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The primary reasons for no one being allowed in would be twofold :

Health and safety - as the photographer himself stated , much of the ship was unlit , there are trip hazards everywhere , collapsed structures , slippery surfaces - all in all very real risks of him coming to harm , and with no one knowing he was there , had he been trapped or injured inside that huge ship , he might have perished and lain undiscovered for some time .

Secondly , the ship would still have been full of personal possessions and valuables - without suggesting the photographer was one , the authorities would not have wanted looters on board .

One last thought - not being sure what stage investigations might have reached , the ship could potentially still have been a crime scene which he could have contaminated .

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My 27" 1920x1080 monitor is fine for most tasks , including photo editing , but where that Samsung would really come into its own would be for video editing .

I could have a long timeline stretched out along the bottom of that screen , with decent size panes for clip bin , scrubber and sequence windows above it , and space to spare for scopes and other tools .

I don't do gaming .

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beckmarc: Here is a photo essay from the UK touching on some of the same themes.


At least one of the statistics was well off - it is a matter of public record that the UK wide Brexit vote was 51.89% to leave versus 48.11 to remain - much closer than the reported 54% to leave , which would have meant no more than 46% remain .

It also takes no account of the vote in Scotland where , as a nation , there was a decisive vote with 62% in favour of remaining versus only 38% wishing to leave . Little wonder that Scots are disgruntled at being dragged out of the EU against their will and calls for Independence are being renewed ( but oppressed by the UK government whose ruling party have almost zero representation in Scotland ( 1 MP out of 54 seats ) .

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Flying a drone is quite harmless next to discharging firearms in a residential area .

The flyer has no intention of doing harm , but the actions of the shooter are bourne out of nothing but pure malice , and at the very least the firearms licensing authority should revoke his licence and take away all his guns , with jail time likely too for endangering the public since he can't control where his projectiles end up , and the shot down drone could easily injure someone rather than landing safely .

Of course CAA regs also limit where drones can be flown with limits on height and minimum distances from people , animals and buildings , so wrong on the flyers part too .

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Pontoneer: Smaller than the average DSLR ? Unless the model in the photos has tiny hands , that thing looks pretty big to me , certainly bigger than my Pentax K-3 , which I'd say is on the big side of 'the average DSLR' , albeit smaller than some others out there .

See the two side by side ; there are lots of smaller DSLR's , and a few that are much bigger . I'd define 'average' as something like Pentax K50 or Nikon D90 and am only taking issue with the statement in the review .

I do think the new Hassy looks like a fine camera and am a fan as I used to shoot 500CM's in a previous employment .

Here's the comparison

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Smaller than the average DSLR ? Unless the model in the photos has tiny hands , that thing looks pretty big to me , certainly bigger than my Pentax K-3 , which I'd say is on the big side of 'the average DSLR' , albeit smaller than some others out there .

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Why should Nikon be getting upset because another maker's camera looks a bit similar to one of theirs ? All cameras perform much the same function so it follows that they will share similarities to a greater or lesser degree .

By Nikon's reasoning , Pentax should be upset at every other maker who produced an SLR after they made the first one .

Not all manufacturers are precious and petty though .

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Rick Knepper: I read nothing in this article regarding the tools of the trade that wouldn't also be a concern for a typical advanced non-professional. What does being a professional have to do with needing the smallest possible shutter lag?

One concern expressed in the article was the cameras' "durability" in the field. These unquailfied opinions encourages the makers to continue to produce too large, too heavy (emphasis on the "too heavy") bricks. Sure, I want 5 star crash test ratings in my automobiles, but I don't want to drive a Humvee to get it. C&N need to do more R&D in this area.

Quite - I had the misfortune of being handed a D2 with huge lens to do a job a few weeks ago . After a couple of hours my arms and shoulders were aching ; no wonder its owner is regularly complaining of backache !

I certainly couldn't live with 'bricks' like these every day . Nikon at least , and possibly Canon too , need to take a leaf out of Pentax' book : class leading cameras don't need to be bulky and heavy .

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SeeRoy , some of these upmarket domestic or 'semi-pro' camcorders do have remote control mini jack sockets and zoom demand remote accessories ,

Some tripod makers , such as Manfrotto , also make accessory panning handles with zoom remote and other functions built in .

I agree with your comments about stability , which is generally best with a heavier ENG type camcorder , although these days I am happier to lug around something smaller and lighter and use either a monopod , tripod or a steadicam type rig where required .

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