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Going strong with my GH1 for 12 years!
And the 14-140mm kit zoom.
Only just bought a few other lenses last year to try to do some of the only 5% of things it wasn’t doing well for me - 25mm f1.7 to try and see some stars and a 100-300mm to try and see the moon (should’ve got the 100-400mm).

Might defect to Sony A7iv or A7Cii in a couple of years, starting with either the 24-240mm or the E PZ 18-200mm IT that works...

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User1234567890: A6600, A7r4 and A7iv ...

In english : Buy A1 and be 100% happy

I have a complaint about A1. I want it to have an articulating rear screen. I guess complaints about the price prior to purchasing aren’t valid for this survey...
But that IS my complaint about Sony Alpha - they’re so good, with a price to match, but each model still has imperfections or inadequacies in some respect.

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Kryojenix: I want AVIF. Where is AVIF?

I did notice that in my experiments with AVIF in Darktable actually. I found BPG was also slightly slow, but manageable in HoneyView, and that didn’t take off either due to possible copyrights.

Surely AVIF performance will be improved over time, especially with AV1 hardware acceleration chipsets in devices released in coming years.

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I want AVIF. Where is AVIF?

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SomeguyPNW: I bet these run rings around the rest.

Ok, I'll leaf ya'll alone.

Well done, sir. Take a bough.

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Owner of GH1 here, sitting up, curiosity piqued!
I’ve had it for nearly 11 years as amateur enthusiast and just finished learning all the functions in recent years, but I was dreaming of graduating to A7iv or A7Cii for the next decade. Let’s see what this brings...

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Kryojenix: Um, I actually want more buttons and dials on my mobile phone...

I want customisable buttons, dials, toggles, rockers, sliders, jog wheels and haptic pads around the periphery. Not a cramped carpal tunnel nightmare taking up half the front of the screen!

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On article Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials? (886 comments in total)

Um, I actually want more buttons and dials on my mobile phone...

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Mr Mart: So it weighs an ounce - how heavy is that? Along with 95% of the world I use metric. If you want to pander to the olde USA then give the weight in grams followed by the Imperial weight in brackets. Next you'll be giving focal length in inches!

Erm - which is heavier? A pound of feathers or a pound of lead? ...

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Why no fully articulating rear LCD? WHY?! <(ToT)>

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Charles Chien: Why not 42MP or at least 36MP? A7, A7II, A7III are all 24MP, and now this? And, the low resolution of the viewfinder is another disappointment.

Do you need all that resolution?
The target market for this camera probably doesn't - they're interested in high light sensitivity, dynamic range and enthusiast amateur manual control with interchangeable lenses and accessories at this price point.
The A7R IV is current for those who want the higher resolution.

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Does anyone know a good offline software for encoding HEIF and AVIF images in at least 10-bit? Darktable doesn’t seem to do it yet...

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Kryojenix: Basically hanging out for an A7 IV with some hand-me-down features from this now ... =-D

I think the EVF will definitely get a cut, but the menus will definitely be upgraded to the new system. And that'd be fine for non-pros.

I mean the EVF would be *nice* to have, but as long as the camera can take good photo and video a lesser (but still decent) EVF would be fine.

I'm hoping that A7 IV gets Bionz XR, 10-bit HEIF and/or RAW, and the articulating screen. 10-bit 4:2:2 video would be nice, but I'm already being a specs maniac because I wouldn't know/appreciate those features properly, so it seems more wishful.

Really my 10-year old Lumix GH1 does 98% of everything I need, except low-light and astrophotography. Maybe I should just get a specialist mobile phone for that and keep my GH1.

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On article Sony a7S III review (2790 comments in total)

Basically hanging out for an A7 IV with some hand-me-down features from this now ... =-D

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Catpaws: These researchers will soon be sued by VW for Copyright infringement because they used a "Beetle" without prior authorization.

I thought you were going to say they’ll be sued by PETA for not sharing photo credits and royalties with the beetles...

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Hey! That’s my Dad’s camera in image #1! Only replaced it few years ago due to light leaking into the body. Tempted to buy an I’mback digital back for it!

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ThomasH_always: 1st of all, and yet again: it is not 'kph', it is 'kmph,' what also is a nonsense. Properly it is km/h. kph means "kilo pico hour" in IS, some unusual expression of a time period, not a speed.

The 'k' stands for kilo, a unit-less multiplication factor. For example kg is weight (a kilogram), km is distance etc. In a spoken language people tend to drop the unit of measure and use only the word "kilo" in a specific context. In Europe most people will say "a kilo of potatoes", when I was in Japan my host spoke of "24 kilos to Kyoto". But that's spoken language and local dialects.

Like me, you would have a hard time watching the Star Trek: Voyager series ...

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Oh dang. I forgot to ever use Irista and now I’ll never get my chance... =‘-(
Even kept the app updated and all...

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SammyToronto: The photos I've seen from iPhone 11 are nothing I can't replicate with my Samsung S8 with the GCAM installed (I'm talking about the main camera; I have little use for the wide angle/telephoto lenses). Perhaps more importantly, I wouldn't care to carry around this unfortunate looking phone, which weighs a ton to boot!

Or to be more accurate, it weighs less than 1/4000th of a tonne...

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Should’ve used Ryzen

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