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R5D4: Sooooo many people lacking reading comprehension skills in todays world.

Adobe is removing access to older *CC* apps. That means that
1. If you are a CC subscriber and
2. You are wanting to download a version 2 iterations back, you can't.
3. All you hold outs with CS6 or LR6 are fine. The ADOBE CC APP has no ability to affect your installed programs that aren't a part of the app. Don't you Windows?
4. All of you fail.

No. Adobe used to make most of their older software and their updates available to download. That's all vanished.

So if you haven't got archives or the original media, you're stuffed if you need a re-install.

Just because it isn't the latest version doesn't suddenly make great products like PS CS4, LR6, PP CS5 etc stop working. They remain important productive software for many of us.

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Lanski: These are fascinating. Technically it's Beverley Minster as it's a parish church, just a really big one, but it does indeed look just the same today :)

Shot 24 is taken from the Bridge over Archway rd which carries Hornsey Lane.
The "church" spire in the foreground is actually part of the Whittington Hospital.

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Sloan Cranky: Whenever an upgrade of PS came out, it was my choice to buy it or not. At the frequency I was upgrading, I am/was spending about $10.00 a month. But it was money up front....I knew what I had spent, and that was that. This monthly subscription is almost guaranteed to go up (and I'll wager it will by the second half of 2014). So no, I will stick with CS6. Oh, by the way, I don't like or use LR, so that does not sweeten the deal for me. If I used and liked LR, then this might be a deal I could have gone with. Sorry Adobe, go back to the old worked for me.

"That price will never change"
Do you seriously believe that ?

A five year price promise would at least have been credible.

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