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cosinaphile: while i respect and enjoy new of fujis breakthrus in price performance of 102 mp 44x33 sensor cams

what i really await is cheaper modern equivilents to the great fuji mf rangefinders of past eras ..... a nice fixed lens camera half the size

I'm kind of hankering after a "Texas Leica" with a 24MP 6x9 sensor... ;)

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Gediminas 8: To put the review short: OVERPRICED for what it does.

Thanks Fuji, after the X-E1 trap I'm not investing thousands into another pretty but crippled product of yours.

Glad DPR dared to call out the flaws this time.

Love my X-E1 trap <3

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I don't have a problem with the title - nor this lens, which I've had for a couple of years. I don't use it that often but when I do, I get blown away by the IQ all over again. The teardown reinforces my respect for a very fine lens indeed.

I wonder, do all of the Fuji lenses have that screw arrangement to correct tilt in a couple of critical groups? My 16-55 is decentered just enough to ruin it as a landscape lens, so I wonder if it's easily corrected by this means (by the service guys, of course, not ham-fisted me)?

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Ivatt Flying Pig? Lovely shot.

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