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I wonder if they added a zoom locking switch on 24-70. I really dislike the zoom creep on this lens.

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In the spring i had error issues with my a99 and send it for a check up. They asked to ship the lenses i used the most with camera. I sent my zeiss 24-70 and 70-200G.
After a week of tests they decided to send me a brand new a99 and they dust cleaned my lenses.
I was surprised by the great experience with customer service.

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Romania looks sad and hopeless through the eyes of this photographer. This photos don't represent Romania. If you want to see the beauty of this country and its people, check out the work of Sorin Onisor or Dan Mirica and Bogdan Comanescu, who lives in Transilvania and some of his work was published in National Geographic

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Great ! Hope they will fix a77 flash overexposure and a99 wireless flash underexposure.

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jonikon: With the recent price drop announcements* for the Nikon D800 body to $2799.95, and the Nikon D600 24-85 VR kit now reduced by $700, to only $1999.95, it is obvious to any reasonable person that the Sony a99 is WAY overpriced at $2800 for the body only. A thousand dollars to high!

How DPR ignored these huge price discrepancies in their value rating for the a99 is anyone's guess, but unless Sony substantially reduces the exorbitant price on the a99, they will not be able to sell very many of them, DPR gold award notwithstanding.



$2570 for a99 you get a $200 visa card in 6 to 8 weeks.

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lifeispixels: The birth of SONYMPUS

Or SonyBladYmpus ?

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The points I see in this project, are:
1. This is nothing but an advertisement for Iphone.
Apple have a smart non standard and effective way to advertise their products. This article is a very good example.
2. ”It's not the camera, but the lens” in this case, binocular as telephoto lens, wide angle adaptor for fish eye efects.
If Dan would like to convince me that ”it's not the camera but the photographer” I suggest him to shot a wedding with a smart phone as a next project, and name it ”wedding album shot with a smart phone” without mentioning the brand.
I also suggest him to use the new 41mp smart phone for abil
ity to heavy crop the images.

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David Hull: Can someone please tell me what it is that makes this company worth $1B to anyone?

When I was introduced to instagram, I said this app will grow fast and kill facebook. I guess Suckerman heard me, and decided to take charge.

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@ Maxfield : we said the same years ago about film. Eventually, most of us swiched to digital.

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