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Richard Franiec: I'm saddened seeing so much negativity and hate posted in reply to the news regarding my new grip but on the other hand I'm not shocked.

The idea behind my accessories always concentrate on the voids left by original equipment manufacturers: be that poor handling characteristics or adding missing functions like implementing remote shutter release adapters.

Maybe my press releases published by DPReview (as well as other prominent photo sites) are not newsworthy for some but welcomed by others who look for the solutions that my accessories provide. My experience based on actual users feedback clearly shows that the balance is overwhelmingly positive.

Accusations about business relationship between myself and DPReview (as well as other photo related sites) are utterly baseless, tasteless and untrue.
What I do provide is the news press release, that's all. It is up to the publisher of the news to decide if it is worthy publication or not.


Richard Franiec

I think it is a mistake for you to come here and post any response. What's the point? You don't see any other manufacturer's that are getting free plugs by any website taking issue with site users sharing their opinions. What's to be gained by you here?
You make grips, good for you that DPR finds sharing that information as necessary. I think it says more about DPR than you...assuming there is zero connection between you all.

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(unknown member): How can anyone understand anything about a lens from such a quality and type of photography with such camera settings used?!?
These shots are neither "scientific", nor artistic, not even correctly exposed for god's sake....this must be a joke....

is that all you got?

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Nordstjernen: I am impressed with the conclutions some are able to draw from these samples. I have seen raw files that confirm the A99 as a strong perfomer, but these are not impressive. I think something is wrong here, but it is hard to tell exactly what without knowing the camera, camera settings other than exposure and ISO, file format/quality for the posted samples, or if the photographer just has screwed it up.

The easiest thing in the world to be is a critic. I love how judgements proclaiming screw ups and poor photography are continuously being assigned to sample gallery images. Maybe if DPR users paid a fee to subscribe to DPR site they could hire Art Wolfe or Rick Sammon to shoot samples.

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Princess Leia: Most of the bad comments are just haters of Sony or could not afford to buy it so they'll say anything to discredit this camera. A99 is very capable profressional camera. Just look at other samples and reviews from professionals, A99 is a beast!

I would tend to agree with you in as far as the cost is greater than some very capable full frame models that have an ovf and have as good or better output.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A99 samples gallery (159 comments in total)

It could be that the a99 will be a full-frame choice DSLR only for those well invested in the best of Sony lenses. I say this because Canon and Nikon are going to be superior in most ways in head to head comparisons, and the cost is less.

I think I would go for the RX1 before this because the IQ it produces is likely better, similar to what the Nex 7 does over the a77,65. Speaking of which, Of all the top Sony cameras, considering image quality and versatility, I still like the Nex 7 best and look forward to the follow up.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 sample images (288 comments in total)

the low light shots, particularly the last one with the musician, are really good.
That said, for most good available light situations I see no advantage for me in terms of image quality over the K5. And I get to use a more versatile lens.

I like what it is capable of but in no way find it a 'must have' camera at its introduction price. Maybe at $1,199 I would bite, not before.

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On article Quick Review: Apple iPhone 5 (217 comments in total)

DPR is doing what they ought to do to stay up with trends in technology. Fact; many, many people capture images with smartphones/iPhones. I guess I could relate this to the fact that I abhor video being integrated into all my cameras as well as seeing the subject examined far too much for my interest. I have found it is best to ignore what does not interest you and allow others to enjoy even what you do not.

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Aleo Veuliah: Now Dpreview could REVIVE the good LENS Reviews. Don't know why they have stopped doing that.

couldn't agree more. I like these reviews, particularly to compare with others so I can make a better judgement.

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MisterBG: As long as they keep the "ignore" button.

I agree with that. After a bit of reflection, I should have suggested something other that a separate forum. That data could be added elsewhere as an appendage to the forums.

There is so much to like about connecting here with such a diverse group of people interested in photography and its tools. Sadly, the reality is malcontents and people needing to channel some aggression often do it here. I hate the concept of hall monitors, but will gladly accept more of that to the, at times, unrelenting poor behavior of some users.

By Cy Cheze (35 min ago)

If you want to tag those who are ignored, admired, or admonished a lot, why not also tag those who do a lot of ignoring, admiring, or admonishing? Perhaps there's a correlation

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MisterBG: As long as they keep the "ignore" button.

they should not only keep it, they should have a separate forum for user ratings the include metrics like:
1. Ignored By 134 users
2. Admired By 3 users
3. Admonishments by DPR moderators: 2 instances

edit: They should add ability to 'follow' other users.

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hiro_pro: i love the voting bars. it helps newbies know which answer is more respect by the pro's as apposed to better written.

who says 'newbies'? so condescending.

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the single most important improvement lies not in the user interface refresh but in moderation of forums.

adding the rating of posts will be misused by some dunderheads that have an axe to grind...that is inevitable. also, Mr/Ms Congeniality contests will ensue as people needing lots of attention will find ways to get themselves heard and be noticed.

as for the look and enhancements, I am sure it will be great.

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I find the pictures to be underwhelming and overexposed in some instances. A high end APS-C looks to be about as good or better...especially for these sort of shots. Which brings me to the observation that full-frame may be important for some applications but certainly it is a premium price to pay when you can get an excellent output from the best of the APS-C, for a lot less dollars.

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TrojMacReady: Sample gallery doesn't work for me at the time of writing this.

they look not so great when comparing to Mk III and D800 or did I overlook something?

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On article Photo contest: Enter for a chance to win $5,000 (130 comments in total)
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antiq: Reading these comments, I wonder if dpreview is being too soft. I would delete and ban like half the people with unrelated and/or degrading comments. They are giving away money for a photography contest. Expert panel and not some rigged facebook poll. What could be better for a talented enthusiast who knows what he's doing? Thank you dpreview!

Stop whining and get shooting people.

people have an entitlement to voice an opinion, even when it is unpopular.

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Really decent image quality. At $699 for EPL5 it will need to drop to move sales. Everyone who has followed trends of this line for the past few years will know that it's price drops precipitously just down the road.

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