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noflashplease: The dual camera concept is going to be a depreciated gimmick before Apple brings their own rendition of the concept to market. As it is, the pseudo-bokeh of this Chinese smartphone looks dreadfully artificial and the price seems rather alarming for a phone with a Mediatek processor. All the same, it's interesting to see any new concept in the increasingly dull smartphone market. Maybe the concept will work better in succeeding generations, or maybe it will be dropped? Either way, this seems like a lot of money for Chinese hardware.

Err, have you checked the performance of that chipset? You should. :) You should also reconsider your prejudices against Chinese tech, especially because most stuff you use or wear was made in China.

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On article Hands-on with the Sony a7S II (288 comments in total)
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nimrod1212: I'd sacrifice 5 axis stabilization for a much better codec. The S-Log profiles are kind of wasted given the bandwidth limitations of crappy XAVC-S, a prosumer version of XAVC. If they had just added in-camera video recording at 10-bit / 4:2:2 to the A7S II, I'd buy the damn thing. Not sure why this is not the case considering 50% of the customer base is apparently professional videographers. You can't even use the argument of protecting so-called "higher end" models, since the Sony PXW-X70 does this already to SDXC cards using XAVC long GOP, and that camera is $1000 cheaper! That great sensor is effectively crippled by dumbed-down XAVC-S. To cap it all there is STILL only 8-bit output via HDMI. Guess I'll hang on to the GH4 system a while longer.

Sensor size is irrelevant? Only if you care about specifications and not image / video quality.

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On photo VIKING CHURCH in the Places of worship in a non-urban setting challenge (16 comments in total)

This is a rather average shot. Horrible oversaturation does not make a good photo.

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Luisifer: Imho photography (and the most landscape photography) has three main points. Impressive place (and together impressive angle of view to scene), impressive light, technical quality (technical quality is about correct stitching too).

So there is interesting place (but it is only half truth because thanks to the technique it is not interesting angle of view to scene). Very important is that interesting light is not possible to capture with this kind of scene capturing. Technical quality is only in x and y numbers but with errors in stitching it is not real technical quality as it sounds from resolution parameter.

It's quite pity from point of view how much effortlessly it took.

I found only positive point that it is not with some disgustingly tone mapping (maybe thanks to the x and y parameters which are not supported in HDRsw).

I don't see that it would be good path for Photography at all.

My thoughts exactly.

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That's stupid. It's just a technological demonstration. True photography is not about mega-giga-uber-pixels but recognizing a unique and/or beautiful subject or unusual perspective, and CREATING a striking image.

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"which bares a striking resemblance" - bears, not bares.

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On photo Granny Loves Theo in the Woman in black and white challenge (13 comments in total)

This is great.

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On article Little beauty: Nordin Seruyan's macro images (352 comments in total)
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Lajos Hajdu: Come on, guys.

1. Does anyone believe that no. 8, for example, is not fake?
2. Google the definition of "kitsch".

Gskolenda, what on Earth do you mean? Many of the guy's photos are clearly Photoshopped. That small fluff can never carry the weight of a damselfly, let alone a small snail (in the guy's gallery). Many other images obviously arouse the suspicion of dead or tampered insects. Even the colors are totally unrealistic. In my book, THAT is feckless, not my judgement. No serious nature photography exhibition (e.g. National Geographic) would accept many of these images. And I say this as a person whose insect macro won second place and was exhibited in Central Europe's most prestigious nature photography competitions. Photo here:

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On article Little beauty: Nordin Seruyan's macro images (352 comments in total)

Come on, guys.

1. Does anyone believe that no. 8, for example, is not fake?
2. Google the definition of "kitsch".

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On article Photographing bubbles, one bubble at a time (74 comments in total)

I did something similar several years ago and may try again...

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On article Tamas Dezso offers glimpse into post-Communist Romania (231 comments in total)
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ogl: EU keeps killing Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Estonia.

"EU keeps killing Romania, Bulgaria, Greece..."

What a reckless, biased lie. I live in Hungary, so I have first-hand knowledge of the region. It's our own populist, corrupt politicians (and the stupid people who elect them) who kill our countries, not the EU. Without EU funds, there would be no economic or infrastructural development here in Hungary at all. Probably we would also quickly relapse into dictatorship.

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On article In photos: The beauty of bees (49 comments in total)

Yes, these are nice for documentation and science purposes. But I'm a nature photographer who doesn't appreciate shooting dead animals in a studio.

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On photo Haleakala Sunset in the Sunset in the mountains IV challenge (9 comments in total)

Yes the clouds are nice, but I'm not a fan of the composition, and even less of the unrealistic colors and saturation.

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Olgierd: These are spectacular! Love the water and amount of detail in the macro shot.

Would you care to share your technique for the last photo (one with starry sky)?

Once again fantastic work.


One more thing: the light on the horizon is light pollution, not - as many believe - the setting sun.

Posted on Aug 1, 2013 at 18:42 UTC
On Article:7820095153 (7 comments in total)

Thank you, Olgierd. The last photo (the ruined building under the Mily Way) was taken with a Tokina 11-16 mm lens. 30 sec exposure, f2.8, ISO 3200, manual focus, and of course careful RAW processing. I lit the foreground by swinging a LED light for a few seconds.

Posted on Aug 1, 2013 at 18:22 UTC as 2nd comment
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mini23: Come on DPR guys - I'm not a native English speaker but even I know approximately how to use apostrophes - what is sensor's supposed to mean?

...this software modifies the sensor's operation...
means as much as
...this software modifies the sensor is operation...

In this case,"sensor's" means "of the sensor". mini23, you should learn basic English before erroneously criticizing others. (Also, what you propose - "this software modifies the sensor is operation" - is totally gibberish.)

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On photo God's Country in the MobilePhone: Nature challenge (17 comments in total)

Than again, having looked at this image some more, I have to say that these phone photos are good for screen viewing only. The lack of detail makes this one look painting-like.

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On photo God's Country in the MobilePhone: Nature challenge (17 comments in total)

Beautiful! Indeed, good timing and location matter much-much more than the camera.

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On Article:7820095153 (7 comments in total)

Thank you, Simon. Unfortunately no-one seems to read these user-created articles...

Posted on Jun 13, 2013 at 06:57 UTC as 5th comment

Small point: the title is wrong.

"Sigma to start shipping USB dock IN May"
"Sigma to ship USB dock FROM May"

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