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Mike in Kansas

Lives in United States Kansas City Metro Area, KS, United States
Works as a Global Digital Marketing Leader
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About me:

Fuji X-E1
Nikon D300
Nikon D50

Fuji XF 18-55mm OIS
Fuji XF 55-200mm OIS
Fuji XF 27mm
Nikkor 70-300mm 4.5-5.6G ED-IF AFS-VR
Nikkor 50mm 1.8D
Nikkor 35mm 1.8G DX
Sigma 10-20mm EX 4.0-5.6 DC HSM
Sigma 18-200mm 3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM
Phoenix 100mm AI-S macro

Nikon SB-600 Speedlight
Benro KS-2 ballhead
Benro M227n6 carbon fiber tripod
Apple Aperture
Adobe CS 5.5
24' Intel 2.8 gHz Core 2 Duo iMac/2.2TB Fusion Drive/6GB RAM
2 LaCie 1TB HDDs

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  • Considering the iMac is a quad core and the 13" MBP is only a dual core, I would imagine there would be quite a speed improvement with the iMac. However, the 15" MBP would give the iMac a run for ...
  • How have people like the former Chairman and CEO of Genentech, the former CFO and President of Boeing, Al Gore, the former Chairman and CEO of Northrup Grumman etc. contributed to Apple or the Mac ...
  • That's a bit myopic, don't you think? Base a person's entire worth and career on how they tried to support a financial application... Newsflash: Hall of Famer and multiple Cy Young winning pitcher ...
  • I noticed that exact thing in the Apple store back in October when trying to decide how I was going to replace my dead 2008 iMac. I spent a lot of time comparing the performance of Photos, iMovie, ...
  • Replied in LOST PASSWORD
    Is it for applications that you have purchased from the app store? Like your Apple ID password? Or do you get the password prompts AFTER the app has been downloaded and you are trying to install it? ...
  • Great examples of real life use cases. Thanks for posting.
  • Prior to moving from my 2008 iMac to a new 2015 15" MBP in late October of last year, I used my iPad for pretty much all my daily media consumption (web, music, video, email, social media, etc.) ...
  • Thanks for the feedback Andrew!
  • So I upgraded to 10.11.4 last night after it was pushed out. For some reason, I have regained about 80GB of SSD storage. Nothing is obviously missing. I have a 2015 15" MBP with 512GB SSD. Back in ...
  • Are you saying that Raw Therapee does a better job with xtran files versus Iridient, and that Iridient smears? I think you are confusing that with ACR...
  • You really can't compare JPEGs as there is all kinds of processing going on in-camera for both. That is why we use RAW for real comparisons. And to make matters worse, ACR does not treat RAF files ...
  • Why the 10mm-24mm over the 16mm-55mm/2.8? Do you currently feel limited on the wide end by your 18-55?/2.8-4? If so, then I guess 10mm-24mm would be the best choice. Do you shoot things now that ...
  • Apparently Fuji NZ is offering a promotion and rebate; the rebates are paid with cheques versus a wire transfer, and happytraveller2 has been requesting Fuji NZ to pay the rebate via wire transfer ...
  • Sound backup strategy. I like the idea of also keeping duplicates of your cards. That is a level of backup that I have not yet included, and have often though about keeping untouched images ...
  • While this is obviously frustrating, and can cause you to now not trust Photos, I would be hesitant to assume that any other platform that uses a library would be inherently any better. Over the ...
  • I had used Aperture for years. I am still trying to remain primarily in the Apple ecosystem by using Photos, along with Macphun's Creative Kit (CK) and Aurora HDR, both of which can be used while ...
  • I would concur. For anyone coming from an HDD to Fusion, they feel like their world has changed - in a good way. Anyone going from an SSD to Fusion will feel slightly shortchanged. I test drove ...
  • I've been looking at those as it's my assumption that even my 512GB SSD will ultimately get "cramped". I have my iTunes assets on an external, my iMovie files, and my older Aperture masters on ...
  • If you are looking at current versions there IS no 8GB model, so that part of the decision is easy. The other thing to consider is that the SSDs are really not user replaceable, so buy more than ...
  • Up until last October I was on a 2008 24" iMac with 2.8Ghz dual core, 6GB of RAM and a 240GB SSD running El Cap. I also had 2 FW800 external drives. It was very usable for Aperture, iMovie, ...
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