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Sony, instead of Panasonic, is reported today by Nikkei to invest 50 billion in Olympus and become its biggest shareholder!

Panasonic has finally decided not to accept this deal by yesterday, 21st of June.

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Panasonic has just scrapped their billions of investment in the plasma factory but yet spared billions buying into camera (and medical) business...
Photography is still a good business though chronologically much older than the electronics industry!

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Joseph S Wisniewski: The amazing thing isn't the number of people posting rude and ignorant comments. That happens with any piece of equipment that actually requires a bit of thought to appreciate.

The thing I find the most curious is that so many of these people are unfamiliar to me. It seems that the bulk of the really crude comments come from people who haven't ever posted positive, useful, and noteworthy things to the forums. So, what about this camera draws such people?

Take it easy Mr.Joseph. Exactly you pointed out that lots of people commenting here actually care for Leica, the very brand photographers loved for a century. Also exactly for this reason, people who love photography are let down by Leica's current incompetitiveness and especially their approach of targeting the customers who are rich but probably don't care much about photography itself. In some sense, in this digital age, Leica really does not live up to its reputation anymore.

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maxnoy: It's good money but if you want the best 50 out there, this is it. Nobody is forcing you to buy it :).

The apo summicron does have an impressive MTF chart indeed, but I strongly doubt your claiming it the 'BEST'...

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To me, the pricing of the new Leica prime indicates Leica camera's unprecedented dependency on the optics department to make themselves living/or to acquire their anticipated growth rate.
And this is based on their self-assurance of the price-insensitivity of their direct customer buying their new Ms.

Leica M primes have always been keeping the most value when you sell lenses off. I am not sure after this apo summicron...

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I am not too much impressed with the sample images... some portraits are nice though.

As it was a dilemma for photographer whether to go 'digital' not many years ago, few people are still sticking to the 35mm films except for those guys who has the time and lust to shoot BW. Leica is probably targeting those customers.
However... by simply taking out the color filters in front of the ccd does NOT solve the dilemma.

BW film beats color films in resolution, contrast/dynamic range by a wide margin. Does this new M beat any 7 grand machines in the market in these respect? My answer is definitely a NO...

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