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DavidsfotosDotCom: Deport the person if possible, english fluency should be required for citizenship for 95% unless they have a PhD, millions or some other compelling skill contribution.
I now understand why the french speaking Quebecers in Canada are fighting to preserve their culture from invaders. At least this time some real damage & stupidity occurred unlike the pedestrians walking @ Yellowstone.

The "french speaking Quebecers" better ask the natives first.

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DavidsfotosDotCom: dark goob, King Penguin, ChaosCloud, DtEW, rodkemish
Look #2
Note: most Muslim’s may adhere to there false religion more faithfully than many Christian’s & are great people until they are living next to the other sect of Muslim’s then there is unfortunately perpetual war & mutual self destruction just look at Iran, Iraq, Syria etc. Some muslin’s see it as their duty to conquer the country they live in by forced conversion for Mohamed when there are enough of them, then the world.

That is how Jesus would look like. :)

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Penalty of up to $5,000 is too low.

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Photoman: Why do I have wifi in my small phone, in my small AW100 Nikon waterproof camera but need a brick for my DSLR ....why Nikon? Sony have it built in their A6xxx & A7x cameras.

I can see the issue of GPS, but built-in wi-fi or wirless remote control?
But with so many cameras and smartphones with built-in GPS and there are so many visitors, I cannot see how countries like China, Thailand and Malysia can stop them. In fact, I and my friends have never seen any incidents on GPS camera brought to those countries.
But there is one place I know that would stop any GPD devices from getting in: North Korea.
My friend said that when he visited there, there is a form that you have to fill. One of the item is GPD devices. You have to leave the GPD devices (including cameras) at the custom on tering the country and pick them up when leaving.

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Photoman: Why do I have wifi in my small phone, in my small AW100 Nikon waterproof camera but need a brick for my DSLR ....why Nikon? Sony have it built in their A6xxx & A7x cameras.

Wifi and GPS should have been built into the D810.
I cannot see any reason why this cannot be done in a camera with body as big as D810.
Would it be because this may cut down the sales of accessories like GPS unit, Wifi unit, wireless remote control unit, ... etc ?
Attaching these units to D810 would not be nice to carry. I have twice damaged the WR-R10 attached to my D810. I would rather pay more for a D810 with built-in GPS and Wifi (especially the wireless remote control).

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tinzi1: Who in their right mind would want their SD/USB slots build-in when you can purchase this awesome apple adaptor at a price cut sale! And ultimately, this adaptor is totally not cumbersome. +1 Apple!

Those who do not want to have an adaptor. : )

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justmeMN: "And then we're not seeing cannibalization between the DSLR and the Nikon 1: the customer is completely different."

So, they won't make APS-C (or FF) mirrorless because it might cannibalize their DSLR sales?

Or Nokia.

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Retzius: Thanks for posting the interview but I have to ask why the questions we all want to know were not asked...

Mirrorless? DX primes? Future of the DSLR? Response to Canon's M5? Why haven't they embraced the touchscreen?

I think that the present market segment for 1" sensor ILC is quite small, even down to a level of not being viable.
It would be nice if Nikon could recognize this and produce 1" sensor compact much earlier.
Now Nkion is facing very serious competition in this market segment.
The name of Nikon still carries a lot of weight (to a level of being prestige), in Asia. Delivering the DL (especially the DL 18-50) as soon as possible is the only hope that Nikon has in the 1" sensor market.

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marc petzold: Gold Award, really? With that EVF and Lens? I'd say bronze, or silver at Best.
This EVF is even mediocre in IQ terms compared to my 2008 Lumix G1 mFT Systemcamera! And now it's been 8 years later - 2.35 MP EVF should be very standard right now. Also, there's no really good Handgrip, and about the Color issue - into the Con selection, it's not a Gold Status Badge for the TZ-100 in any way then. Sorry Guys. I trust your Reviews since 2000 (Oly 3030z), but this comes a bit weird. Also the Lens Performance isn't nowhere as good as it should be here - as stated into the review, about lens corner performance, that's really a no go for my needs.

.edit. text added & type error.

From DXOMark sensor Score comparison, the overall scores:

ZS100: 70

RX100 IV: 70

LX100: 67

If G7X is included, its overall score is 71, marginally better.

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I could not quite understand what Hasselblad is doing.
Is it trying to do what Leica has been doing with Panasonic?

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MikeFairbanks: DPReview is starting to stray a little. Guys, the website is called Digital Photography Review, and while mobile devices and such are part of photography, your reviews on some of these devices are not photography-centered. Many reviews just toss in a blurb about photography toward the end of the review.

Be careful that you don't lose focus.

I'm not trying to be negative, as I think DPReview is second to none, but I'm just saying that maybe these reviews aren't front page material?


I do not mind DP Review occasionally informs us about new product of mobile devices. Nothing to do with photography? Not sure about this. But it must have something to do with photographers. Some photographers would like to carry a handy mobile devices on the run to store, to process and to send photo.

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Boris: Just buy a Canon G12 for 1/3 the price... at least it will fit in a big pocket!

"It seems you have missed one great advantage of this new camera, which is the possibility to use *ANY* AF-S Nikkor lens with it ..."
It seems you have missed two points:
(1) You can use *ANY* AF-S Nikkor lens on a Nikon DSLR.
(2) You can put G12 in a big pocket while you cannot put V1/J1 with the zoom lens in a pocket.

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Camp Freddy: Nikon fanboys had better hope spending serious cash on better lenses improves the performance: sharpness, contrast, gradation/tonal depth are all struggeling against the g12 and XZ1. mFT is far better.

Also launching a camera with such poor ISO performance in the ILC sector now is just plain dumb.

I have been a user of Nikon since D100. But its response to MILC is quite disappointing.
There is always a market for V1/J1, just how big that would be. I am afraid that I am not too optimistic. At least I would not recommend it to my friends over M4/3 or NEX.
Sorry Nikon, try harder next time.
Canon, the next show is yours.

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Feud: You can take good photographs with it, or any of those against which it is pitted. I have an EPL1 and have no desire to change up or across, but I wouldn't be disappointed if the little Nikon was my only camera.

Neither would I with a S95.

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On article Sony NEX-7 high-end APS-C mirrorless camera first look (355 comments in total)
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klopus: No dedicated AE/AF lock??? If so it's non starter.

I use AE lock from time to time, especially when using spot metering.

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Aleo Veuliah: What I really liked is that they even have cloned a lens for video, Panasonic Lumix have that ages ago :)

But ok, this Nikon new system must be good and small, but it is not a competitor for the Micro 4/3 System that exists since 2008 and it it very mature with lot's of good cameras and very good lenses, some of them superb

@ Vlad S,
No, it is not a competitor to Sony NEX. There is no comparison. It is aiming at a different market segment.
I just went to a photo trip. Many of the photographers using Nikon/ Canon DSLR have a NEX as their second cameras as a backup or for convenience in some occasions.

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Sosua: The problem lies here - The Sony 16mm F2.8 is lighter than the 10mm.

The 10-100mm is actually heavier than the Sony E 18-200 which is ridiculed by M43 users for being huge.

The Camera itself is the same weight as the NEX-7

Ouch. Lucky it has a Nikon badge.

We also need to consider the advantage of cropping in NEX 7 which has a sensor of much bigger size and and higher resolution. I have been waiting to see what Nikon would come up with its mirrorless camera. So far it does not look good. I went to Sony showroom to play with NEX 5N. So far, I am quite impressed with it. I think I will consider NEX 7 seriously, if it turns out to be significantly better than NEX 5N.

The Lenses of the Nikon mirrorless may be smaller than that of m4/3 and NEX. But can the smaller size (if any) compensates the "penalty" of much smaller sensor size and much lower resolution?

Let's see what Canon would come up with.

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If Leica is later on this, where are Nikon and Canon?

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