,, but the stills AF tracking is comical,, even a t2i with 4 fps will give you more keepers in field sports than this turd will at 15 fps.

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Cheng Bao: pretty much an every one got a slice award, no big deal.

You didn't get anything, did you? Mouth.

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wassim al malak: Except the 1 f/stop light and DoF between f2.8 and f2 , how can that sigma be compared to tamron 15-30 f2.8 vc ?
please correct me in my conclusions , if i'm wrong :
1- 15 is very wider than 24 .
2- 30 is near the 35 .
3- VC can help collect light in some cases .
4- the main drawback is the instant 1 f/stop and the DoF and the filter thread at the sigma .

The difference is obvious to anyone with eyes. The Tamron is a toy compared to this thing. You need that extra 9mm? Get the Tamron,,, in every other way the Sigma is superior.

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Photoman: Wait till the A7RII is reviewed and watch the second hand market get flooded with Canon 5DS cameras...


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