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"It's red if I see it as red" - the nonsense psychological institute :)

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Correction! change "Daal" to "Dual". cheers.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Minolta's prosumer DiMAGE 7 (177 comments in total)

Those memories,... beautiful beautiful memories.

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The new iPhone 8 comes with a fingerprint blurring mode - problem solved!

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Nikon mirrorless smartphone on the way?

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On article Flickr reveals its top 25 photos of 2016 (190 comments in total)
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snowrunner: There are some really nice photos among Flickr's selection. I just wish people would use less post processing. I prefer a more natural look.

If the subject is processed in real life, does it matter?

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Give me a 5MP full frame and I am in

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Really Nikon, no LCD, I pass :)

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D200_4me: I was wondering when it would happen...

me as well. Software can emulate partially what their technology does, and consumers don't need such flexibility that their product offer, at least not most of them, and that means less sales.

Smart move, but they should have predicted it a few years back in my opinion.

Link | Posted on Apr 5, 2016 at 15:24 UTC
On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (722 comments in total)

I think black more compliments images because the colors pop out better compared to a lighter background. You need to maintain a consistent design of your other websites (connect), but it doesn't mean that the darker layout need to be changed. Giving an option for the user to choose the layout and save it in a cookie is a good experience.

With a light background, the images just lose their definition and that's why I prefer watching images on a dark background. Shadows and rounded corners should be avoided, because it doesn't follow the latest flat design trend, and in my opinion the flat design also helps to emphasize other elements in the page that deserve more attention.

Good luck and thanks for giving us that option.

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On article Nikon D5 real-world low light, high ISO samples (278 comments in total)
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Yake: I understand the ISO 102K, but not the ISO 3.3 million. How would that much noise be useable to anyone?

UFOs, UFOs!!

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On article Readers' Showcase: Steven James Martin (48 comments in total)

Everybody, it's time to downgrade to the D5100!

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On photo In the Dark in the Black & White Photo of the Week #21 challenge (19 comments in total)
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CptAmerica: not a fan of photos that are more photoshop, than photograph.

I think that some photographers need to understand that we live in a digital age. Photoshop is a tool that photographers can use for post production, like Ansel Adams took his own photos to the lab and "edit" them as well (applying stronger contrast, etc.).

You know that people can edit images in a way that you can never know, some do really professional with Photoshop. So what you are actually saying is that the photo is "good" depends on your ability to detect whether it was done in Photoshop or not. But if you can't detect it, is it any better or worse? Is it better to use photographic accessories to enhance the image, is that OK for the image to look less Photoshopy? And if so, what's the differences, because these are not software "tools", so that's allowed?

Link | Posted on Mar 21, 2016 at 10:27 UTC
On photo In the Dark in the Black & White Photo of the Week #21 challenge (19 comments in total)
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CptAmerica: not a fan of photos that are more photoshop, than photograph.

I don't understand what's wrong with Photoshop. If Photoshop an app in the camera was it OK. There are many camera settings that affect how the pictures turns out to be, and that's OK, so what's the problem with image settings using Photoshop. And if the percentage matters, how can you measure it?

I think the image looks just gorgeous, it triggers emotion, at least for me, and I just adore it. Amazing image/photo.

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On article CP+ 2016: DPReview behind-the-scenes (37 comments in total)

I knew you guys only went because of the drinks and food :)

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On article Sony Xperia Z5 camera review (103 comments in total)

I think that some of tests are done on a monochromatic image, and that's why they are not accurate and you see different results from real life pictures, but I am not sure.

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fatdeeman: They must have done something wrong because I can't walk down the street without seeing a handful of people with one of these things attatched to their bike/skateboard/cat etc

Maybe it's not a GoPro :)

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T. L. Rutter: Stop lying to consumers. For example, $399 model has a monitor on the back and 4k video at 15fps and based on the indoor quality, I feel that the camera is "pushing the envelope" in a bad way in order to create 4k content. Yes, it creates 4k size video but the quality is poor indoors. The $499 model produces 30fps (no monitor on back). If they want to go after it, they need to drop the price of their $499 model down to $349 and I feel sales would increase dramatically. Rather than offer a limited 4k with screen, re-introduce it at 30fps and sell it for $399. How hard is that logic? Don't get into the software crap. You aren't good at it. You don't understand it. Partner with someone else like Sony and offer a free version and a pro version. Duh! We have gone many years without software being created from you and it works out better that way. Dramatically work on indoors quality to remove the noise and offer higher quality and you have it. Higher quality indoors. Lower Prices for 4k.

GoPro is a dead horse, if they could innovate, they would have done it by now.

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Brilliant sharpness!

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