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  • The sales aren't random. In addition to the Christmas/New Year/Black Friday sales everyone does, they've pitched sales during UK's lockdowns in support of the creative industries that have been ...
  • The sale is meant to be in place during the UK's lockdown for covid to help support the creative community. As lockdown measures are being released over the next few weeks, it may not be offered ...
  • Not really a product at all. Read the Wikipedia entry and you'll see it's a dead project Download links on the just take you to the official ...
  • When sending mail to any country outside the EU you'll need to specify a value, in the case of a profiling target that will be zero. That should not delay mail at all. In practice, incoming mail ...
  • Firstly; Brexit doesn't effect custom profiling services. I run in the UK. We don't need payment until you're happy with the profiles we've built for you. £15 each and four ...
  • Firstly, someone with different priorities to yours isn't 'wrong'. Secondly, LR 6.14 isn't 'obsolete', it works just as well today as it did when first released, actually it can run even better on ...
  • Do try the free presets. They DO work and the effect can make a difference to images beyond just removing haze, well worth the few minutes it'll take to download and install.
  • That's pretty poor when Phase One offer a 30 day trial. On the other hand, the OP knows 6.14 already, so it's just the few extra features to test out and evaluate. Not quite the same as trying out ...
  • Just make sure you have everything backed up, download the latest trial version and spend a few weeks seeing what you'd get and whether the new version has anything of value to you.
  • I understand what's been added. Yes it might be convenient for some people, but not a "I must buy it" feature for me. People need to be objective about what's an actual improvement to them and ...
  • You can use dehaze overall on 6.1x via free presets. It would be useful to have it as a local level adjustment too, but not worth paying £120yr for ever for and a bit too much trouble to hack the xmp.
  • Remember you can build your own camera profiles with Adobe's free DNG profile editor. All you need is a MacBeth Colorchecker. There's also several other packages that use the same target and QP ...
  • Replied in IPTC
    Adobe Bridge will do this and is available without cost or subscription.
  • Noticeable isn't the same as significant. It also depends on how you define 'noticeable'. The real world test is actual prints on your wall, will you see any difference between different versions ...
  • Yes, huge numbers. You might also like to pay attention to the title of this thread.
  • Because that's what so many photographers are actually using. The core de-mosaicing and raw processing in LR/ACR hasn't changed significantly in any more recent version.
  • I spent a month comparing LR 6.14 & DXO PL4 Elite over Christmas when it was on offer at half price. The Deep prime noise reduction in PL4 is certainly very good, but it is painfully slow, so adds ...
  • You should be able to just input your serial number again and all should be well.
  • No. The way to pass an image to PL4 is to go to the File menu > Plug in extras >Transfer to PL4. Not exactly slick :-( Windows 10, LR6.15, PL4.0.2
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