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"for purchase in late March"?
April fools joke?

Will sell like their now discontinued and 50% discounted Nikon action cams...both reviewers reported that their happy...

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Most components are Samsung. Quoting partspricing for external oem is wrong. Real cost is probably 20--70 percent lower. Samsung is gouging it's customer massively. Ridiculous. No buy.

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quatpat: "...the original a7 and a7 II lagged in high ISO performance, often failing to surpass the best APS-C sensors" - What's that crap, DPR?

The link they give to the comparison between the Sony a7II and the Nikon D5300 suggests clearly otherwise, although not with an enormous difference, but still.


Crap+ is still crap. Clearly the same old cam with some sliders set to max.

@DPR this is a mostly educated crowd here. Testing of the high ISO feature which is pointless in itself (I d rather have a chip baseline ISO 20 or 50 @ 0db) is probably a smokescreen for the banding fault and if there is nothing to report, dont.

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BobT3218: I don't care if I don't have the fastest card on the block. I do care if I can't buy that card in a few years time. The same goes for batteries. You may own a classic DLSR collectors' item but when batteries and cards are no longer available, it's just a brick,

Tell this to the Leica collectors :-(. Circuits deteriorate unstoppable unlike a wellkept mechanical camera. They WILL die. IC broke the heirloom

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So it comes with bloatware that is "supposedly" worth 160. Ridiculous. Corel is not a viable product. Never was, more like Ask Jeeves...

My old Wacom was annoying, the new one is just as good as my 20 year old one which has survived in my drawer. Still not feeling right.

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Hormonal imbalance, arrested development, sense of entitlement, narcisistic and a foul mouth. Everyone tired of this mass-spiel and it always turns into a mess. Always.

As a future husband this tells me something. Run, this is a train wreck in progress and she has huge debt! So maybe this is what the judge had in mind - keep her single and isolated. This way no more damage.

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arbux: Dpreview, can you "reach out to" prograde and ask what is yheir market share so we would know if we should care about their business?

Prograde makes nothing. They just add margin to A to F quality commodity and try to give it boutique flair (its literally meatwrapping)...and if your exces tired with all the legacyproducts, fold and will call their next corp "Ultragrade".

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"We are out of ideas, nobody really is willing to overpay our crap anymore" "Canon will do the same as usual and relabel the old DSLR or Ml.

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entoman: A few possible reasons for the slow down:

1) Smartphones replacing compact cameras.
2) Canon and Nikon owners waiting for FF mirrorless.
3) Camera reliability now so good they rarely beak.
4) Camera specifications now so good that no point in upgrading.
5) Decline in economy means people are reluctant to spend.
6) Camera companies getting greedy - look at Canon prices.
7) Market saturated - most people already have a smartphone or camera.
8) Necessity to upgrade computers when buying high MP cameras.

5, 6 and 7 are correct.
DSLR are just done. Will use up the 7000 and am looking at boxy 4k cinema cam that also does 16mb stills. No more molten plastic design vendorlockin. Freeing myself.

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Inconspicious? Lensglare not from one lens giving you away but now you got sixteen...

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Like. Its a relatively good copy of the Essential. The cam tab is huge. The Essential is almost perfect. The Ti frame, glass and the ceramic back are bulletproof, this here is flimsy.

Phonemakers, for gods sake make the phones thicker again. Fit more batteries and maybe even a real cam instead of trying to fix a pinhole cameras output with software. Make standardized pins on a magnetic back and stick all the lenses on you want. You tried the standard concept a million times and still only works mediocre.

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A regular D in a 20$ plastic box and a "special "mount lid. Now its an LE. And who still plays with zooms when primes are always better. Not much DSLR development anymore. The box must be the coffin for N-DSLR.

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Epic marketing fail of the lemmings. Just because everyone does it the same does not mean its right. Pricing is way through the roof too.

Or there are bigger things to come. Global downturn and prices have already been adjusted for the initial inflation drop.

The other thing - I start to look more and more to Chinese Products. Some are very well engineered and conceptually solid products with minimal marketeers influence.

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On article Canon EOS M50: What you need to know (427 comments in total)

APS is dead. No buy.

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"leveraging Western Digital proprietary technology. The card will also feature the A2 specification to help launch and load apps at blazing speeds"

Translation. WD found a way to overclock bottom of the barrel sd chips. They did add a basket for those chips to the line.

A2? This means they have room for future developments. Like adding a second basket for A1 chips. Cutting edge forwardthinking for the next generation of most blazingly speedlicious sd chips from WD.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS200/TZ200 Review (615 comments in total)

Panasonic inhouse design group ossified. Ugly and overpriced - this is a cheap compact camera made of old hardware and a slow lens. The little cartell of features - let`s see - this fall Sony gets to have the most green bars...and the 50$ rise in camera price.

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CaPi: Its quite clear cut to me that this is a step into new territory.
I don’t think that there are many customers in that territory willing to switch to this system.
Personally, I have the lenses, the funds and am looking for s new stills camera body and don’t feel compelled to buy this.

Its an industrywide symptom. They dont build what we want. This just looks very old, small sensor, slow bus, 2!!! energy sapping low res LCD, uphertzed old DSP, minimal battery life. The design is numbing pseudo retro. Let`s just repeat ALL the f.. mistakes over the past 20 years and cast into the h1. This formfactor was never good. Its much closer to my phone than it is to a decent camere. Formfactors of Red, Kinetics, Blackmagic do much better than the molten plastic crap Nikon, Canon etc make. That is why I did not buy a new cam in 4 years, except expendables like Nikon AW and GP6. So here it is: Red lik box, my choice of size and Q of LCD viewfinder, industry standard 18650 batteries. 5 bucks each, 2 make 6600mwh, MAP, FF, 4/8k. Basic AF, HDR, incamera vibration control, plenty of dustproof cooling and heatsinks for fast chips.

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jhinkey: As long as it has 14stops of DR at base ISO and 40+MP then it will be great. Seems we'll be waiting a few years for that.

With tech doing 1000 fps - in a Holodeck near you.

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Nano_Shutter: Will you guys do a review of the LG V30 camera?

Sucks...and you are welcome. Hated everything about that phone and the next one, an Essential, was the perfect painless superphone. Never will go back to LG.

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already build in China. Red`s a defensive strategy.

Tired of the molten designer DSLR shapes. Want clearly defined alu boxes like the red, kinesis, large mount, with a really good panel on the back and robust tethering to phone. Make it cheap, manual focus and simple, dont skimp on the internals.

oh and make it look like a Red. Dont f... with Nikon bevels, Sony bubbly, chrome trim...then I might get a Nikon.

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